Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Time for a change

I have decided that my recent lack of posts have come about because I am getting bored about what I write about. There are too many self indulgent blogs about how unlucky someone was or another bad beat and I myself had fallen down that trap, to the point that I was boring myself.

So I have decided to have a few features towards the end of the year, amongst a track of how I am doing.

So these are what you can look forward to.

1) Hand Analysis - Top 5 hands & worst 5 hands. How many people know which hands they play better and which ones they play the worst. I will be going through my best and worst hands and work out how to improve this.

2) ClintonO on tour - I am also going to play a guest tournament across different sites and feedback on my view on the site, the tournaments and the players.

3) My STT peformance - Its simply not good enough, what am I doing wrong, what tactics can I adopt to improve this situation. I will cover Thunders, 6 seaters and 10 seaters in a quest to find a winning formula.

4) Review of things poker related - I have started reading a lot of magazines, books and websites, so I will review these and let you know what I think is good or bad value.

5) Poker Updates - No bad beat stories (well maybe just a couple!), just my learnings, what I have done wrong - more emphasis on how I can improve and help others do the same. Also why are Tuesdays and Fridays the days I win on.

My aim is to update each of these features once a week. Please keep giving your feedback on these and help me improve them.

One poker news related point though is that I won another major title last night.
I managed to win my second ever $6k (157 runner) tournament on Littlewoods yesterday (yes another Tuesday!), taking home the first prize of $2340. All very handy!
The heads up lasted just a couple of hands. My opponent kindly went all in when I was holding Q8 on a Q86 board. The turn card was an 8, which secured the title.
I don't play this tournament much at all, no more than 20 times in all, but I did manage to win it back in April and was 2nd last month. Maybe I should be playing it more.

Anway heres to more interesting blog!

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