Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not Ignoring my Blog

I have to apologise for the lack of blogging taking place but I really am trying to do write as often as possible

I have been attempting for 2 days to scan in my article from page 12 of the WPT magazine (now that is a claim to fame - the article not the fact I can't scan), but for some reason, my scanner will only talk to me in German on my new computer. Whilst I have basic German knowledge, I still cant get it working! So you will just have to wait. Soon I promise! (Please let me get it to work)

On the poker front, I am in major creativity mode at the moment and am currently looking at forming a poker team with my good friend Andy Reynolds (007apr). I hope to have this up and running in the new year and I am very excited about it. More details to follow as soon as I get the green light. I have been learning Paint Shop Pro and reading how to build websites! (Getting in the way of the poker)

The acutal playing side, it is a case of mr nearly man. I have made the money in 3 consecutive nights in the £8k (until tonight!) as well as the money in the £40k on Sunday, so slow but steady progress.

I have got big plans for the blog in the near future, so please do not turn off now!

I will also be running a team in the new Bad Beat competition, Dream Team II and after winning the last one, a win is the only option!

My team is the perfect mix of loose and tight and I feel that we are ready to take on all comers!

The Team
Clinton O
SUN_DESHI (The £12k master)
ThierryH (Autumn Windfall Champion)
HEFFERNAN (recent 7th place in the Asian Tour)
JPK (six pack superstar) - check out his link on my site
Strokeit (Major factor in the last Dream Team win)
FISHMAC (2nd in the £8k as I type this)
~Retard~ (1st in the £8k as I type this!)

This tournament starts in the new year.

I have also been building a 2007 poker calendar, so that I can work out which events to play live next year.

The introduction of the Grosvenor and Gala UK Poker Tours are fantastic news for the UK Poker Industry and I will definitely be paying them a visit.

At the moment I have pencilled in the Luton event in August in the UKPT (Grosvenor) and Nottingham in the GBPT (Gala) in May.

My number one aim for 2007 on the playing side is to cash in a major tournament. It is going happen, I will detail my full objectives towards the end of the month.

The EPT in Deauville, which I am so looking forward to, has been extended by a day, so more holidays are needed, work really does interfere with my hobby! LOL!

Right now where was that scanner.
I will be back soon!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back online

Apologies for the lack of posts since my return from St.Kitts.

I had a great time, but still came away dissapointed that I have not cashed in a major live event.

Since my return, I have played a little online, making a final table in the $4k and £8k as well as winning one of the BadBeat Poker in Goa tournaments.

I am doing a lot of thinking this month about how I make the most out of this game that I so enjoy. I have a few plans up my sleeve as I consider my future and how much time I should devote to this game.

In the meantime my Littlewoods Poker Table has changed. Image attached.
We have also seen some good news on the Cryptologic software, with William Hill signing a new contract and Dusk till Dawn Poker joining.
I will be back soon!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 7

I thought I would try one more live game in the $300 No limit.
After spending the first 5 levels moving between 2k and 4k in chips (starting stack 3k), I decide to make my move.
The aggressive player under the gun raises again and I move all in with my pocket eights.

He thinks for a while and says I cant believe I am going to call this and does, with 62 hearts.
I was not thinking, wow a fantastic double up, but how I am going to lose to this!

The board comes down AKJ, with 1 heart. The turn is a second heart, the river a third heart. I am out to a flush!

Forget anything anyone has said about online badbeats, live is by far the worst!

I have decided to call it a day for live events on this trip, I have been totally card dead all week and when my chips have gone in, 3 out of 4 I have lost with the better hand, the other one I was behind and stayed that way.

The live game is so different to the online version, with egos and images taking over on the table.
There is much more bluffing and rebluffing live, I would have loved to have some cards as I could have got a lot of chips.

I do need to adjust my game, especially when I dont get any cards at all.
I have spent a long time on my online game and now I really need to develop my live style, there are no fundamentals wrong, but I definitely need more experience to improve my confidence.

I am going to work out a programme of events and goals for the 2007 over the next month. I have a definite ability at this game, but I am questioning myself so much after this weeks events.

I have the EPT in Deauville in February as my most immediate target. Two months of stretching my game ahead.

Online - the crypto software has completely changed! So another review ahead!


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 6

The main event!

The day started with a Television interview with the comedian Norman Pace, before settling down the big event.

Level 1
I get pocked 8s and Js in the first five hands, after playing for four hours last night with not a single pair.
My 8s are beat, but my Jacks are good.
I play a very loose open game in level 1 and end up with 17000 from my initial stack of 15000.

Level 2

Pocket Kings! Not seen these all week!
One limper, one raise to 650. I decide to call. Flop Q97 all diamonds. I bet out 900 and get immediately called. I do have the K diamonds, turn is a an Ace. Check - Check. He is scared of the ace also, is my read. River is a J. Lots of problems now. He bets 1000 and I call. He also has Kings!

I end the level 16500.

Level 3.

Totally card dead, I tried some moves with pocket threes and 78 suited and nothing happens.

Level 4.
I call a couple of raises, perhaps normally I would have reraised, I am finding myself calling more than I would normally do. Yes there are more chips in play, but I am playing too weak.

After a raise to a 1000 and a call, I move in with 5000 with QT. They both fold. Thats better.
I get Ace Jack, but after a raise I have to bail out as there is too much action. Chips now 13200

Level 5
I lose 2000 chips with AQ to AK and then get moved and another 1000 when my JT suited does not hit.
My first two hands at my new table I decide to change my stance, and raise with QJ and QT and win uncontested. I am now set for my some calls when my good cards arrive.

Level 6.
I am starting to struggle, I am at a very aggressive table and am getting nothing. I try to defend my blinds with 88 and 55 and get beat by KK and AT.

I go to the dinner break with just 8000

Level 7
The blinds are coming round thick and fast, some cards please!
I raise with 77 and A7 to keep my stack at between 7 or 8, I am just fighting for every chip.

Level 8.
The furthest I have got in a major event, and there are only 80 people remaining.
I am so card dead, I reraise all in with TJ and he does not call.
I have witnessed one guy get AA,KK and QQ - 11 times (yes eleven) in the last two levels.
On average I have seen an Ace once a level!

The end is upon me, in the last hand before the final break of the day, I raise with 99, my best hand in four hours and the chip leader the man with all the cards calls.
He had just beaten a guy who held 28 on a 7228 board, when his 66 gains another 6 on the river!

The flop for me comes 723 and I have no choice but to commit my chips, he turns over Queens - yes again! I am out of my seat, as I know Queens are the end. A further 2 and a 3 do not help me and the Caribbean Poker Classic is over for me.

I have KK once in 8 hours and JJ once, aside from AQ I have not seen a hand.
This was an interesting learning experience with a starting stack of 15000, which I have never played with before.

I am dissapointed as I believe I could have played better. I called too many hands, when raise or fold were the real options. I tried to make sure I was active to not appear too tight.

I still need a lot of work on my live game and have two months to get it sorted before the EPT event in Deauville.

I still feel I am due a whole heap of luck in a live event somewhere down the line, but right now there is more work to be done!

Thanks to everyone for all your support and I am sorry that I could not bring home the title I so wanted. Maybe 2007 will be one for me.


Caribbean Poker Classic Day 5

The $500 no limit proved to be another dissapointing affair.

With only 24 players left, I moved all in with AK and was called by AQ, the inevitable happened and a Q hit.

I still cant get this elusive Cash in a major tournament, heres hoping for the main event tommorrow.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 4

A quiet day today, sitting around the pool, was the order of the day.

I played one STT and finished 3rd after a lost coin flip and having my A6 called my the mighty A3.

Rachaels career earnings continues on the up with another cash finish and $300 more!

Congrats again to Tony Cascarino who won the $1000 game last night and the first prize of $28k.
A very impressive run of results.
The time has now come for me to prove myself as a poker player!
I am playing in the $500 game tonight, where a cash finish is the only acceptable outcome!


Monday, November 27, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 3

My first MTT of the week, ended in an early exit.

The last hand of level 3, I picked up AK diamonds on the Big Blind. One limper, an oversized raise from a Danish guy, (2nd the night before in $200 NL) who had raised at least half the pots in the first hour and a half.
I moved all in and he instantly called for all his chips with 55.

Flop was QdJd6h, giving me more outs than I could count, the turn was another Jack, giving me even more outs in Queens and Sixes, but I still continue my quest for a coin flip win in a live MTT event.

I had a pleasant afternoon though, sitting at the bar with the great Crypto players including ThierryH, 007apr and Oranges.

Congratulations to Littlewoods sponsored player Tony Cascarino who came 2nd in this $300 no limit event.

Once again I have to congratulate the best poker player in the family, who from two $100 STTs manage to come 2nd in one and win the next, making a nice $700 in the process. I am hoping to borrow some of this to enter the $500 NL on Day 5!

A rest day for me today, I don't fancy the $1000 this afternoon, a little too rich for me!
I have the UK Betting beach party to go to, so that should keep me busy.

I am going to send my wife Rachael to win us some more money!
Oh yes she knocked me out again for the 2nd day running, when only 3 players left!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day2

Day 2 - The Boat Trip.

The Littlewoods trip was a journey on a gorgeous boat, a bit of snorkelling, a bbq on the beach and all in all a great time.

One game of poker with the legend Tony Chessa and skalie of bad beat fame, unfortunately my Jacks ran into kings and it was game over, but not before I took down a legendary pot with a complete bluff!

I also got my new Littlewoods merchandise, I will get a photo on the site shortly, but a Littlewoods football top, with ClintonO on the back and number 7 (my number!). Im Liking it.

I promise to play poker tomorrow and will be entering the $300 at 2pm my time.

I did have a sit and go warm up tonight, only to be knocked out by my beautiful wife, it just shows there are no friends on the poker table!


Caribbean Poker Classic Day1

Day 1

Not much to report as delays at Gatwick and Antigua, meant that it was a twenty hour day.
It was nice to meet up with some of the guys, I finally met the legend that is 007apr.

The highlight of the day was on the plane and the guy next to me was reading an article written by me! Very weird feeling!

