Sunday, December 30, 2007

Title 11 for 2007

Well its been an interesting few days, culminating in winning my favourite tournament the $4.5k.

I am back in the situation I was in last year, deciding what to do with my future, something that I am sure happens with a lot of people with a new year approaching.

I am still working on my objectives for the next year and I will post them over the next few days.

On a personal level, I would like to have a go at playing more live tournaments that would help improve my stats. There is a David Orchard from the US who has more live career earnings than me, so being the number 1 Orchard in the world from this persepective is certainly one.

I played in qualifier last night. The winner got a $2.4k package for a tournament in Nottingham in March. I managed to get heads up, turn a 12k to 6k deficit into a 12k to 6k advantage, before having it stolen away from me!

I will play in more qualifiers to get to these live events. I could never pay a substantial amount of money to enter an event, so I will have to win my way there.

There is a 20000 MPP tournament on Littlewoods in May, which has 25 WSOP packages up for grabs, so getting in there is one objective. I won the 200MPP version tonight, so I have the 2000 to go next saturday.

As for tonight, I was playing in a few tournaments, cursing my bad luck as usual, when the $4.5k came along. 120 runners tonight and the guarantee is up to $6k and 1st prize $1800.

By level 3 I have already had to split a pot with AA againt A2 and lost with a flopped set to a gutshot, but I am desperately hanging on.
I decide that KJ is a raising hand, and raise 3 x BB to 150, Mugu99 min raises to 300, so I call.
A flop of QT3, gives me a open ended straight, potential outs with a King and a backdoor flush, so I put my remaining 900 in the middle. I get called by AQ and I hit a King.
I get all sorts of abuse from Mugu99 and make a note that knocking him out would be funny.

2 hands later I raise with A9 and Mugu calls. Please let me hit, I can knock him out. Flop 829. I bet the pot to make it look like a steal, he is all in, I have to call. He has A6 and he is out, I am up to 4055 and now need to start playing properly.
I ignore my advice and am up and down between 4 and 6k in the next few levels.
As we approach the business end, I never really get above the 6k mark and am hanging on a bit at the bubble and throughout the last 20.
I scrap my way to the final table and the situation is as follows.

Seat 1: Kim27072 (15708 in chips)
Seat 2: Ric220456 (29890 in chips)
Seat 3: Daddy_g (14891 in chips)
Seat 4: Elgregi (47516 in chips)
Seat 5: Clive0407 (6984 in chips)
Seat 6: Don_dingo (11205 in chips)
Seat 7: Lee27015 (19148 in chips)
Seat 8: Icejam (9646 in chips)
Seat 9: Vict13093 (13692 in chips)
Seat 10: ClintonO (11320 in chips)

So whilst I am not last, I am not in that good shape with the blinds at 400/800.
Clive goes first when Elgregi rivers an Ace with his A4 against Clives QQ.
Icejam goes the very next hand when Don_dingo calls his all in.
Its AK vs A5. TJ554 is the board and Iceman goes in 9th.

At this point I become very short stacked and just think about hanging on until I can make a move.
Meanwhile Daddy-g goes when his TT loses to Rics AJ, with an Ace on the river and two hands later Elgregi takes out Don_dingo with his 55 against AQ.

Now it is
Seat 1: Kim27072 (18758 in chips)
Seat 2: Ric220456 (41481 in chips)
Seat 4: Elgregi (71503 in chips)
Seat 7: Lee27015 (29846 in chips)
Seat 9: Vict13093 (11242 in chips)
Seat 10: ClintonO (7170 in chips)

Time to get very busy blinds 800/1600.
I push at the first opportunity with Q9, Elgregi calls instantly with A6.
A board of 5989A allows me to double up and work out how I can win this.

Kim takes out Lee in 6th when 55 beats A8.

I find AK and a raise of 9600 from Elgegi, I push and get called and am up against 44. The Ace comes on the Turn and now I have 50000, this could be the night. Two coin flips gone my way in a row, I know I am on to something!

2 hands later sitting in second I get 99 in the Big Blind. Vict is short stack pushes from the small as he has been doing. I have to call a 3rd of my stack, but its a no brainer from here.
He has JT. Board comes T (No) 9 (Yes) 3 AA. From nowhere to 68k and vying for the lead.

Seat 1: Kim27072 (18762 in chips)
Seat 2: Ric220456 (20223 in chips)
Seat 4: Elgregi (74751 in chips)
Seat 10: ClintonO (66264 in chips)

I now get AT on the button against the short stacks, so I have to raise and keep the pressure on.
I make it 7200 (3xBB) and Ric pushes his 19k. Its 12k to call to win 42k, its a no brainer. He turns over JJ. The gods by this time are on my side.
The board is [8d Th As Ac][3h]

Elgregi knocks out Kim in 3rd with KJ, versus KJ. 4 running hearts! and we are heads up.

Seat 4: Elgregi (98913 in chips)
Seat 10: ClintonO (81087 in chips)

Hand 1 (4s Js) Elgregi min raises to 4800. I call
----- FLOP ----- [Kh Jc 4d] (v.nice)
I check, he bets a massive 24000, easy call.
----- TURN ----- [Kh Jc 4d][Qc]
ClintonO: checks
Elgregi: bets 69813 and is all-in (wow another major bet, I have to call)
ClintonO: is all-in 51987

He had K8 and the title is almost mine.

Hand 2 (8c 5s) knowing he will go all in - I fold as it is 162k to 18k in my favour.

Hand 3 (8h 5s) same hand.
He calls, so I see the flop.
----- FLOP ----- [8d 6c 4s]
Very nice indeed, I will check and see if he does the same.
ClintonO: checks
Elgregi: bets 16626 and is all-in
ClintonO: calls 16626

He has Q3 and its all over.

