Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Not Ignoring my Blog

I have to apologise for the lack of blogging taking place but I really am trying to do write as often as possible

I have been attempting for 2 days to scan in my article from page 12 of the WPT magazine (now that is a claim to fame - the article not the fact I can't scan), but for some reason, my scanner will only talk to me in German on my new computer. Whilst I have basic German knowledge, I still cant get it working! So you will just have to wait. Soon I promise! (Please let me get it to work)

On the poker front, I am in major creativity mode at the moment and am currently looking at forming a poker team with my good friend Andy Reynolds (007apr). I hope to have this up and running in the new year and I am very excited about it. More details to follow as soon as I get the green light. I have been learning Paint Shop Pro and reading how to build websites! (Getting in the way of the poker)

The acutal playing side, it is a case of mr nearly man. I have made the money in 3 consecutive nights in the £8k (until tonight!) as well as the money in the £40k on Sunday, so slow but steady progress.

I have got big plans for the blog in the near future, so please do not turn off now!

I will also be running a team in the new Bad Beat competition, Dream Team II and after winning the last one, a win is the only option!

My team is the perfect mix of loose and tight and I feel that we are ready to take on all comers!

The Team
Clinton O
SUN_DESHI (The £12k master)
ThierryH (Autumn Windfall Champion)
HEFFERNAN (recent 7th place in the Asian Tour)
JPK (six pack superstar) - check out his link on my site
Strokeit (Major factor in the last Dream Team win)
FISHMAC (2nd in the £8k as I type this)
~Retard~ (1st in the £8k as I type this!)

This tournament starts in the new year.

I have also been building a 2007 poker calendar, so that I can work out which events to play live next year.

The introduction of the Grosvenor and Gala UK Poker Tours are fantastic news for the UK Poker Industry and I will definitely be paying them a visit.

At the moment I have pencilled in the Luton event in August in the UKPT (Grosvenor) and Nottingham in the GBPT (Gala) in May.

My number one aim for 2007 on the playing side is to cash in a major tournament. It is going happen, I will detail my full objectives towards the end of the month.

The EPT in Deauville, which I am so looking forward to, has been extended by a day, so more holidays are needed, work really does interfere with my hobby! LOL!

Right now where was that scanner.
I will be back soon!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back online

Apologies for the lack of posts since my return from St.Kitts.

I had a great time, but still came away dissapointed that I have not cashed in a major live event.

Since my return, I have played a little online, making a final table in the $4k and £8k as well as winning one of the BadBeat Poker in Goa tournaments.

I am doing a lot of thinking this month about how I make the most out of this game that I so enjoy. I have a few plans up my sleeve as I consider my future and how much time I should devote to this game.

In the meantime my Littlewoods Poker Table has changed. Image attached.
We have also seen some good news on the Cryptologic software, with William Hill signing a new contract and Dusk till Dawn Poker joining.
I will be back soon!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Caribbean Poker Classic Day 7

I thought I would try one more live game in the $300 No limit.
After spending the first 5 levels moving between 2k and 4k in chips (starting stack 3k), I decide to make my move.
The aggressive player under the gun raises again and I move all in with my pocket eights.

He thinks for a while and says I cant believe I am going to call this and does, with 62 hearts.
I was not thinking, wow a fantastic double up, but how I am going to lose to this!

The board comes down AKJ, with 1 heart. The turn is a second heart, the river a third heart. I am out to a flush!

Forget anything anyone has said about online badbeats, live is by far the worst!

I have decided to call it a day for live events on this trip, I have been totally card dead all week and when my chips have gone in, 3 out of 4 I have lost with the better hand, the other one I was behind and stayed that way.

The live game is so different to the online version, with egos and images taking over on the table.
There is much more bluffing and rebluffing live, I would have loved to have some cards as I could have got a lot of chips.

I do need to adjust my game, especially when I dont get any cards at all.
I have spent a long time on my online game and now I really need to develop my live style, there are no fundamentals wrong, but I definitely need more experience to improve my confidence.

I am going to work out a programme of events and goals for the 2007 over the next month. I have a definite ability at this game, but I am questioning myself so much after this weeks events.

I have the EPT in Deauville in February as my most immediate target. Two months of stretching my game ahead.

Online - the crypto software has completely changed! So another review ahead!