There was also a number of people mentioning that they would like to meet ClintonO! I obviously kept it quiet! Fame at last though.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

STTS - The answer?

As you are all aware I have been struggling with my Single Table Tournaments.

My best results in STTS have been in £10 or £50+ games.
My MTTs results are far superior, due to the length of time that you have to play the game.

Today, they have increased the starting stacks in STTS from 1000 to 1200 on tables of £30 plus and from 1000 to 1500 on £50 plus. This I was hoping was the answer to my prayers.

Two games tonight at the £50 level. Two wins! WAHOO! Its far too early for anything conclusive, but so far I like it!

I have to say hello to MUFF2WIN who wanted a mention on my blog, I said only if he beat me heads up! Well I am very generous, so even though you lost (he he!), you get your mention!

I would also like to say thanks to Aztec for posting earlier. It is always interesting to see how other people get on. Especially when they have different strengths or skills to me. If I can help in anyway with your MTT record please let me know.

I am not planning to over do it in the next couple of days, so that I can hit the caribbean fresh!


Monday, November 20, 2006

A game of Luck

I had an interesting comment on the blog today from Liam.

Is poker more about luck than skill?

This very question is something that is at the very heart of the whole issue regarding the playing of online poker in the US. So this question is being debated all over the world.

For me it totally depends on the situation.
If you have committed all your chips with 77 and your opponent has AK. You have almost exactly a 50/50 chance of winning.
At that precise moment you will either win or lose - a probablity of 100% or 0%. (Okay there is a slight possibility you could have a split pot, but the odds are huge!) Versus what is as we have said a 50/50 chance.

For that one hand you are either very lucky 100% result vs 50% probability or very unlucky 0% result.

However over time this and given enough situations this will balance itself out.

The skill in this game though is about putting yourself in situations whereby the probablity of winning is great versus the risk involved. I do not look to put myself in 50/50 situations. I may often give my opponent the choice if he wants to go 50/50 with me, but I want my chips in first.

You also only have to look at why the worlds top players are just that, because they are consistenly successful. Liam makes reference to Dan Harrington, well he achieved two successive World Series of Poker Final Tables, that for me proves that this game is based on skill.

Characteristics for a being a Great Poker player.

Discipline - Knowing when to walk away. Managing your bankroll.
Patience - Waiting for the right opportunities, where you have the right odds.
Confidence - Believe in your abilities. Courage/Conviction
Ability to learn - If you not still learning, you are falling behind
Strategy - Changing gears, how to play hands/levels/players/tournaments
Numerical Ability - Know your odds
People Reading - who you can bluff, who will call you all day.
Realism - You can't win everytime, if your not prepared to lose, your not prepared to win.
Luck - Well it helps! Pocket Aces may be between 80&90% to win preflop! Not 100%.

Luck plays its part in my opinion, but there is no way I would be playing this game if I did not think I had an edge and my records to date are proof to that very fact.


ps 14th in the Sunday £40k last night, my best ever performance. My 7s were busted by AK. Now thats just bad luck! LOL!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Warming up for the Caribbean

With just a week to go until the Caribbean Poker Classic I am pleased to say I am still in form.

Whilst my STT game continues to need work, my MTT game is still going strong.
Last night I won the $3k added and the first prize of $4k+.

I now find myself in 38th in the Leaderboard and wishing I had the time to play more than 33% of the games!

The $3k added was a real rollercoaster ride, losing 3 big preflop hands when I had bigger pairs and getting lucky once, when a 9 on the turn helped me take out 2 players when I was getting short.

To the reach the final table, I needed my Tens to beat Ace Jack, which I am pleased to say they did and also AK to beat T6, which again went as scripted.

I entered the final table 4th in chips with 47k. The ranges were 15k to 89k. With nine of us still left. At this point the finishing places matter when it comes to prize money. $280 for 9th to $4k+ for first.

When we got down to six I thought it was all over. Dealt that beautiful sight of AA in the small blind, with 42k in chips. The button moves all in with 30k. I have to beat JQ, to put myself in a really strong situation.
Flop is 8Q6, turn 3, river another Q! SICK!

Chips counts are now, 66k,83k,64k,67k, 61k and me on 12k. Ouch.

Its any two cards from me now on in. (Q9 x2, A5 x2, AQ, A6, 55, 99) are all used to raise, reraise etc and I fight my way to 60k without a showdown.

A major bluff goes wrong on we are down to 5. puppet35 now has 160k and amazingly I am in 2nd with 51k. The others have 46k,48k and 49k.
The player I respected the most on the final table, 007apr then went to work. Doubling up through puppet, knocking out Laur3000 in 5th, puppet35 in 4th and Ric_ard in 3rd.

I was very happy to be in the final two after, the beat with the Aces.
The chip count was 007apr 305,441.50 versus myself at 48,558.50. An absolutely huge task, but nothing to lose.

40 hands later it was all over, I had won!

Just the sort of performance to give me a confidence boost ahead of the big tournament coming up shortly!


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Rest of Crypto

I will come back to the remainder of the cryptologic sites, but here are what they look like.!

Around the Grounds - 3) William Hill

William Hill is another member of the Cryptologic software.

There is nothing much to add about them compared to the other sites, they appear to do less added tournaments than the other crypto sites, although do give a £25 month match bonus.

My account on here is Clint1307.
William Hill do have 3 sponsored professional players. 'Smokin' Steve Vladar, Julian 'Yoyo' Thew and 'Badgirl' Xuyen Pham.
The table is a nice blue and has improved since my last visit.
I am going to have a game shortly and see how I get on!
STOP PRESS! PLAYED 1 WON 1 - Maybe I will be back!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Around the Grounds - 2) UK Betting

UK Betting is a member of the cryptologic network along with Littlewoods. They are linked to a number of sports and betting sites, including and
The table is very simliar in layout to Littlewoods, the only real difference is the colour. You do however get a massive logo in the middle of the table. It looks slightly more crowded with tables next to everyones seat, but ultimately it works fine.
I have a ClintonO account on here.
UK Betting run a $2k gtd monthly tournament for all new players that month.
They have also started running Payday tournaments which is two tournaments each weekend, that are between £5 & £10 to enter and they are between £1k & £2k guaranteed.
The one on Sunday had 71 players and paid out 50 places!
UK Betting run special hand bonuses at certain times. eg get two red aces on a Saturday and win £20.
Further information on UKBetting can be found at
UK Betting have their own cashier that works across their casino and sportsbook.
Simon 'Aces' Trumper used to be the sponsored player at UK Betting, but they parted company earlier this year. I am unaware at this time of anyone being sponsored.
Its a nice site and for me a decent place to play if anything ever went wrong with Littlewoods. Although I didn't win my STT I played tonight!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Around the Grounds - 1) Littlewoods Poker

Finally, as promised, we are going to go around the grounds to see just where we can play online poker these days. I have been far too busy for my own good over the last two weeks, that I have not played as much poker as I would like or even had time to update my blog. (I know, I apologise profusely! I also know that if I don’t deliver that Kai – ‘Menace’ will be kindly reminding me!)

I am going to start with my home site of Littlewoods Poker (no, not just because its easiest!), but this is where I spend 99.9% of my online Poker time.

Littlewoods are part of the cryptologic network, which houses some of the following big household names. William Hill, Inter Poker, Sun Poker, UK Betting, Classic Poker and Poker Plex.
It is currently undergoing a couple of changes, we have said goodbye to Ritz Club online, who have changed owners and moved to the playtech software and also Betfair, who have moved to their Poker Champs software.
Initially this has seen a decline in numbers on the site, as the Betfair players have been checking out the new site, however there has been a considerable recovery in the last week.
DTDPoker (Dusktilldawn) and Betsafe (Scandavian site) will be joining the ranks shortly and the future looks to be quite healthy. This however must be put into context, with the current consolidation in the poker industry; there are no guarantees (e.g. Ladbrokes &, Playtech and Tribeca).


For me the table is the best of the cryptologic tables. It looks very professional and distinctive with its dark purple colour. They have made good improvements over time and it has a nice feel to it.


Easy to use and understand, no complaints here.


When I play here, you will always find me playing as ClintonO. Although the top earner in live events in my household, can occasionally be found playing as LittleJ.


All the basic games are found here with Holdem, Omaha and stud all available. You can also find the rather unique game of Holdem Blackjack here. I vow to one day improve my skills at the other disciplines of poker, but for the moment, I have a long way to go with No Limit Holdem.


Its been all change recently on the tournaments front as the site has moved away from guaranteed tournaments, in favour of added value. The main weekly tournament remains. The £40k guaranteed on Sundays at 8pm. This tournament has varied between £35k & £50k over the last year. I have yet to finaltable in this tournament and this remains one of outstanding targets. It is a £120 entry fee, but can be entered via qualifiers.

The main daily tournament is the $4k added, which is currently generating a prize pool of around $27k. The entry fee for this tournament is $109. The site runs plenty of other tournaments, $2k, $3k and $4k added, as well as guarantees from £500 to £4k.

Every two weeks the site runs a $25k or a $50k added tournament for loyal players. This can be
generating 500 MPPs (My Player Points). For STT/MTT players this can be achieved by playing $1666 worth of tournaments over a two week time frame, as this includes any finals that you may have qualified for, achieving this is not too difficult for an average poker player. Any missing points can be made up in the cash games realtively easily.

Other tournament formats include, Winner Takes All or and Double Shootouts.


Currently Littlewoods are running qualifiers for any European Poker Tour (EPT) season 3 event excluding Monte Carlo. I have qualified for the EPT French Open in February 2007 via this tournament.
They also have been running qualifiers for the Caribbean Poker Classic in St.Kitts, which I have also won a seat for. (11 DAYS TO GO!)
The Caribbean qualifiers finished last night, however the EPT qualifiers remain. There are two weekly finals. The E440 on a Saturday and the E132 on a Sunday. There is 1 seat guaranteed in each and money over E6600 is paid out.