My 11th title of the year!
Sometimes you need to get very lucky to win. I effectively got two crucial coin flips to hold up to win the tournament from a very short chip stack.

The heads up first hand was beautiful, I really did not expect him to make an all in bet after I called his massive overbet, but thankful that he did.

Now time for bed and to think more about what on earth I do with this Poker lark. I need to play a lot better than this to be successful, that much is for certain.


Sunday, December 23, 2007

Review of 2007

Whilst I have a few minutes spare (a real rarity these days) I thought it might be a good idea to see whether I managed to meet any of my objectives for the year.
All the comments in red, I posted at the end of 2006.

At this point, I am still undecided about my career, do I make poker a more prominent part?

Well the answer to that was a resounding no from a playing sense, I have played less poker in 2007 than in 2006, although I have also started up my Poccer business, so I guess that makes it a more prominent part.

At the moment if you look me up on the internet on poker pages or the Hendon mob web sites, you will see no record of me, I have never cashed in a big live tournament.

Well thankfully that is no longer the case, thanks to the caribbean tournaments in December I now have a record!

My wife Rachael also made it on to the database as well, so that was a nice bonus.

Objective 1) – Cash in a major live event.

I only played one major event the EPT in Dortmund, so the answer to this one is a fail on that front, however the two tournaments at the carribean poker classic enabled me to achieve the main objective of making the databases, so I am going to take the overall objective as a pass. Grade B+

Objective 2i) – Make the final table of the £40k

Definite success here. I have not played it that often but I do now have 3 final tables to my name. Grade A

Objective 2ii) – Win the Sunday £40k

Well this is no. I did manage a 2nd place and you can't get much closer than that. So a good effort, but improvement required. Grade C

Objective 3 MTTS) - To win 10 online tournaments in 2007

Well I just made it
1 x £12k Gtd
1 x $20k Gtd
1 x £6k Gtd
1 x £2.5k Gtd HH
1 x £2k Gtd
4 x $4.5k Gtd
1 x $3k Gtd.

Thanks mainly to the $4.5k which was clearly my favourite tournament!

To Final Table in 40 online tournaments

Another just about, I have 43 that I have recorded, so thats good enough to pass this one.

10 x 1st
6 x 2nd
7 x 3rd
5 x 4th
4 x 5th
3 x 6th
3 x 7th
1 x 8th
1 x 9th
3 x 10th

To cash in 20% of all tournaments played

I have not kept good enough records this year to count this one effectively, but I am confident I have comfortably achieved this.

To achieve a profit of £40k

Well this is a fail unfortunately, unless there is some major miracle over the couple of days that I have left to play this year.
Also this combines all play not just MTTs.
I am currently £300 ahead of last year, at £32.5k. So a definite no, but it would have been a lot worse without September, October and November which generated 55% of my profits for the year.

Overall I have to very pleased with my online MTT play and look forward to continuing this next year.
Grade B+

Objective 3 STTS) - To achieve a sharkscope profit of £5k
To move my sharkscope ROI to 5%
To move my £20 & £30 sharkscope ROI into positive territory

Oh dear, big failure
I still have not got my STTs into profit, let alone make £5k. I will keep trying on this, but accept, I do not have the game or the patience to get this into this region. I will continue to try to move into positive territory, but thats about the extent of my realism in Stts.

My ROI is still -2%,. so a long way away.
£20 & £30 still a way to go.
Overall Fail, Grade D

Objective 3 Cash) - To achieve a profit of £5k
To make a profit of 500 big blinds at each level I play
.15/.25 - £125
.25/.5 - £250
.5/1 - £500
1/2 - £1000
2/5 - £2500

I did ok when I played cash this year, but did not play to the extent I envisaged nor keep seperate records of my performance.

Objective 4 Qualifiers) – These are vital for my plans in 2007, I must play in more live events.
This list will be a ridiculously tough target to achieve and I will have to play occasionally on unfamiliar sites to achieve it however these are my aims.
Feb – EPT Deauville
Mar/Apr - Monte Carlo Millions
May - GBPT Nottingham
Jul - WSOP
Aug - UKPT Luton
Sep - EPT Barcelona
Nov - CPC (or equiv)
Jan - Aussie Millons

Well that was a failure of the biggest proportions! I was not geared up to play these events. Simply I was not able to commit enough time to play these and I was not successful in the qualifiers I did play. I played in the EPT Dortmund and whilst I went to Vegas and the Caribbean only played in small side events. No Grade Achieved!

Objective 5) Defend our Bad Beat dream Team title.

We gave it a damn good go, but ended up in 2nd place.

My next objective is to find a flat screen HDTV to spend my winnings from last night on.

I even failed on this one! All winnings have gone into a new house and starting up Poccer.

All in all its been a good year, I achieved my ambition of making a poker database.
I have not had the time to play anywhere near as much as I would have liked to, but thats part and parcel of it being a hobby and having a full time job and a family to look after.

Every so often I have the desire to try and make more out of this hobby, but lets be honest for a second, there are some incredibly talented players out there and I am quite simply not in their league.
I don't rule out the possibility of playing in some live events this year and with a lot of luck (of the good variety) who knows what might happen.
I have already booked my trip to Vegas in the summer, so I will certainly being playing more live poker next year.

The other thing I would like to do is build up the Poccer business. I get a lot of pleasure from seeing people enjoy playing poker in an environment that is friendly and played in such great spirit. I promise you, you will will enjoy these if you come along. There are a number of people who have played in these events that are very talented people and I would like to help them where possible and see what we can do with them in this wonderful world of poker.

I have always thought of myself as a better teacher or coach than a player, so I am considering a poccer players club this year. Mostly it will depend on how much time I can create.

I also would like to say a big thank you to all my friends both new and old that I have met through playing poker, there really are some nice guys out there amongst the bad reputation that certain players get.
To everyone I play against 2008, good luck to you all.
If anyone is interested in getting involved in Poccer from a playing side or wants to find a medium to play more live events, please let me know.

If I can do anything to help or advise anyone, also drop me a line. Equally if you just want to tell me where to go, then thats allowed to. Nobody can be everyone's cup of tea!!

Merry Christmas poker players of the world.
I hope you have a good one.


Friday, November 30, 2007

$400 Nl Holdem Champion

Yet another objective completed and its time for celebration as I win my first recognised live event.
Last night I won the 144 runners, $400 NL Holdem Tournament, also making back to back final tables.

Ultimately we agreed a deal at the end to divide the money up fairly, but I was chip leader at the time, at took home the top prize of $10k and the title!

The day started well, as I raced through the first level taking chips everywhere. That was not to last long however as both JJ and QQ were beating by worse hands (55, AT). From this point it was a matter of hanging on and picking my opportunities. With 45 left I doubled when 99 beat 88 and then with 30 left and 3 hands before the dinner break, I reraise a loose player with A8 and my hand held up against KQ. A further win before dinner saw me back in it.

When I had made the money and 17 left, I had my first bit of fortune. I reraised with AQ and was up against KK. An ace was the first card out and the crowd cheered! I was very relieved. From that moment on, I continue to pick up chips at pace and by time we were going to the final table, I was amongst the chip leaders with around 90-100k.

On the final table I was fairly aggressive taking down 2 pots early on. With 9 left, the following situation arose. Matt (Noseyboy) Osborne pushes from 3rd place with 29k. I turn over AQ spades and decide to isolate, incredibly though the big blind moves all in for about 40k. I know I am in trouble. Matt has 88, me AQ and big blind KK.

At this point everyone is on their feet and we have a big crowd. Flop comes 245. The kings are still in front. The turn brings Matts 2 outer, a 3rd 8, then the river brings a miracle 3 and I take the pot to the delight of the crowd. (PHEW!)

We eliminated one more player and then decide to talk deals with 6 left. Blinds were up to 6000/12000 and it was becoming difficult to play. I had about 17ok, 2nd 120k, 3rd and 4th 90k and 5th and 6th 70k. We did the split, $10k, $8k, $7k,$7k, $5k, $5k and I was happy with that. $10k and first place was a great days work.

I then had a quick photo shoot with Poker Europa and an interview for the TV Cameras!
I would like to thank all the guys who cheered me on to success, it was very much appreciated. I was also offered a deal to get me into the main event today by a great player, but I declined the very generous offer as my brain needs a rest after 2 full days of poker.

Today it is time for a rest on the beach and then to start thinking about Beach Poccer.
Good luck to everyone in the main event today.
Now where did I put my towel!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

St.Kitts $300 NL Holdem - Objective Complete

Well it was a long time coming, but after tomorrow there will be a new addition to the Hendon Mob database under the name Orchard. In fact not just one new name but two.

With 131 runners, both Rachael and myself made the money and in fact the final table.
I went out in 9th, with as usual Rachael out doing me by finishing 8th.

Tomorrow, I will proudly call up the hendon mob database and see myself with an entry and career winnings of $820!

It was a day, where I had to fight and scrap for everything. The most premium hand I had was TT and AQ in eight hours of play.

Starting from 3k, I moved to 4k by the first break, 14k by the second and 13k (average) by the third.
I managed to knock three people out AT versus A5, with AT4 on the board. AQ versus 88, who was short stacked and AQ versus A8 with just 11 left.

As we were approaching bubble time, I was as usual towards the back of the field and managed to claw my way onto the final table, culminating in me moving to the final table with 35k. Rachael had 18k on the final table, although had been up to 30k early in the tournament.

With Antes of 300 and blinds 1500/3000, even with an average chip stack, I could not hang around.

We lost one player and then after the antes and blinds taking care of 12k of my stack, I find AJ hearts on the button after being folded to me. I raise to 10k and the loose small blind moves all in.
With just 13k back, I decided I was going to move especially as the had just done the same thing with J5 to knock out the guy in 10th. However this time he turned over AA.
The flop was Q73, 1heart, the turn bought the 9 hearts and suddenly there was faint hope. Be red, be red, it was red by a diamond. Out in 9th place.

Rachael has become shortstacked at his point and with the other shortstack moving all in, she called in the big blind with KJ hearts. Her opponent turned over A2. The flop was 6QT, giving her 14 outs, but an 8 and another ten followed meaning she left in 8th place.

Finally I have made the money in a registered event and I can live happily ever after knowing I have made a live poker database with career earnings of $820. However now my wife sits with more career earnings, I have to keep going.

Today it's the $400 NL Event and lets keep this run going!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Super Satellite Results.

Some people have too much money!
On table 19 of the qualifier for the main event last night. One guy who thought he was the absolute nuts, found it upon himself to rebuy 16 times at a cost of $3200. He lasted about 20 mins once the rebuy period was over.
Thankfully he managed to give me a few chips, reraising my aces with 46 diamonds, let him buy in again were the shouts.

There were 8 seats available with all the rebuys and add ons and two cash prizes but I found myself missing out going out in 21st. No bad beat story here I was getting short and had to push at the first available opportunity. Unfortunately that came when I was holding 47 offsuit, but the chips had to go in. It was 600/1200 antes 200 and I was down to 6000, it was folded to me on the cutoff, so in they went. Called instantly by the button with KT.
First card out was a 4, but a ten also followed on the flop. 45T, a six on the turn bought me all sorts of hope, a flush draw, a straight draw and any 4 or 7. Unfortunately it was a 9 of the wrong colour.