The CPC is in its 3rd year and I will be detailing my progress on my blog whilst I am there.
The EPT is a welcome addition to the Littlewoods schedule. Although I am hoping they start the WSOP qualifiers earlier this year.


These are available in six seater, six seater thunders and and ten seater formats. These have 12, 6 and 10 hands per level respectively.
I have had a constant battle with my STT stats and have finally put myself into positive territory (albeit small profit).
I do believe that if I treated this properly I could do very well, but I need to stop using them as fillers.
The format is that you start with 1000 chips and blinds start at 7/15.


Currently the site has been offering players the chance to qualify for the CPC via their MPP's. Also there is currently a roomwide leaderboard tournament in progress.
I have simply not had the time to play in these events with work & other commitments. However I still find myself in the top 150 players, which is needed to secure a prize (albeit $100 at the moment). Maybe I will try and have a surge this week at gaining points.
I am very happy to say that two of my interviewed players are leading the way in the leaderboard tournament with a week to go.
Mihay - ThierryH is in the lead
Pete - Oranges is in 2nd place.

Both of these guys I will be meeting up with in the Caribbean.

Littlewoods also runs freerolls for certain events from time to time.
Finally Littlewoods have a link with, who run tournaments with them on regular occasions.


Littlewoods give all players a £50 match bonus for joining, as well as £25 every month for generating a certain amount of rake.

There is also rakeback available to players who generate a certain amount of rake each month.
If you leave me a note, I can sort up to 30% Rakeback for you. Alternatively join Littlewoods via my link opposite.

There is also a Bad Beat Jackpot, which can be won during cash games.


Search Facility/Locating Players
Observer Chat
Screen Sizing


The cashier used is through Ecash, it is quick and effective. For those who use the casino, you only need the one account.


For further details logon onto to the website address in the links section.


Littlewoods are currently represented by the Legend Tony Chessa and the top footballer and reigning CPC Celebrity/Pro Champion Ton y Cascarino.


The site to play on-line poker! However I am going to try to cover a site per day, for a while! (I will try!)

The other crypto sites to follow shortly.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Caribbean Crazy!

This week my aim is to do a feature on the different sites that are available for all of us to play this wonderful game of poker. However, I keep getting distracted!

These wonderful Caribbean Poker Classic double shootouts are the reason!
For the third successive week, I have won myself a seat! Saturday night I added another $11.3k to the bank.

I have to pinch myself as to what has been achieved in this month of October.
3 x Caribbean Poker Classic seats (2 cashed in for $22.6k)
1 x European Poker Tour Seat for Deauville.
1 x Asian Poker Tour Seat (not attending due to work commitments) - The best of luck to all my team mates who are going.

November is a key month, as I try to cash in a major event for the first time. I am really on top of my game, I just hope I can keep it going through November and have a big performance in St.Kitts.

Right onto the review of the sites!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CPC - The Final 3

I apologise for the delay in finishing this off - its been one hell of a week.

Right 3 players left - Blinds are 800/1600 - antes 200. Tjifen 73k, medicin 61k & I have 5k.

Hand 149 - (Qh6s) In the small blind - medicin folds and I have to push all in, thankfully Tjifen folds
Hand 150 - (AA) At the time I think - why couldn't I get this while I had a chance! I get Tjifen to go all in with KT and the rockets hold - I am now up to 16k.

Now that I have a few chips, its time to go up a few gears and play some power poker.
In the next 25 hands, I raise, reraise, call & then bet out, whatever I can do to accumulate chips.

By Hand 175, I have moved to 41k without a single showdown. Tjifen has 75k and medicin 24k.
Here we become heads up, Tjifen moves all in with 88, medicin calls with QJ and the snowmen hold.
Its heads up - ClintonO 40k vs Tjifen 100k
Heres the hand by hand state of play. (Blinds are up to 1200/2400 for the duration)

176 - Tj folds - 41-99
177 - (5s3d) I fold 40-100
178 - Tj rasies, (Qs2d), I fold 37-103
179 - (Key Hand). I have (AdJd) a relative monster heads up and decide to call and hope for a raise. The raise comes to 9600 - 4 x BB. This was a bigger preflop raise than normal, which suggests to me he is not holding a premium pair, as I only called. He has a hand but wants me to go away now. I am not going to get much better than this, I am a long way behind, so I am all in.
He thinks and then calls with A9. A Jack on the flop decides the issues quickly. I am now in front! 74-66

180 - Tj raises, (9c4c,) I call. Flop Kc7s3s. He bets I fold. 69-71
181 - (A7), I raise, Tj Folds. 71-69
182 - Tj Folds. 73-67
183 - (8s5h) - I fold. 71-69
184 - Tj raises, I call (Kd Jh) Flop 8c6d4s. He bets I fold. 66-74
185 - (33) I raise, Tj folds. 69-71
186 - Tj raises, (6s,9d) I fold. 66-74
187 - (Qc7c) - I call Tj checks. Flop Kc9c6s. I have the flush draw
Tj bets the flop, I call. Turn (5h) Tj bets, again I call. River 5s. I miss my flush and am left with Queen high. I am certain he has hit par of the flop, as he usually bets when he does and the fact that he has bet twice convinces me of that. He does not have a King, as he would have raised, but he probably has a 9 or a 6. A bet on the river and I am done. He bets, I fold. 59 - 81.

188 - Tj folds. 60-80
189 - (QT) I call. He checks. Flop 7T7. I bet he folds. 63-77
190 - (Key Hand 2) - I am dealt (Qd7d) the same hand that cost me two hands ago.
He puts in the minimum raise and I call. Flop 9d8s7s.
I check the flop, he does likewise. He either missed the flop or has JT. Turn (Qc) I hit 2 pair.
I check and he bets - he may have hit a queen, or if he has JT he has decided not to give me another card. I have to reraise to find out where I am. I do and he calls. This call tells me he does not have the straight, he does not have his hand yet. If he has a made straight then he does not want to risk me getting lucky and should put me all in. His call tells me I am in front.
River (4c) that helps no-one. I decide to bet big, I did this early in the game and he went into tilt mode as he thought I had bluffed him. I bet the pot and he folds. He commented in the chat box (nb) (nice bet), which I believe told me he had something maybe the queen or even AK, but he is doubtful as to me having a winning hand. I have put him in tilt mode! 78-62

The final hand
191 - (QQ) I and dealt my new favourite hand, my old nemesis - the ladies! If I have put him in tilt mode, then with any half decent hand, he will raise and I can move over the top. I call and he checks. He does not have a good hand.
Flop Kc4d2h. He bets 2.4k. He certainly does not have the King, he does not have the pair and there is no obvious flush draw. He has hit a bit of the flop, or might just be trying to take it off me. I call

Turn Kd. He bets 4.8k. I know he does not have a King, he may have a flush draw, but I would have expected a bigger bet, but he might have. I believe at this point he has a 4 or a 2, but more likley he has a four. He has bet twice now, he does not put me on a King or a pair. I call hoping to take more money on the river.

River 2c. All draws have gone. He bets 7.2k. What does this mean. Any King or 2 and I am beat. I have already ruled out a King. If he has a 2, would he have bet and not tried a check raise. I am probably likely to bet if he checks as that to me would suggest he has given up on the pot, plus I have already called two bets. He may have missed everything and is just seeing if I have missed also.

I believe that at this point, his chances of having a 4 is 70%, nothing - 20%, that winning two - 10%. I am 90% certain I am in front, I decide I am going to overbet again and then if he has the 4, there is a chance he may call as he thinks I am bluffing again.

I move all in. Here you may ask, why I risked all bar 16k of my chips, when surely he wont call with anything other than a 2. That is a valid point. I have though twice put in overbets that he has folded to. In both previous situations the next hand following a big overbet, he has been all in, once betting all in, the other calling an all in. Both times he was behind when the money went in and ending up winning.
He may also call me if he thinks I am bluffing, but as I dont put him on much, this is unlikely. What I really want here is for him to think I am bluffing, but he cant call me as he has nothing and go further into tilt mode.

He does call and I suddenly think my 10% chance I estimated, whereas badly wrong. He turns over 45. He did have the 4 and put me on a pure bluff.

I am off to St.Kitts for the 2nd consecutive year. The ladies are have come good again!
Two seats in a night - What a night.

I got this text message from the main man at Littlewoods after my EPT win - The legendary Bruce Martin.

'Well done for EPT final. Get yourself a cpc seat and that would be a fantastic night'.

I followed his orders and what a fantastic night!


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stop Press - Sorry I meant 4

A few of you may remember me talking about the Dream Team competition on

Well basically we have been playing for the last 20 weeks in online competitions, this was then followed by a live final this weekend. The chips you started with were based on your performance in the online games

Our team went to London on Saturday and duly won first prize!
The prizes 6 seats to the Betfair Asian Poker Classic in Singapore in November.

This poker lark has seriously taken off over the last week!

However in order to keep my job! I have decided to give this one a miss (It is also the week before the Caribbean Poker Classic) and let other members of the team go. I have to make do with another $3k prize money.

4 seats in a week. Simply unheard of!
CPC final 3 write up tomorrow I promise!


CPC stop press!

I promise I will continue my story of the cpc final tomorrow!

In the mean time, I just won another CPC seat!
Thats 3 major seats won in just one week!

This time it is no seat but $11k in cash!

Unbelievable, what a week!


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Best Poker day ever - The CPC

In total direct contrast to the EPT, I crawled into the final table!

With just 11 left and very short stacked I had 2.7k and AT. Blinds at 150/300 and the next nearest player on 8k. The loose margar007 raises to 1800 and I decide that now is the time to move as we are only 6 handed. He has KJ and the first card out is an Ace.

Shortly after we reach the final table.

Seat 1: Vaginal (21k)
Seat 2: danielsan (7k)
Seat 3: Margar007 (12k)
Seat 4: Tjifen (26k)
Seat 5: Blueno005 (14k)
Seat 6: medicin (12k)
Seat 7: UTOPIA (9k)
Seat 8: Cresus2 (24k)
Seat 9: DaRigger (10k)
Seat 10: ClintonO (6k)

I am firmly in 10th place! Blinds are 150/300 antes 25 and we are 3 hours 15 mins in.