5 and a half hours play and no prizes to walk away with.

The one biggest change when playing live is just how slow everything happens, your patience is tested to the absolute maximum.
One nice hand yesterday though did see my Jacks hit a third on the flop. I then found myself up against aces and rather than the usual miracle ace, the last jack came down giving me quads.

Today sees me play the $300 NL Holdem event, cashing is the aim of the day.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caribbean Poker Classic - St.Kitts Version 3

Once again apologies for the lack of posts.

I will try my upmost to keep updating whilst I am in St.Kitts.

Of late I have been fairly successful, I had back to back 3rd place in the $13k and a 3rd in the $4.5k last week also.

I flew into St.Kitts yesterday with the aim of finally cashing in a recognised tournament.
Today was game 1. $200 NL Holdem.
2000 chips starting stack and from the off it is very aggressive.
We get to level 4 and I still have my 2000 chips, I am just waiting for a big hand to double up.

Blinds are now 100/200. As usual we get an early raise to 600. I turn over KK. Lets play this carefully. If I call now, I can guarantee the rest of his chips go in on the flop.
Here comes the flop JK4 rainbow. Perfect. He moves all in, this is going to plan perfectly. He has JT. Of course, I get up to leave as I have no hope here.
He of course wins with a straight and I lose a 3rd tournament in St.kitts after flopping a set of kings.

I am shortly going to play in the super satellite for the main event, lets hope it gets better from here on in.!


Friday, November 09, 2007

2008 Poccer Calender

For all of you who would like to know whats going on with Poccer, but also all the live poker events for 2008, then please download the 2008 Poccer Calender from

I hope you find this Calender useful, I will be adding more events as they are announced. If you are aware of anything not on there please let me know.


Monday, November 05, 2007

My biggest cash ever

Last Sunday, I played the £40k for the first time in two months. I played as it change and I just fancied having a go.

I had reached the final table twice before, both times coming 10th. Tonight, I would go a fair bit further!
A slow start, but I managed to chip away at adding to my stack. I made three sizeable jumps in the first hour, every time kessel1969 paid me off. Firstly with AJ against 76 on a board with an Ace and a six, the second when holding AK on a QAA board, kessel could not let go of KK, which moved me up to 5300 chips and finally when kessel called my all in reraise with K9 on a 9T45 board, I had JJ. Meaning at the end of the first hour I had progressed nicely to 7460.

Hour2, I fluctuated up and down, playing a lot more hands than usual, I lost a fair amount with QQ, but moved forwards when Robonose continued to try and bluff nothing (J9) against my AK which had hit a King. I also made great progress when Garfy move all in with AT on a Q8J flop, I had AQ and had to call for 30% of my stack. I ended Hour 2 at 17022 and in great shape.

Hour 3 I intended to slow up and consolidate, in reality I slowed up too much and played very little, my stack had dwindled to 12297.

Hour 4 I needed to play more and was helped right away by Daddy_g, who reraised me all in with AK, when I was holding AA. Immediately up to 19k. I doubled up in level 11, dolk reraised me preflop and I called with AK. The flop came JKA. I checked, he bet half the pot. I moved all in and he called with AT and I was up to almost 38k! Hour 4, ended on 36864. So far so good.

Hour 5. Blinds are now 800/1600, so we have to keep busy. I split a pot with TrustInMe when we both had KK. However 9k disappeared from my stack when my AQ lost to KJ on a 3KA flop, A Jack on river hurt! I tried to take a few pots to get back into it, but lost another 5k with KQ and another 5k with TT. I am in trouble.
As we hit level 14 I am last of 23, with just under 10k, its time to get busy.

I steal a couple of pots, before I am caught stealing with QT, claypole has AT and it looks all over. The flop is 29k, I have a gutshot Jack or a queen my only hope. The turn is an 8. The river brings the miracle Jack and whereas the Jack on the river 30 minutes earlier sent me spiralling downwards, this time it put me on a high! I am back to 30k and I decide to get busy.
Spongebob the chip leader is raising everything, so I move over the top a couple of times and gain 14k to my stack. The third time I try it, I have 77 and Spongebob calls me with AQ. My sevens hold up and my stack is 83k. 9k a few minutes earlier, I am playing like I have nothing to lose, as I thought I was out.

As we approach the final table, my AK takes out Gav1000's AQ and I hit the final table with 124k in chips.

Final Table

Seat 1: Steveh1 (138544 in chips)
Seat 2: Spongebob (189164 in chips)
Seat 3: thedingo (104959 in chips)
Seat 4: ClintonO (123780 in chips)
Seat 5: plan9 (97586 in chips)
Seat 6: Clarkiej (51244 in chips)
Seat 7: Jespe2707 (50922 in chips)
Seat 8: Luffus (149943 in chips)
Seat 9: Learna (59690 in chips)
Seat 10: Skinnyman (84168 in chips)

I am determined not to go out in 10th place this time. I am sitting 4th surely that wont happen.

Spongebob continues his bluffing and wastes 40k on the first hand to thedingo.
I get a couple of useful hands and continue to grow my stack. KK on a 4A5 was worrying, but fortunately Luffus folds. At this point I have 190k and am in first position at the end of hour 5.

Hour 6, I will never be in a better position to win this tournament.
Learna goes out first. 44 no match for Spongebobs QT, who incredibly called an all in and another call with QT. 77 was the other hand. Spongebob continues to raise and races into a lead.

With 9 left I have KK, I raise to 12000, plan9 calls and then Jespe2707 moves all in for 79k. I call he had AQ and the cowboys hold, I have 256k and am neck and neck with Spongebob.

thedingo goes next with the same hand AQ losing to KK. Luffus slow played it very well.
Looking at the stacks now and the way the prize money is allocated, anything less than 3rd will be a major dissapointment.

Seat 1: Steveh1 (62854 in chips)
Seat 2: Spongebob (265800 in chips)
Seat 4: ClintonO (255202 in chips)
Seat 5: plan9 (89586 in chips)
Seat 6: Clarkiej (65988 in chips)
Seat 8: Luffus (271402 in chips)
Seat 10: Skinnyman (39168 in chips)

Spongebob hits a miracle 2 outer against Luffus and moves further in front.
I then get QQ.
Luffus raises to 16000 and I call. The flop is 49T.
I lead out for 16000, Luffus raises to 40000, which I call.

The turn is a J, I check to see what Luffus is up to and he bets 40000. Its a big bet, but even if I am behind at that price I have out, I call.
The river is a 4. It gives me two pair, so I am only behind to a set , as he wont have KQ.
We check the river down and he has JT. This is a major pot for me taking 100k of Luffus.

Seat 1: Steveh1 (50854 in chips)
Seat 2: Spongebob (402050 in chips)
Seat 4: ClintonO (335952 in chips)
Seat 5: plan9 (69336 in chips)
Seat 6: Clarkiej (43140 in chips)
Seat 8: Luffus (74832 in chips)
Seat 10: Skinnyman (73836 in chips)

Luffus loses a few more chips to Spongebob and it is at this point, I decide that I am happy for a first or second position and rather than play to win, I will play to ensure I finish in the top 2. At £6.4k that is well worth having.

Steveh1 goes out in 7th his A3 no match for Spongebobs 52!
Plan follows he moves all in for 50k on a 8A6 board, Spongebob calls with 77 and beats Plans 33.

Right now, my aim is to just avoid Spongebob!
I come up against him with AQ and beat his AJ and take 60k more for my stack.

Spongebob continues his annihilation of the final table. Skinnyman moving all in with 82 on a 49A board, Spongebob calls again impressively with 89. He is playing most hands, but making some great calls.

Clarke is next to go. Spongebob calling all the way with QJ and hoping for a gutshot. The board is T87A. He has already called 78k at this point, when the miracle K river gives him what he needs to take Clarke out.

At the moment Spongebob had knocked out 6 and me 1 of this final table.

Moments later Luffus moves all in with A5 and is called by Spongebobs KJ. The board is TK7QA giving Spongebob a straight.

Heads up I am a mile behind. 193k to 867k. I never improve on this. I decide to fight back against another raise with Q9 and he has a hand with AT. The board misses us both and it is game over.

I could have played the heads up better, but I was a long long way behind. £6.4k though meant I was very happy indeed to settle for second this time.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Headhunter £2.5k GTD 20/10/07

I had not forgot about this one, just was struggling to find the logs.

I am already heads up, the blinds are 800/1600 antes 200.

Seat 4: ClintonO (48151 in chips)
Seat 6: 4cornwall (92849 in chips)

I am quite a way behind, 4cornwall is a very decent player, this is going to be tough.

Hand 1 (Tc,6h) I get to see the flop for free, JAQ2J board, it gets checked down he wins with 88.