Hand 5, sees me with AQ and once again Margar007 is doing the raising, this time to 1500. Once again the all-in moved is applied. Margar calls with QT. The board pairs the queens and the aces and I am up to 11k and back in the game.

The game is fairly tight as this point and we reach hand 23. Blinds 200/400 antes 50. I am on 10k and look down in the big blind with AA!
Everyone folds and I am thinking typical no action. Then DaRigger in the small blind moves all in. He turns over AJ. The board brings a Jack, but nothing more - we are down to 9 and I have 17k and am up to 5th place.

It is hand 52 before we lose any more players, blinds are now 400/800.
Margar007 goes all in preflop for 7k and has two callers.
UTOPIA moves all in for 8k on a 738 flop and is called by medicin.
Margar has AJ, UTOPIA QQ and medicin AK. Turn is a 6 river K.

By hand 53 we have
medicin 49k
Tjifen 20k
Blueno005 17k
vaginal 17k
Cresus2 16k
ClintonO 11k
danielsan 10k.

I have played stole a few pots, but also folded AJ and 88 to big reraises.

Hand 60, I have AQ and raise to 2400. Tjifen moves all in and with 8k back I cant fold now. He turns over AT and the A7786 board doubles me up to 22k.

Hand 63 Tjifen takes out Danielsan in a race AK vs 77 and hits a straight. 6 remain
Hand 69 Cresus2 takes out Blueno005 with 77 against AT after both players hit a piece of the flop 27T.
Hand 88 blinds at 600/1200. medicin takes out vaginal with AJ vs QQ. We now have 4.

I am still playing catch up. Cresus2 (49k), medicin (43k), ClintonO(25k) and Tjifen (24k), but i now have a real shout.

Its all change by Hand 103. I have K8 in SB and call the bet. Tjifen checks. Flop 8AK. I check my two pair, Tjifen who is now chip leader bets 3600. I reraise to 8400 and he quickly moves all in for 51k. I have 13k left and I am certain I am in front so I call. He had K5 and I take the pot.

Incredibly I am now in 1st place with 46k! Others 45k, 30k, 19k.

Hand 119 Tjifen takes out Cresus 2 the money goes in on the turn. Board Q43T. He holds Q5 against A4.

By time we get to hand 146,Tjifen has been bullying away and is on a massive 79k, I have 35k and medicin 26k.
I see AK. medicin min raises to 3200 and I reraise to 8000. He then moves all in. I cant fold here, I am in front or its a race. I have to go for it. He turns over AA, my heart sinks.
The board brings a T and Jack, so a queen will save me, but no.
A couple of hands later I have just 5k. I move all in on button and Tjifen with 73k folds. I move to 7k, Tjifen 72k, medicin 61k. Can you believe that in 50 hands time I will have won my seat!

The story continues tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Best Poker day ever - The EPT

Well it has finally sunk in. The Caribbean Poker Classic and the EPT French Open, both secured in one glorious Sunday night.

The amazing thing is that the two games were so entirely different. The EPT I led from fairly early right to the end, whilst the cpc, I scrapped onto the final table in last place, was well behind in the last three, in fact the first time I was in front was the hand before I won it.

I thought it might be interesting to take you through both finals and see how they were won.

We join the EPT Final with just six left. I started well in this tournament, moving slowly up from my 2500 chips to 3500 in the first level. I managed to double up when one guy got annoyed that I min raise him twice. The second time I had KK and he had 56off!
I started with a quality table including Kinghawko and ThierryH

Upon reaching the final table, I was in first or second postion and then took a nice jump when my AK beat AQ.

This is the final six
Seat 2) ClintonO 44k
Seat 4) Jeff2901 9k
Seat 5) ThierryH 19k
Seat 6) Bigadzc 19k
Seat 7) UTOPIA 16k
Seat 9) lmack85 6k

This was a great position to be in and I really did not one to blow it! I was playing fairly tight, but raising when in position.

12 hands later and we were down to 5. ThierryH takes out lmack85. I have moved up to 52k, thanks to a pair of cowboys.

Hand 30 from our starting point sees the blinds at 300/600. UTOPIA calls a 3xbb raise in the bb with J6 spades. With a flop of 3s As 9s, Christmas comes early and he manages to take Bigadzc for all his chips who was holding AQ. All the money going in on the flop.

5 hands later, we are down to 3, Thierry H takes out Jeff. I have managed to maintain my stack without getting too involved.

ClintonO 52k, ThierryH 32k, UTOPIA 29k. I know my opposition and they are top draw. Blinds are 400/800, so there is plenty of time to play. I am going to have to be at my best to win this one.

Hand 61 sees me move up to 67k, I call with 78 diamonds and get a 9 high flop, ThierryH the intial raiser overbets the pot, which usually means he has missed the flop. I have been very solid throughout and bet when I have the goods. I decide this is the time to make my move. I call his large raise. The turn brings a 5, if he checks, then I bet. He does and then folds.

By time we get to hand 83 since I started this review, I am sitting on 70k. Blinds are 600/1200, I turn over 66 in the big blind. Utopia with 13k left, min raises. I decide its an attempt at my blind and push my chips in. He calls incredibly with 89off. The flop brings a 9 giving him the pot. Did I need to be so aggressive, maybe not, but I am suprised at 89. I drop to 56k in chips, I must keep composure.

The next few hands I play KQ and A9 and end up throwing them away.

93 hands down, I have 39k, ThierryH 33k and UTOPIA 40k. My huge lead has gone, I must hold it together. To come this far and throw it away would be criminal.

Hand 95 is the one that effectively wins me the tournament.

I am in the BB with KK. UTOPIA min raises again and I call.
Flop 2d5c9d. He checks. I bet small 2400. He immediately reraises to 4800. A check raise, I am suspicious, but am not throwing my kings away at this point. I reraise to 12000. His move here is crucial. If he reraises all in, he probably has a set or Aces, as I look committed. He in fact calls.
The turn brings a 6d. The flush is a possibility. He bets 12k of his 15k. I have 27k left. I have the Kd as a small hope if he has the flush. What to do. His bet of 12k intrigues me, why leave 3k, does that mean anything, why not go all in. If I am calling 12k, I am calling 15k. This is crucial in my decision.
I have left myself a small amount behind before when I want to look very strong. Also I have bet twice on the flop, if has the flush why not check and let me bet as I am bound to do.
The final thing is last time he made a flush he bet the minimum, why bet 80% of his stack.
These 3 things lead me to believe I am in front and push in.

He turns over Ah 9s, so top pair with top kicker. He has 4 outs on the river, but that comes the 5d, making me a flush.
I have never thought so much about a pair of kings before. I could have shoved the chips in and had the same result!

The Heads up last 19 hands, out chip count had not much changed. Blinds are still 600/1200. I have TT in the big blind. He calls the big blind. I raise to 3600, he moves all in for 24480. Whats he got a big pair, he is surely calling here. He is happy to take the pot right there. Mid pair or Ace x. Thats good enough for me. He has A7. Great! He effectively has 3 outs.

8h 7h 2s. He has hit a 7. 5 outs now. Turn 4d, river 8h. Victory! I am off to the French Open in Deauville.

The CPC follows tomorrow.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Whats your best day in Poker?

I think I have just had mine!
The last few weeks I have complained about Sundays, well not anymore.
Tonight, I played in the EPT Final and the CPC final. The results.

I won them both!

Yes thats right blogfans, its a win in both!
I am still shaking from it all!

The EPT was incredible, I managed to get a very big lead and then found myself one of 3 players left against UTOPIA and ThierryH, two of the most feared players on the network. I managed to blow the lead and then recover to take the title.

Whilst this was still going on, I was playing the CPC Final. This time when it was down to 3 players I was in 2nd and then ran into AA with AK, which left me crippled with 4k, I somehow turned this around to eventually overturn a 30k to 110K deficit to ultimately win with, yes you guessed it pocket queens!

I will fill you in on all the details tomorrow, but what a night

Tonights winnings

1 x EPT package includes: * The €5000 buy in to the event of your choice. * €600 to stay in one of the luxurious hotels.* €1,000 straight into your account to cover travel expenses - I am probably going to pick The Scandinavian Open which is held in Copenhagen, my other option is the French Open held in Deauville.

1 x CPC package includes:
a $11,300 Package with Littlewoods which includes:$6,300 entry into the main no-limit event $5,000 for an ALL-INCLUSIVE 9-night package at the prestigious St Kitts Marriott Resort on + airfare for two from London

Got to sleep now, cant take it all in!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

QQ - The new lucky ladies! (part1)

So the last month has been a great one for the ladies!!!

My win percentage has dropped to 91%, 38 wins from 42, but have I maximised the amount of winnings.
According to the chips QQ has resulted in a 98944 profit (chips that is not pounds!)

So have I played them right.
Lets look at them!

This evening I am going to look at Early Position
Results Played 8 won 8.

Seat 1 - Limped x2
Seat 2 - Raised first in x3, raised initial limper, Reraised
Seat 3 - Reraised

I have raised 6 times and limped twice, so I have mixed up the bets.

Seat 1 Eg1 Level 2 of tournament Blinds 15/30

I have limped in both times from seat 1. Once it resulted in six callers and the second four callers. Potentially disastrous situations.

1) ClintonO call 30
2) folds
3) folds
4) johnts call 30
5) folds
6) Fonz23 call 30
7) hoeffi call 30
SB) Redeyeneo call 30
BB) leone1 check

Flop Th5c5h

SB) Check
BB) Check
1) ClintonO bet 90
4) johnts call 90
6) Fonz 23 Raise 270
7,SB,BB) folds
1) ClintonO Raise 1200
4) Folds
6) Fonz23 Calls 1020

ClintonO QsQh
Fonz Ts8d

Board Th5c5h3c3s

On a T55 flop, I opened the betting with a half pot size bet to see where I am, seat 4 calls, cutoff raises x3. I am not worried about TT, as I would have expected a preflop raise, but I have definitely let in the posibility of someone having a 5 or a heart flush draw. The fact that the raise comes from the guy in the cutoff seat I believe he is less likely to have a 5. Once the blinds fold, I believe my QQ is good and am either up against a draw or top pair.