Blinds up 1200/2400 Antes 300
Hand 2 (Th,2s) I limp in, board us 78Q, I bet and take the pot.
Hand 3 (9h,8d) He folds.
Hand 4 (Kd,Td) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 5 (8d,4h) Flop is free, board 4QA, I bet to see if my 4 is good, he calls. Turn 9, check check. River 9, he bets 4.8k, I have great pot odds, I don't think the 9 has helped him, he bluffs a fair amount, my four could be good, I call and he shows K5 and I take a 20k pot.
Hand 6 I am only 63k - 77k behind now (4s,3h) I call and see the TKK board but then I am out of there.
Hand 7 (Qh,7d) I fold to a raise.
Hand 8 (Ad,2h) I raise to 7.2k which he calls. Flop 647, he checks, I likewise. Turn 6, check check. River 6, he bets 7.2k, I again don't believe him and call. He also shows A2 and we split the pot. I am reading the game well at the moment.
Hand 9 (6c,3s) No match for a raise.
Hand 10 (Kc, 6c) I pay to see the flop, (4d,Kd,6s) Perfect, I decide to slow play. He checks, I also. Turn 8c, He bets 2.4k, I call. River Qd, he bets 4.8k, the diamond worries me and I just call. He turns over 46 for a lower two pair. I played that hand very poorly, I had a great chance to raise on the turn, but did not take it. Although I win the hand, I am not happy with my play.
Hand 11 (8h,5h) He folds.
Hand 12 (Kd,6s) I see a flop, but then fold to a bet.
Hand 13 (Ts,Tc) He raises to 7.2k, I go over the top and he folds.
Hand 14 I am now in front 71k to 70k (5d,2d) I call from the small blind. Board is checked to A4K9Q. I bet and take the pot.
Hand 15 (5d,2h) same hand but this time I fold to a raise.
Hand 16 (8d,4d) I see the flop, but fold to a bet.
Hand 17 (Ac,2d) My raise is called. I fold to a bet on a 67358 board. I am playing a little weak.
Hand 18 (Ts,4c) I see the flop and fold on a J82 board.
Hand 19 (Ah,7c) I call a raise and another bet and lose to a flush. I am now 53k to 88k behind.
Hand 20 (Js,9h) I need to be more aggressive, my raise is called. I bet out on a 7Q4 board and take the pot.
Hand 21 (Ad,6s) He folds.
Hand 22 (8s,5h) I call. Flop is QT3, I bet and he folds.
Hand 23 (Ah,2c) I call his raise. 852. Check check. Turn 7, I call a bet of 2.4k to see if it improves. A 9 on the river is no use and I fold to a bet.
Hand 24 (2d,2h) I raise to 7.2k, he calls. Flop K6T, I bet another 7.2k he folds.
Hand 25 (Kc,Qd) I call a raise, board gives me an opened straight. T8J checked to the river, 8A. Ace on the river gives me a straight. I bet 9.6k, he calls with A7. I am now 77k to 64k in front.
Hand 26 (8c,4s) I get to the turn on a QA65 board, he puts in a small 2.4k bet. I decide to call it. The river is the perfect 7. I fire out a 7.2k bet and get called with 47. Its now 90k to 51k.
Hand 27 (As,4s) I check preflop, I fold to a bet after the flop.
Hand 28 (Kh,4h) He is not raising my limps, so I continue to get to see the flops. 4J4, perfect. check, check. turn 5, he bets 2.4k I call. River 6. I bet 4.8k and he calls with 57. Again I probably could have raised to better effect on the turn. 96k to 44k.
Hand 29 (6s, 3d) I fold to a raise.
Hand 30 (Kd,Jd) I raise and get a call. Its checked down to the river and my KJ beats K3.
Hand 31 (Kh,Jh) I check, when I should of raised. I get inolved in a board that is 76736 and end up losing 12k to a full house, 69. Bad Play.
Hand 32 (Ad,8s) I raise and get a call. Flop K85. I bet 7.2k and get a call. The turn is a 3. I bet 26k he raised all in for another 13k. I am most likely beat, but call the last 13k. He has K4 and the river is a 6 and no help. I have undone all my good work and am 32k to 108k behind.
Hand 33 (Qh,4s) He folds
Hand 34 (Kh,5c) I limp, miss the flop bet out and he folds.
Hand 35 (Ks,4s) Its free to the turn, but get out with no help.
Hand 36 (7d,4s) I limp in, hit bottom pair, bet out and he folds.
Hand 37 (Kd,Ts) He folds.
Hand 38 (Qs,3d) I am still allowed to limp in. I bet 2400 on a 395 board. Another 3 comes on the turn, I bet 4800 and get called. River is an ace. I bet 9600 and get called by 96. 57k to 83k, thats a bit better.
Hand 39 (9d,8h) I call a raise and win a checked down board of 92Q6J vs K6
Hand 40 (Qs,Js) I limp in, call a 2400 bet on the turn of a K492 board with the intention of betting on the river. River is a 3 and I bet 7200 and take the pot. Thats better.
Hand 41 (Ah,Js) I raise his limp and I am back to level
Hand 42 (Tc,7h) I miss the flop.

Level up - Blinds 1500/3000 Ante 400.
I mixed level, I made a great recovery got nicely in front, only to throw it away. I'm back to level and its all to play for.

Hand 43 (5d,4s) I bit bottom pair, but have to fold to 9k bet on the river after calling 3k on the turn.
Hand 44 (Js,5h) I fold to a bet after a missed flop.
Hand 45 (Js,6s) I have lost the last four, so raise pre flop. He calls, I bet out and he folds.
Hand 46 (9h,9d) I raise and get a call and bet out on a 537 board.
Hand 47 (Ah,6d) I check instead of raising and have to fold.
Hand 48 (Kd,7c) I limp in and take 3k more off him when I dont believe his bet on a 965 board. 77k plays 64k
Hand 49 (Jh,8d) Nothing to play with here on missed flop.
Hand 50 (Js,8h) I limp in and hit top pair on a Jd,Th,5h board. He bets 3k, I call. Turn is a K. He checks and I bet 6k. He calls. A check call after a bet on the flop, my warning signs are going.
River is an Ah, there is a flush and a straight out there and my alarm bells are going off. He bets 9k and yet I call him, what am I thinking. He has Q9 and the straight, which he hit on the turn. I knew I was beat, but paid him anyway.
Hand 51 (Qc,6h) I check, hit middle pair and bet out.
Hand 52 (9c,9s) I raise to 9k and he calls. Flop 8c7cTh. I have a open ended straight as well as a good pair. He checks, I bet 12k and he moves all in. I have 34k left. He could have a flush draw, a straight draw and may even have the Ten. I decide being left with just 34k is not enough at this stage and take my chances and call. He has TJ. I am in real trouble now. A nine is no good unless, I also pair the board. My 8 outs for a straight are actually 7. At best I have 7 1/2 outs. About a 30% chance of winning. Turn is A, river is that Jack. I got lucky there and need to make sure I win from here. I am 111k to 30k in front.
Hand 53 (Ac,Qs) I raise to 9k and get a call. I bet out 12k on a 428 board and he folds. He has just 20k left.

Hand 54 (Kh,8h) I limp in and he moves all in. It is 16k to call.I decided to take that chance. He has Ah,9s, so I am a little behind.

----- FLOP ----- [Jh Jd Td]
Nothing happening here
----- TURN ----- [Jh Jd Td][7h]
That now means I switch allegience from Kings and Eights, to Kings and Nines.
----- RIVER ----- [Jh Jd Td 7h][9d]
The wonderful river card brings a straight again. I take the title.

Certainly not my best heads up performance, but I battled well from starting behind and got myself in a place to win it.

The game was won by the 99 versus TJ hand, sometimes you need to get lucky and there I was a 2-1 outsider and I hit.

Another title though.

$4.5k title number 6

This tournament has comfortably become my favourite and on Wednesday it was title number 6.

Just 9 left as we start the final table.

Seat 1: ClintonO (17577 in chips)
Seat 2: BINGO! (17100 in chips)
Seat 3: Edwnyusuk (22106 in chips)
Seat 4: Seabring (10188 in chips)
Seat 5: adamy125 (12888 in chips)
Seat 6: Ultgamb (8931 in chips)
Seat 7: And061256 (6708 in chips)
Seat 8: Ant110225 (31170 in chips)
Seat 9: Markb2301 (12832 in chips)

We soon lose Seabring, Markb and Adamy at the 800/1600 level.

As we approach the 1200/2400 level we have 6 left and the chips have moved around as follows.

Seat 1: ClintonO (30834 in chips)
Seat 2: BINGO! (31112 in chips)
Seat 3: Edwnyusuk (6506 in chips)
Seat 6: Ultgamb (19512 in chips)
Seat 7: And061256 (12816 in chips)
Seat 8: Ant110225 (38720 in chips)

I am nicely placed in the top 3.

Hand 1 (Ac,9d) I am on the button, I raise and take blinds.
Hand 2 (Ah,7h) I raise and take the blinds.
Hand 3 (3d,2s) I fold, Edwyn is all in for his last 2300 chips with AK and beats QJ from Bingo
Hand 4 (8h,3c) Nothing to play with here.
Hand 5 (As,9h) BB - all folded to me.
Hand 6 (Qh,5d) SB Ultgamb is all in with QQ and beats Bingo's AK.
Hand 7 (As,Ts) The cards are being nice, I raise and take blinds.
Hand 8 (7s, 5d) Edwyn is all in with 5k with J8 and beats 69 from ultgamb.
Hand 9 (Ts,2h) I have 46k now and am in front, so dont need to place this.
Hand 10 (Ks,9h) And is all in with 76 and Ant knocks him out with A7. Down to 5
Hand 11 (Qd,8h) BB - I get to see the flop for free, AA4 is not much good for me.
Hand 12 (Kc,5h) SB - I raise and take the blinds.
Hand 13 (As,2d) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 14 (5s,5c) Ant raise under the gun with QQ, Bingo is all in with AK, hits and doubles up to 26k.
Hand 15 (Ad,Jc) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 16 (9s,6c) BB - I see the flop for free, 28Q means I can't call the bet on the flop.
Hand 17 (8d,3d) SB - Bingo and Ult are all in, Bingo 99, Ult AK. AK wins again.
Hand 18 (Ks,Jd) I put Bingo all in for his last 7k in chips, he has KQ and wins.
Hand 19 (9h,7s) Bingo is all in again, nothing I can do about it.
Hand 20 (Kd,4s) Can't play this under the gun.
Hand 21 (Qc,6d) BB - Its all folded to me.
Hand 22 (7c,5d) SB - I fold to a raise from Ant.
Hand 23 (9c,6h) Nothing to do here.
Hand 24 (Kh,8d) Ant is raising again, nothing I can do about it.
Hand 25 (9d, 3s) In the muck. The cards are drying up.
Hand 26 (As,Ah) BB I spoke too soon, come on the raise. Edwyn has 7.5k left and limps in, how do I get all his chips in, I raise to 4.8k, he calls and is now committed. Flop Td,Jc,Kc. I put him all in he calls with Kh,7h. Turn is 9s, river 8h, incredibly he hits a runner runner Jack high straight.
Hand 27 (Ks,3h) Sb Down to 36k, but marginally in front. I fold.
Hand 28 (9h,4h) Edwyn doubles again through Ant Q7 beats 77.

Level up - Blinds 1500/3000 Ante 400

We lost just 1 in the last level, I have made slight progress, my aces losing means it all very close.

Seat 1: ClintonO (34528 in chips)
Seat 2: BINGO! (18040 in chips)
Seat 3: Edwnyusuk (35844 in chips)
Seat 6: Ultgamb (33312 in chips)
Seat 8: Ant110225 (17776 in chips)

Hand 29 (Ts,3d) fold.
Hand 30 (Ks,7c) Ant moves all in with 9d2d on a Two diamond board. Edwyn calls with A4 (Flop KA5) and he holds on. 4 left
Hand 31 (Ad,Kc) BB Ult raises to 9000 and I move all in, he folds.
Hand 32 (8h,5d) SB I fold to an all in bet.
Hand 33 (Jh,9h) Bingos turn to be all in.
Hand 34 (Qh,3c) Edwyn the destroyer! Bingo moves all in with JT, Edwyn calls and wins with AT.
Hand 35 (7h,5c) BB I see a flop for free, Ult moves all in on a 3Q4 board. I fold.
Hand 36 (6d,2c) SB I fold.
Hand 37 (Td,Th) I raise and takes blinds.
Hand 38 (Ah,Jh) BB All folded to me.
Hand 39 (Js,8c) SB I call to see a 3 way flop (7s,4s,9h) but fold to a bet.
Hand 40 (Td,9h) Edwyn and Ult get involved. The board is Ad,7c,5c,Tc,2h. There is 19200 in the pot. Edwyn moves all in for 58k. Ult calls for his remaining 22.5k. Ult has top pair with As,3d. Edwyn has the top pair also with Ac,Qc but had the flush as well! We are heads-up.

Seat 1: ClintonO (39728 in chips)
Seat 3: Edwnyusuk (99772 in chips)

Edwyn has done very well to get here, was down to 2k chips, also beat my aces with a runner runner. I feel he has been quite weak, until the last few hands. He does have a big chip lead though.

Hand 41 (Qc,7s) I am in the big blind. He calls, so lets see the flop.
----- FLOP ----- [7c 5h Qh]

Well thats perfect, lets check and see what happens.

ClintonO: checks
Edwnyusuk: bets 96372 and is all-in

96k into a 7k pot, thank you very much. I call.