Seeing Fonz23 turn over Ts8d, I am very pleased and surprised he called his remaining 750 chips with top pair and weak kicker.
Johnnts who called my initial bet, may have had a flush draw but with two reraises, he was not going to stay in the pot.

All in all Limping from seat 1 is risky, but here the return was maximised.

Seat1 Eg2 -Level 3: Blinds 25/50

1) ClintonO calls 50
2-5) folds
6) Westee calls 50
7) Folds
8) NOLIMIT calls 50
SB) Folds
BB) Deeirun Check

Flop Tc2h3c pot 225

BB) Check
1) ClintonO bets 150
6) Westee calls 150
8,BB) Folds

Turn 3d

1) ClintonO bets 300
6) Westee raise to 600
1) ClintonO all in 1330
Westee Folds


Four players in this one and a fairly harmless flop of T23 although it does bring a flush draw.
I bet 2/3rds the pot and get one caller, at this point he is either on a flush draw, top pair, or worst case scenario a set.
The turn brings a second 3, if he has quads - good luck to him, the only really scare is a full house with deuces in this pocket. I believe I am in front and bet again. He then puts in a min raise, this for me is an I don't believe you bet. I have 1030 left its time to push all in.
He has a call for 730 more in a pot already containing 1725 and clearly has nothing when he folds.

Could I have got more money, well I did not want to give him an opportunity to hit a flush on the river, so for me it was a good time to move.

Seat 2

Eg 1 - blinds 15/30 - Raise to 90, reraised all in by short stack 570 - call. QQ beats 88
Eg 2 - blinds 50/100 - Seat 1 raises to 400, I move all in for 2985, he calls with AKo. QQ hold up.
Eg 3- blinds 600/1200 with antes - Raise to 3600, meno moves all in for 6402. I call. QQ beats TT
Eg 4- blinds 100/200 - Seat 1 calls. I raise to 800. He calls. Flop 756 rainbow. He checks, I bet half pot and he folds
Eg 5 - blinds 150/300 with antes. I raise to 900, all fold.

So from the 5 examples, I have had only one instance where my raise was not called, giving a strong arguement for always raising QQ. One coin flip situation and two underpairs in all in situations, in the remaining example, I was probably up against A high.

Seat 3.
Eg 1 - blinds 10/20

1) Mike23079 raises to 40
3) Clinton O reraises to 160
4) PEPPS1 calls 160
6) jezmund calls 160
SB) dondawda all in 110
1) Mike calls.

Flop ThJs3h.

1) Mike23079 all in 250
3) ClintonO all in 1310
4) PEPPS1 all in 1300

dondawda 6c4c
Mike23079 qc3c
ClintonO QdQh



A crazy pot with the SB all in with nothing based on value. The UTG play was interesting, no need to play with Q3clubs, and bets out with just a match on the 3.
When I moved all in, there was a flush and straight draw so had to act now.
PEPPS1 made the correct call with two overcards, flush draw and straight draw.

All in all, I am happy with how I have played QQ from an early position. The question remaining is should I limp in from seats 1-3. I believe you have to vary your play and provided you are happy to fold them if an ace or King comes along, then it is a useful play to have in your locker.

I will continue to analysis with plays with the ladies tomorrow!

I am interested to see where I have lost and here is a quick summary

1) BB - All in preflop versus AKs
2) Late - Raised UTG limper. He calls and moves in on 933 flop. I call he turns over K6 and spikes a King on the river. Ouch!
3) Middle - Raise and button and SB calls. I bet on 578 flop and get raised - I call. Turn is K. I check and he bets 2/3rds pot. I fold
4) Middle - I reraise seat 3 - who calls. Flop 959. He check calls me, turn 6, he then check raises me and turns over KK.

Situation 1 - Fair enough - coin flip I lost
2 - bad move from Burns015 who had nothing when I was pretty much pot comitted - unlucky
3 & 4 - I definetly could have played better. I will look at these tommorrow.

I am finding this analysis very interesting! Hope it is remotely interesting for you also!

On the poker front -
Good - I won the EPT qualifier and am now in the final on Saturday.
Bad - Eliminated from the 15k near the money in the QQ versus K6 just above. (Please don't start being nasty to me again)

Until tomorrow!

Hand Analysis

The first of my features is going to be hand analysis, whereby I will look at my strongest hands and weakest hands.

First a quick mention of the defence of my $6k title. I made it to the final table again tonight, but two successive defeats with JJ took me out in 10th place. First against AK and then AA, despite hitting a 3rd Jack! A fair effort though I suggest!

This hand analysis is based on the last month or so and is based on win ratio.

1) QQ 93% - Would you belive it
2) AA 81%
3) AKs 76%
4) KK 71%
5) JJ 71% - probably lower after tonight!
6) TT 71%
7) AKo 71%
8) AQs 70%
9) AJs 70%
10) 99 68%
11) T7s 67%

No real surprises then, but incredibly my feared hand QQ is up at 93%. This though is fair too high for this hand, so I suggest I may well be playing it too aggressively. I have in fact won 39 times out of 42 with this hand. Losing once in the BB and twice from mid position.

I will go into more detail into each hand and try to find out where I am going right or wrong.
Of the big pairs I have had AA the least!
QQ 42
TT 42
KK 35
JJ 35
99 34
88 34
AA 13

Okay of those hands at the bottom!

1) T8s - 0%
2) 53s - 0%
3) J3s - 0%
4) T4s - 0%
5) 62s - 0%
6) 62o - 0%
7) 72o - 4%
8) t2o- 4%
9) 65o - 5%
10) q2o - 6%

The only real suprise is t8s - I have played this hand 9 times and never won with it! Sounds like a plan!

What about my win ratio from postions, when I choose to play

Middle 52% success rate
Early 50%
Late 46%
Short Handed situations 38%
BB 16%
SB 12%

As I said I will go into more detail with the hands, but there are some other interesting stats, when I play JTs I only get a 29% win rate and QJs just 21%.

The hand I play the most is Ace King off suit, 14 more times than any other cards.

I really hope this analysis can help discover some interesting stats!

But you have to wait for that for now!


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time for a change

I have decided that my recent lack of posts have come about because I am getting bored about what I write about. There are too many self indulgent blogs about how unlucky someone was or another bad beat and I myself had fallen down that trap, to the point that I was boring myself.

So I have decided to have a few features towards the end of the year, amongst a track of how I am doing.

So these are what you can look forward to.

1) Hand Analysis - Top 5 hands & worst 5 hands. How many people know which hands they play better and which ones they play the worst. I will be going through my best and worst hands and work out how to improve this.

2) ClintonO on tour - I am also going to play a guest tournament across different sites and feedback on my view on the site, the tournaments and the players.

3) My STT peformance - Its simply not good enough, what am I doing wrong, what tactics can I adopt to improve this situation. I will cover Thunders, 6 seaters and 10 seaters in a quest to find a winning formula.

4) Review of things poker related - I have started reading a lot of magazines, books and websites, so I will review these and let you know what I think is good or bad value.

5) Poker Updates - No bad beat stories (well maybe just a couple!), just my learnings, what I have done wrong - more emphasis on how I can improve and help others do the same. Also why are Tuesdays and Fridays the days I win on.

My aim is to update each of these features once a week. Please keep giving your feedback on these and help me improve them.

One poker news related point though is that I won another major title last night.
I managed to win my second ever $6k (157 runner) tournament on Littlewoods yesterday (yes another Tuesday!), taking home the first prize of $2340. All very handy!
The heads up lasted just a couple of hands. My opponent kindly went all in when I was holding Q8 on a Q86 board. The turn card was an 8, which secured the title.
I don't play this tournament much at all, no more than 20 times in all, but I did manage to win it back in April and was 2nd last month. Maybe I should be playing it more.

Anway heres to more interesting blog!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sundays are totally sick part XVI

5 big tournaments today and five disasters.

The £50k was going well. I had £7k in chips, I hold AQ hearts in the big blind. Blinds just 150/300, with 25 ante.
Brille raised from the cutoff to 900. I put him on a steal and put all my chips in and represent that I don't have as strong a hand. He thinks and calls incredibly with A5, for all his chips bar 300. This would put me on over 14k and right amongst the chip leaders. The river of course is a 5.

Please keep playing like that! I will get you!

The CPC Weekly Final, saw me make my 6th final table. But no, it was not 6th time lucky. I limped in with KK under the gun and got a call and then a raise. I went all in and Steve311 calls with TT, of course the board brings a Ten. Fair play by him, but my perfect plan loses again!

The CPC Double Shootout, I got to heads up with nuts, who admittedly played well and could well win the seat, but not without my AA losing to a flush on the river.

The EPT final, I try a move calling a raise with J3. The board is 6TJ, we have four players. Two checks then the intial raiser totally overbets the pot, I think I am in front, so I put him all in. He calls with AT, got it right, unfortunately he hits an ace on the river.

Finally the $50k added. I start really well, up to 8k in chips. I raise with AQ, following an under the gun limper, he calls.
Board is AQ3 he bets, I call. Turn 5 rainbow board, he bets, I reraise he is all in with 6.5k. I call leaving me with just 1.5k. If he has a set then fair enough, he turns over (bet you cant guess) 22. The river brings a 4 and he hits a straight.

I believe I played really well tonight, but from the five big tournaments I have absolutely nothing to show for it.

I had a 4th yesterday in the £2.5k guaranteed, when my AJ on an AJ68 board loses to an all in from the 2nd chips leader, I was in front, moves with KQ. Turn is T.

Luckily nothing has been lost, but come on, a little bit of luck would not go amiss!


Saturday, September 30, 2006

6th time lucky?

The CPC was another dissapointment on Thursday night.
I won my first round very comfortably and probably too quickly as I had over an hour wait for the final table.
We were down to 5 after one hand AA beating AK on a flop including an A and a K.
We lost a fourth player after an hour, it was down to 4. One player was getting very aggressive, but also hitting lots of cards. I made a stand with KQ and got very lucky as I beat AQ.
That put me in second and right amongst it.

The short stack put his chips in and I called with AT, he had KT, but rivered a King.
We soon got down to three players. The short stack then went all in four consecutive hands and I decided to not let him do it anymore, by moving all in with A2 in the small blind, unfortunately he had A9 and doubled up.

My final hand I was in joint second place holding 32. The flop was 339 and I was already working out how to make the most of this hand and get me right back in it, he however was thinking the same because he held 3T. So out in 3rd.
Five final tables now, one 2nd, two 3rds and two 5th places. I can't get much closer without winning. Surely next time.

Today I have managed to get my seat in the £50k for Sunday and am going to address my STT record. I keep playing this thunder tournaments when I get bored, but they are really not for me. I need to concentrate on my ten seater STT's. My sharkscope stats are down over £1k at the moment, which is awful considering how good my MTT record is. I am going to address this by playing some ten seater STTs over the next week.

This weekend as usual promises a lot, two ept finals, one cpc final and two 50k (1 $,1£) and it is vital to make something from these. With four of the tournaments on Sunday, I am hoping for a Super Sunday!

Right lets sort out this sharkscope situation.


Thursday, September 28, 2006

AA has really gone downhill

A few more games under my belt last night, including a win in the other EPT qualifier.
I have now booked myself a seat in the final on Saturday and Sunday. Add to this the $50k added on Sunday, it could be quite a busy weekend! Especially if I can add a CPC final or two, along with the £50k!

I played the £15k for the first time in a while and I could not believe it when I went out!
I very rarely go out in the first hour, but I did last night.

I get dealt AA in position 5, I sit there hoping for a raise.
Under the Gun limps in for 50 chips, 2nd position raises to 200, 3rd position raises to 400.
I really could not have hoped for that much action, with 725 already in the pot, I put my 2000 chips in the pot.
The first two fold, but Aka_abak in third position calls my all in raise (leaves himself just 750 back, would have still had 2350 if he folded) with AJ off. Wow, christmas comes early.

The board though has other ideas. QT5 4 K. I am out to a straight. I am not going to complain, because without people like this, winning at this game would be a lot tougher. I do not know, how this was called, let alone how you reraise, a limp and a raise in first two position with AJ off.

I was expecting KK or QQ, even AA. Ah well, move on. I mean AJ off. Come on forget it! Honestly!

Tonight it is the CPC $370 double shootout, where I am going to secure my Caribbean Poker Classic seat!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Back again

I have been working so much over the last week or so, that I have not had a chance to update this blog so apologies.

I played in the APAT event at the Broadway casino in Birmingham at the weekend, aside from being an absolute nightmare to get to, it was a very well run event. Well done to the APAT, a very good first effort.

I am not sure about the applauding everyone as they get knocked out, I certainly did not feel like taking a round of applause when my AK ran into TT on an AKT flop. Still more useful live experience.
The difficulty I am finding with live play is that it is so much slower than on-line, so you end up trying to do things that you probably should not.
I will definintely look at trying to play a few more of these events.

I also visited the EPT in London, what a dissapointment. My main event experience has been at the World Series and the Caribbean Poker Classic, so maybe my expectations were too high.
The event was restricted to 400 people (200 each day), but everyone was so crammed in, the 200 players were in different corners of the room, you could not watch anything and only about 5% of the whole casino was dedicated to arguably the biggest poker event in the UK. Surely there is a better venue than this.
It just looked like an annoying distraction to their casino players.
I plan to play in one of the EPT events this season, I would hope that they would be better than this.

I played on-line last night for the first time in a while, aside from a few quick thunder tournaments. I only failed to make the money or qualify in one of the five events I played in. My AQ lost to KQ (king on the river) with five left in the cpc qualifier.

Better news though in other events, I qualified for Sundays e440 final for the EPT as well as Thursdays $370 double shootout final. I also managed a cash in the 10k (first time I have played that in a month or so) although I was less than happy when 'bigozy' decided to call my all in preflop reraise with KQ when I was holding KK and lose to a flush.
Still it felt good to be playing again. (Beating Noseyboy heads up when he a 4.7kto 1.3k chip lead on me was fun!)

Tonight, I have the Poker in Goa competition on TGF Poker to play in, where I am currently lying in 4th place overall. Apart from that I will be out and about on my beloved Littlewoods site, I have the e132 EPT, $228cpc and £120 50k to qualify for, as well as getting back on the £15k scene (I have missed it!)

Thank you to all those who have emailed me, making sure I still exist! I promise to continue blogging away.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Close but no cigar

Well, can you come any closer than that.
Tonight is was the Cpc double shootout final.

In the first round, I had a great tussle with the legendary 007apr and managed to beat him.

I then get to heads up in the final table vs Pfitz11.
It was a fairly even affair, until one crucial hand where he hit trip jacks to beat my 2 pair.
From that moment on, I was playing catch up. With a deficit of 6k-14k. I pushed a reraise all in with 77, he turned over KQ and hit the inevitable Q.

We agreed a deal on the final table that the winner pays the 2nd £500, so that at least they got something for their efforts, but I so wish it was not me with the £500.

I have now come 2nd, 3rd and 5th twice. Surely I can't come much closer without winning the seat.
Fortunately we still have two months to go to secure the seat, but whilst my game is strong, I really need to win it now.

I will be missing out on the finals next week, due to the live APAT event, so I am going to have to make every effort to qualify for Thursdays final.

As for the rest of the weekend, I played my favourite tournament of the moment the £4k on Friday. Following my previous two finishes of 1st and 2nd. This time it was a third consecutive final table, but only 6th and £200 in the bank.
It was a cruel exit. I raise pre flop with JJ, was called by chip leader. Flop was Q92. I pushed all in after he checked and he called with KT.
He only had a King or a one of the two remaining jacks for a gutshot.
The turn was the invetiable Jack, giving me trips and him the straight. I still had 12 outs on the river for a full house and the chip lead, but it never happened.

September has been a very good month so far, I just need to keep playing my game and I am certain that more wins will come.

Take Care all

Friday, September 15, 2006

CPC - Can't Play Cards!

I managed my third final table last night in the CPC main event qualifier, only to lose most of my chips to a gutshot on the river, when holding a set of tens. A nine had to come up didn't it!

Nines were the unlikely number last night, as I ultimately went out in 5th place when my pocket nines failed to hold up against AJ.
So a 3rd and two 5th places so far, this is the time to secure my seat, as my game is strong.

I did manage my 14th final table appearance in the £15k last night, finishing 8th when yet again I lost a race, this time my pocket fours failed to beat AJ. Still £450 more winnings in the kitty!
I was fairly short stacked for most of the last 15 players, so making the final table was a good achievement. The pot I lost was for 60k in chips and would have put me in a great position to go on and win, but this one was not to me.

Its more of the same this weekend, I have the main EPT event final on Saturday and have work to do to get into the other EPT final, the £50k and the two CPC finals.

I will also be playing in the APAT online Series (Canadian Amateur Poker Open) on Pokerstars on Saturday night as a warm up for the Live event at the Broadway in Birmingham next weekend. This is useful event as you start with 10,000 chips and gives you more practice in playing with big amounts of chips with small blinds.

I have also now got available the Bad Beat Poker in Goa Leaderboard. I am currently sitting in 3rd place. This is a tournament that I play in each Wednesday.

Finishing Position Alias Points Record
1st bboru7 1650 1st, 7th, 36th
2nd bbsum1 1500 12th, 1st, 12th
3rd ClintonOOO 1475 25th, 20th, 1st
4th genabb44 1450 2nd, - , 7th
5th klita_rees 1300 6th, 15th, 5th
6th thekiss 1200 3rd, -, 6th
7th bubbled 1175 5th, 21st, 8th
8th chaste 1175 22nd, 3rd. 20th
9th DevilChimp 1175 63rd, 2nd, 17th
10th Str@wberry 1050 -, 11th, 3rd
11th chimpsrus 975 7th, 27th, 15th
12th B-meds-B 950 68th, 30th, 4th
13th gaffer11 950 29th, 6th, 25th
14th Rugrat9 950 9th, 8th, 32nd
15th dreamliver 925 27th, 9th, 9th
16th kingkebab1 900 61st, 5th, 27th
17th sandybane2 900 72nd, -, 2nd
18th jonniefive 795 57th, 4th, 30th
19th 57eve 700 24th, 19th, 22nd
20th Zooo__ 700 56th, 10th, 16th

This has got a number of weeks to go, but the leaderboard is a good way of focusing the mind, so I fully intend to keep playing this and what the hell ultimately win it!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back to Winning Ways

The last two days have bought 3 nice tournament wins.
Last Night it was the EPT Qualifier, meaning I am not in the 440 Euro Final on Saturday.

Tonight I won the CPC Shootout, winning a seat in tomorrow nights $370 final.
I also won the Bad Beat tournament on TGF Poker, this was week 3. Only a $100 in prizes but some good points which should be put me in a good position overall.

Also 2 heads up wins tonight after my recent failings.

No real cash winnings to boast about but some great chances to win a seat at two live events.
I want to confirm my cpc tomorrow!


Monday, September 11, 2006


Tonight I am just going to rant! This is a pure bad beat entry - please do not read if it annoys you!

4k Level 3 - Holding KK - someone goes all in, I call for all my chips. He has JT.
15k Level 1 - Holding AA - someone raises, I reraise, hes all in, I call. He has AJ
2.5k Level 5 - Holding KK, one guy all in, a caller, Im all in. The other calls. A8 and 88
EPT Qual Level 2 - Holding AK, two limpers, a raise, Im all in. He has AJ
CPC 1st hand - Holding 77, I raise, 1 caller. Flop 78Q. He bets big, I call. Turn T, he bets more than pot. Im all in. He calls. He has QT

I lost every single one of these hands. 5 hands, where I am a massive favourite. If you add the 3 coin flips, I also lost. Then you will understand why at 9pm, I have withdrawn from all tournaments tonight.

What beat me.
Hand 1 - J on flop, J on river
Hand 2 - 2 hearts on flop, runner runner heart
Hand 3 - The one remaining 8 on turn
Hand 4 - 2 hearts on flop, heart on river
Hand 5 - Another T on river.

I do not know whats hit me tonight! I hope this is not the start of things to come, as im stopping now if thats the case.

I feel sick!

Another Heads Up Defeat

I decided last night to try and defend my £4k crown that I won last Sunday.
468 players lined up and I ultimately failed in my quest, but I did manage second place!
£700 more in the kitty, but I really wanted the honour of back to back £4ks.

It was not looking likely with just 5 players left, I had just lost a massive pot and was left with just 13030 chips. 1000 went into the ante and 12000 the big blind, so I sit there with 30 chips left!

10 mins later I have eliminated 3 players and am heads up with 300k in chips!

I started the heads up against MrDeviant (Lin or Deviant69 when he plays on Littlewoods) about 100k behind - 400k to 300k.
I reversed this trend with some constant small raising.
We then had a break and his tactics changed and he started going all in. There was one instance where I was holding 96 and the board was 359 all spades, he went all in for 300k and I decided to fold, I believed I would get a better opportunity.

A very similiar opportunity arose where I had A7 and the board was 976 all spades. I held the Ace of spades. I decided to call the all in this time and he turned over a set of 7's. I still had enough outs but it did not hit.

I was dissapointed not to win again, but when you are playing someone who moves all in frequently at some point you are going to have to take a stand, espeically when you are putting a minimum of 18k in every hand.

Two heads up situations over the weekend, which I both lost but £1400 and two seconds is not all bad.

I also managed to reach the final table of the CPC shootout for the second successive week, but this time crashed out in 5th place.
My CPC seat is getting close, I am hoping its just around the corner!


Saturday, September 09, 2006

Heads up Defeat

I lost my first heads up game in a long time tonight.
Usually when I reach the last two of a tournament, I managed to take down the tournament.
This was the $6k guaranteed. I basically called a coin flip and lost, when I had no need to do so.
Easy afterwards! Still £700 more in the bank.
I would have like to have added another title to my collection, but 2nd is still nice, plus I have won that one before, so I would have felt worse if I hadn't.

I have also won a seat for the EPT seat final on Sunday.

September has started well with the £4k win and now the $6k second, so the poker is definitely going well.
There are 3 $10k addeds tomorrow that are new for the schedule this week, so they will take focus tomorrow.
I am looking forward to playing in the English Amateur Poker Championship in two weeks time, plus I will also be playing another live game in October in the Bad Beat final.

All I need now, is to win an EPT or CPC event so that the live practice can come in handy!


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Next Live Event - English Amateur Poker Championship

I was still in 'I can't believe I have not won my CPC seat mode' last night, therefore my few performances, were fairly lacklustre.
After going out in the 15k with T8 on a T8Q flop to AQ, I knew I was destined for an unsuccessful night, so I listened to my own advice and retired early.
Something I do not do very often!

Last night, I received an email from the APAT - Amateur Poker Association & Tour, inviting me to play in their inaugural live event, the English Amateur Poker Championship.
This is taking place over the weekend of the 23rd/24th September. It is taking place at the Broadway Casino in Birmingham. So come along and cheer me on!

Ian'Niceguy77' is also taking part, so Littlewoods and crypto will at least have two representives.
If anyone else is taking part, please let me know.
With 10,000 starting chips, there should be plenty of room for manoeuvre, as I strive for my first live event win.

I am hoping I will feel more in the zone tonight, as it is important to keep playing when you are winning!


Monday, September 04, 2006

Sundays are totally sick!

Now this is going to seem odd, because I won £1.1k tonight, but I am totally devasted.

Today, I have had the worst run of luck, I honestly feel I could have cleaned up tonight.

First the £50k.
I have QQ mid position, guy before raises to 60, I call, next guy raises to 900!
What on earth! I decide he has not a lot. I go all in for another 1200, he calls with A5. Yes A5
He hits his Ace on the river. Sick

Next the EPT.
I have AK, I raise, get one call. Flop AK8. I bet he calls. Turn Q. I check, he bets, I reraise he is all in. He turns over KQ - river is a Q.

CPC Main Final. I get to chip leader by 10k, with 10 left. QQ loses to 99, then I have two races and lose the lot and finish 8th.

CPC Shootout. There are 3 players left, one seat for the Caribbean. I have 9000, so does one other guy. Short stack has 2000.

Now the guy on 9000 has been going all in, all over the place and doubled up twice. He even managed to split the pot with Qj against QQ.

Blinds are 200/400.
I have AJ Hearts. He is on button and goes all in. What on earth can he have. So far he has pushed with any ace or king. So I think I have him.

He turns over A3. Yes A3. So no 3 and I win a seat in the Caribbean Poker Classic.
Flop 6T3. Unbelievable. Yes I could have probably outplayed him anyway, but I read it right and got mugged. So so gutted.

Anyway I won the £4k guaranteed tonight, taking home £1.1k. I was 250k to 400k down at heads up, I got slightly in front. Raised with QJ, he called. Flop JJK, I check he goes all in!
K6 he has!
I played really well in this, as I have been recently.
I am really pleased to win this tournament, as I don't play it hardly at all, but my previous best was 2nd and it was nice to go one better.

I am off to bed, gutted but £1.1k richer.


Friday, September 01, 2006

A big weekend looming

Tonight saw some more steady progress made, by winning an EPT qual and the £50k qual.
This means I have two EPT finals and both the £50k and $50k to play.
If I can make the CPC final (bubbled two nights on bounce!) then that will be a clean sweep of finals this weekend.

The £15k was slightly dissapointing tonight, going out just outside the money in 45th.
I feel that my game is really strong at the moment and I hope I can take down one of the big 5 tournies this weekend.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two more cashes

Thursday saw my 3rd cash in my last five £15k appearances, this time 28th (only £75). I had been leading the tournament from levels 3 through 6, an unusual place for me!

I became card dead towards the later stages of the tournament and made a move one off the button with 22 and came up against 77 in the small blind. Still its another cash, making it 40 cashes in the £15k in a year.

I also played the CPC qualifier where I finished second to Dewi_cool. I took home $100+, but did not manage the seat in Sundays final.
I have to admit that I was outplayed in the Heads Up, an area I am usually strong at. I am looking forward to playing Dewi again!

It was nice to meet some more readers of my blog online tonight, hi to Macca68!

August has been a rollercoaster month. I look at my records and see a £5k profit, this despite have limited games due to being in Vegas for two weeks.
I have now managed £30k in profit (including £2k in rakeback) from 13 months of playing poker.

That for me is a staggering figure (because I don't have much left!) and thank whatever fate, made me start playing this game.

Its all systems go now for the CPC and EPT events. I want to continue progressing my live career as that is the area I need to work on the month.

So you will probably find me in as many qualifiers for these events as I can find!

For September I wish to continue playing well, as I feel my game is strong right now, but will write up some objectives shortly.


Monday to Wednesday - Small successes

Its been a quiet week so far, with limited playing time.
2 appearances in the 15k, sees me lose two big hands at crucial times.

19th on Monday and in a good position when I get dealt pokcet tens in the big blind. I end up all in against 77. The flop of 788 destroyed me, £170 in the bank but it could have been a whole lot more, as that was a 40k pot.
On Wednesday with 75 left, I reraised all in with JJ, the guy took an age before calling me with AQ. A Q on the turn sees the end of my tournament.

On Monday I played in the EPT qualifier and won that to win a seat in the 440 Euro final on Saturday.

The rest of the time, I have been playing some FL cash poker to earn my player points to be able to enter the $50k added tournie on Sunday. I am happy that I have secured these points with limited damage!

Congratulations to Deshi_bai for taking down the Highrollers on Tuesday and taking down the £5.5k first prize.

Its been a great week for my Dream Team, with 5 big tournament wins between us.

Just think what we could do if we teamed up together and went for it on the world stage!


Introducing Oranges

Ladies and Gentleman,

Please can I introduce to you one of Littlewoods finest and qualifier for the Caribbean Poker Classic. Mr Peter Smithson aka oranges.

1) Crypto Alias: oranges or psorange
2) Site: Littlewoods, used to be betfair and a few non-crypto
3) Real name: Pete Smithson
4) Age: 49
5) Playing style: Depends
6) Profession: IFA
7) How long playing: Just over 2 years
8) What got you started: Betfair promo
9) Poker claim to fame: St Kitts CPC seat for the 2nd year running. Lots of final tables in lower stake MTTs. Only played the £15k about a dozen times with best finish 4th.
10) Favourite Poker Moment: Does 9 days count as a moment?! If so, CPC last year was just a fantastic experience and since then totally hooked. Thought I’d be the “dead money” but did ok in the STTs, one small cash in the $300NL and 6 off the money in the main event. You don’t want the bad beat story do you?! Let’s just say it was a costly 2 outer particularly as Betfair were also giving EPT packages to everyone who made the money. Really keen to win a seat again this year but thought I’d blown my chances when I lost a long heads up after having 80% of chips in play when just 3 players left. But managed to get through a couple of weeks later for my single sweetest poker moment. Getting through last year was great but it was somewhat tarnished by the collusion investigation – see Animals interview.
11) Poker Ambitions: A final table in a big live event would do nicely. It’s good to dream…
12) Where we will find you: Still play a few low stake 6pacs, evening multis and, increasingly, on the cash tables
13) Favourite move: I never make moves! But I do like overbets being called when I’ve got a hand….
14) How do we beat you: I play best when totally concentrating on one table alone and not doing 10 other things at the same time. So if you see me at the tables ask me what else I’m doing and you will get a clue.
15) Live or Online: Live. Only played live at the CPC but hoping to play a lot more soon. Would play regularly if there was a decent card room in the Manchester area.
16) AK v QQ? QQ favourite here but based on my Poker Tracker stats I win 75% time with AKs, 72% QQ and 62% of the time with AKo.
17) Feared Final table? Don’t fear anyone but respect many. Usual suspects all whom have been mentioned several times in other interviews…Azimut (the seat winning king), Animal, Clinton O, 007apr, Noseyboy, Leonarch etc etc
18) Lesson to new players: Read, watch the good players and get Poker Tracker
19) Which tournament would you like most like to play in: Aussie Millions
20) One thing to improve Crypto: People persistently running down the clock drives me mad…like the earlier suggestion of reduced time to act but with a time bank. Also, observer chat needs to come back.
21) Anything else you want to tell us: Fish are your friends.

Thank you sir, the future is bright, the future is oranges!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its no to Barcelona!

The Littlewoods reunion game for the EPT was the main focus tonight.

It was looking quite nice, when I was chip leader with 3 left, in a real rollercoaster of a game.
However yet again it was not to be.
Apologies to Joe 'TheDeacon' for taking a load of chips off him. Joe raised to 200 (blinds 50/100) from 2nd position and I reraised to 600 holding QQ. He called my raise. On a 8 high flop he checked and I bet 600, to which he reraised. I only had another 250, so had to call.
He had hit a set of eights. Incredibly a Queen on the turn, gave me the hand.

It was a real incredible feeling to get lucky, even though I would not have ever played the hand any differently, I still felt bad! (Even though it happens to me 16 times a day!)

I got into a chip lead with 4 left and I reraised Udonthani with AT suited from my big blind. He had raised my big blind for the last 3 hands and had to defend it. An ace on the flop put me in strong position. Although not as strong as him as he had AA.

I fought my way back in to the lead with just 3 left.
I has A9 from the small blind against 25bums, who had just woken up and got aggressive to which he called.
Flop was AJ8. I bet he reraised and I decided to move all in, he had J8!

Once again I fought back to 2nd place and moved all in from the small blind with a King rag. 25 Bums, called with AQ. Flop had 3 blanks, Turn was K. Just no ace and I was tied for the lead again, with 3rd place only on a 1000 chips. No Ace and I was looking good for Barcelona.

It was an ace.

Never mind, my bit of fortune came back and bit me.
I have not played too much this weekend, I had a final table appearance in the 2k to show for my troubles (£128), but just some rotten luck aside from that.
The £4k I played today I had 77. Board was 7652. Guy goes all in with AA, I call. He hits an Ace.
In another tournament holding 88, the flop is 866, I lose to TT!
Worst of all holding KdJh. Flop 3d7dTd. Turn Ad. The guy goes all in, I have the nut flush I have to call. He turns over Jd, 9d. The river - Can you guess is the 8d! He gets a straight flush!

A few quick notes.
I would like to say congrats to one of my students. Leseth29, who managed a 3rd place in a 2k event on Saturday (£240) and also to my good friend Menace, who was 3rd in a 2k event also.
Well done to Mr Alex ---00---, who won a nice tournament for £600.

Leon, keep smiling buddy, we all make mistakes
Joe and Deshi, your luck will change.
Joe for information on the dream team, go to
Mihay, even the greats have bad spells.

I also hope to have an interview with the great 'Oranges' on here shortly, one of Littlewoods finest.

Take Care All

Friday, August 25, 2006

Its EPT Sunday

I did not get to play much last night due to working late, but I had managed to qualify for the EPT final the night before.

This Sunday I now have two opportunities to qualify for one of the EPT events, the cryptowide tournament at 5.30 and the Littlewoods tournament at 8pm. I am looking forward to the Littlewoods one, as this pitches me against many friends and players I know quite well.

There will be fireworks for sure!

Well done to my bad beat team last night and especially Jonathan who won the event. We have been steadily improving over the last few weeks and are perfectly poised to make a big challenge over the final 7 weeks.

I will be on the tables tonight, so I look forward to seeing you there.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The £15k Champion!

Tired but triumphant this morning! After 4 hours and 49 minutes of playing poker last night, I was crowned the £15k champion for the 3rd time.

For the 3rd time in 8 months I have woken up on a Wednesday morning as the £15k champion and with over £4k as the first prize. What is it about Tuesdays?!

At this point I have to thank my 5 a side football team for letting me down last night, so that I had to cancel the game. If we had played that I would have missed out on this momentus occasion. In fact me not playing on Tuesdays for the last 10 weeks, might be one of the reasons for my lack of success! Who Knows!

It was my 13th appearance at the final table of the event. 3 wins from 13 is not a bad ratio. Also I have won every heads up I have played at the final table of the 15k.

I must say though it was not looking likely. I had made a promising start, I flopped a straight and someone bet all into me, which was very nice! I was up to 14k in the small blind and AA appears, usually a sign of joy, but I was on a zero from 5 ratio, so was a little cautious.

The button 'holistic' moves all in for 6k! What to do! Its an obvious call but I was still lacking confidence. He turns over J8, surely not this time. The second card of the flop is a Jack, the turn comes an 8. Sick! 0/6. (I did get my revenge on this guy when my set of 5s beat his A9 and knocked him out in 11th)

I recovered and moved up to 35k. AA appears for the 2nd time and the 7th time this week. (0/6 so far - always all in preflop) Early position raises, I reraise and 'garrdan' moves all in for 27k. Again I have to call, I am up against KK. The flop was not a problem, but the turn bought one of the two remaining Kings and I am crippled! Sick 0/7. 7 successives defeats all in preflop with AA. I tried to calculate the odds of losing 7 consecutive all in pre flops against one player with AA and my calculator broke!

Feeling devasted and ready to go all in with any two cards, with only 7.8k left, my next two cards bring AA for the 3rd time in the tournament. Surely, surely it wont happen again. This time I was all in againt A9 and despite a 9 coming, my Aces held up at last. I doubled through again with a set of 5s and then again with JJ against 99.

At the final four, I was short stacked again with 60k. The chip leader then knocked out the 3rd place player (who managed to throw away his chip lead to out, in two crazy moments!)
The situation was LayzerCat 330k, garrdan 138k and me 60k. The jumps in prize money are massive at this point. £4.2k for 1st, £2.7k for 2nd and £1.5k for 3rd. I decided to get very aggressive, as I expected I would be picked on.

I managed to get my stack up to 120k without ever getting to a showdown.
I got my revenge on garrdan and went into the showdown behind, but probably in the best position of my 3 heads up finals of the £15k. I had 200k, Layzercat 328k. I doubled throw early when my A2 clubs found two more clubs on the flop, I reraised all in and hit my additional club on the turn. He had matched a Queen on the flop.

I then threw away my chip lead when moving in with 44 on 57Q board, he called with 73 and leveled the chip count.
I moved back into a 3 to 1 lead when the board came Q89J, I had reraised and he had to throw them away. No I did not have the Ten.

The final moment of glory came when holding 79. The board came 68Q. I got to see the flop and turn very cheaply. The river came a 5 and he kindly went all in with his last 65k in chips and I happily called and won the tournament! My third £15k!

I was very happy with this win, especially as I had lost with Aces twice (have I mentioned that yet! lol!) at key moments of the game. I was particularly pleased at the way that I recovered from such a short stack, as well as the way I moved up and down the gears. Usually when I go into power poker, I forget to slow down, but last night I managed to do that.

That you to everyone who was watching and that have sent me well played messages.

It has given my game a much needed confidence boost, at a time where I was starting to question my game.

Some of the real stars of crypto have been winning big over the last couple of months. I was getting concerned that because I do not play this game full time and then only evenings when I can and I was being left behind.
This however is hopefully the catalyst to more success and now I go into the EPT 10 seater qualifier on Sunday in confident mood of securing my seat in the final in Barcelona.

I will hopefully be defending my title tonight!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Aces are down right awful!

Two final tables tonight in cpc qualifiers. One a six seater. Aces come up and twice I lose to a set of Queens!.
Another final table, I flop a set and lose to a higher set on river! Aaarggh!

Thats five defeats with AA on the spin now! I am sure thats a statistical impossibility! With my luck though, I suspect there is more to come!

I knocked one player out tonight. I had a made flush and he went all in with a pair of 9s! Thats the sort of bet I like! Spouks1 you have been named!

As for conquerors, well Anna 42 had QQ against my AA in once CPC final. Sun_Deshi my friend, decide to call my all in reraise with AJ against my AK, of course the J came up! Deshi how could you!

Keithmen helped prove my theory that you players cant throw away AK in the 15k. I try a move with A5, I call with the intention of moving all in with a low flop. A 536 is perfect for my plan. He calls my over the top all in bet with AK and of course the river brings a K!

Wadeking7 knocked me out fair and square though, Short stacked with AT a AKQ board gives me options to move, he calls with AA, as you would! So AA wins for others then!

A shockingly bad night with the cards, luckily the cash games which I building Mpps with, proved to be fruitful. Giving me an impressive £3.07 profit on the night!

I am looking forward to a night where my cards hold up, let alone win when I am behind!!

See you soon!

Aces Bad!

3 sets of Aces in the 50k, 3 times I am reraised all in with them, 3 times I lose! Sick!
So sick in fact that I forgot to see who knocked me out in 140th, as I was a little bit unhappy at the time!

Anyway a half decent night saw me reach me the final table of the EPT qualifier from 91 people. I finished sixth with 432 Euros and missed out on the EPT Barcelona seat by 5 places.

My downfall came at the hands of TAFFSTOUR (finished 2nd) when I reraised all in (was short stack) with AT and was called after some thought by AQ. No miracle card for me and I went out. I was happy to make the money, I usually bubble in these things, but was close to securing my first EPT seat.

Whilst we are talking about seats, congratulations to the first two Littlewoods qualifiers for the CPC, 'Oranges' (a very good player) and my good friend '007apr' - Well done Andy!

Two scalps for me last night. 'cobaka' - I held QQ on a 8 high flop, he had JJ and the Queens held up.
'Mar160929' met the wrath of ClintonO (lol) - I held AQ on a Q42A board and he moved all in with AK.

'ralufu' has been added to my hitlist! I held J9 on a Jack high flop and moved all in, I was called by K9 and a King appeared on a river. What a surprise!

Anyway its full steam ahead for me and the qualifiers now!