----- RIVER ----- [7c 5h Qh Jd][Kc]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Edwnyusuk: shows [Qd Td] (A Pair of Queens, King high)
ClintonO: shows [Qc 7s] (Two Pairs, Queens and Sevens, King high)
ClintonO collected 79456 from Main pot

I now have a 79k to 60k advantage, I feel I can take this.

Hand 42 (Qc,7c) Same cards, I feel I can get to see a flop so I call. He checks.

----- FLOP ----- [7d 2d Qd]
Top two pair again, the all diamond board is slightly worrying, so I will have to play this one carefully.

If he checks, I will bet and keep pushing my advantage.

Edwnyusuk: bets 56644 and is all-in

He has done it again! He does not have the flush, is he drawing, maybe he had a Queen again. I am in the front, I have to call.

----- RIVER ----- [7d 2d Qd 4h][9d]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Edwnyusuk: shows [Th Qs] (A Pair of Queens, Ten high)
ClintonO: shows [7c Qc] (Two Pairs, Queens and Sevens, Nine high)

He has QT again and moved all in for 57k into a 6.8k pot.

Heads up last 2 hands and two identical hands takes the title for me.

I need to play that tournament again!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The 4.5k Title

As promised a while back here is the run in for the $4.5k title I won on the 6th October.

We join the action with 5 players left and I am the short stack, blinds are 1200/2400 with Antes of 300

Adri03043 46k
ClintonO 13k
Ultgamb 20k
fckrogh 35k
Lucky222 38k

Hand 1 BB (4h,6h) Lucky raises to 9600, this is not the hand to move in with.
Hand 2 SB (6c,9c) Adri is all in for 44k, I cant defend with this.
Hand 3 (4h,9d) I need a hand soon, this is not it.
Hand 4 (9c,3h) Ult is all in, I am out of there.
Hand 5 (6h,5s) No option but to fold again.
Hand 6 BB (Tc,9h) I have gor myself too short I will have to make a stand. Only action is from Adr who moves all in with 44. I call. Board KJJ9A and I move back to 16k. Now I have to play.
Hand 7 SB (9s,4h) No option now, I need to keep ahead, I move all in and take the blinds.
Hand 8 20k now (Ts,4c) No need to play this.
Hand 9 (8h, Qs) Again no need to play.
Hand 10 (As,7s) First average hand in a while, I move and take the blinds.
Hand 11 BB (4h,6h) I get to see a flop, but hit nothing and fold.
Hand 12 SB (Td,9h) Everyone folds to me, I need to keep up my chips, so I move and take the blinds
Hand 13 25k (4h,8h) Its a no action game at the moment, all raises are folded to.
Hand 14 (Ac,Tc) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 15 29k (Ts,6c) No action all folded to Adri in the big blind.
Hand 16 BB (Ks,6h) Ult is all in, I fold my big blind
Hand 17 SB (4s,8c) Our first piece of action in a while, Ult has KK, Lucky QQ. The Kings hold up.
Hand 18 (9s,5s) fck all in.
Hand 19 (Ah, Th) I raise and take the blinds.
Hand 20 (4c,8s again) Lucky is all in with K3 and beats Adri Q7. 20 hands in and still 5 of us.
Hand 21 BB (7h,8d) Have to fold to a raise here.
Hand 22 SB (Qd,As) I raise and take the blinds.

Blinds up to 1500/3000 Antes 400

Adri03043 30k from 46k
ClintonO 30k from 13k
Ultgamb 33k from 20k
fckrogh 33k from 35k
Lucky222 25k from 38k

A great level for me, one coin flip kept me alive when I allowed myself to get too short.

Hand 23 (3d,Qd) Fold to an earlier raise
Hand 24 (3d,6c) Lucky and Ult get involved all in preflop. Ult all in with J4 from button, Lucky calls with KJ and it holds
Hand 25 (3s,4s) Nothing toi play with here
Hand 26 BB (Jd,Jh) First real big hand and its in the big blind. Lucky raises to 12k, Im all in for 28k. He calls with 88 and my hand holds up.
Hand 27 60k and chip leader SB(4d,9d) Ult is effectively blinded out Q3, loses to Luckys QT. We are 4 handed
Hand 28 (9h,Th) I limp in on the button, there is no small blind. fck raises to 11k. I call. Flop Kd,3c,As. Fck is all in and I have wasted 11k of my stack.
Hand 29 (Ah,3d) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 30 (Jd, Ts) I decide not to get involved this time with a marginal hand.
Hand 31 BB (2h,8d) No good here
Hand 32 SB (3h, Ts) Nothing to play with.
Hand 33 (8c, 2s) I'll sit this one out.
Hand 34 (Ac,3s) Take the blinds time.
Hand 35 BB (Kc,9d) They all fold to me.
Hand 36 SB (Qs,Td) Adr is all in for 36k, I cant risk 2/3rds of my stack with this.
Hand 37 (8s,2s again) fck is all in with K2, Lucky calls with A2. Board 3T7JK. The river is not lucky for lucky. We are 3 handed and its close. 53k for me, 56k for fck and 42k for Adri
Hand 38 (2s,7d) My hands are getting worse.
Hand 39 BB (7d,9s) I have to fold to a raise.
Hand 40 SB (3d,7c) I fold to a raise
Hand 41 (Js,6h) Nothing to play with here.
Hand 42 BB (7c,2d) Adri is all in I have no choice.
Hand 43 SB (Th,8h) adr limps that worries me, I call. fck checks. Flop 2c,Tc,7c. 3 clubs, but top pair, I check and hope to reraise and take some chips. Everyone checks. Turn Ks. Not a good card. I check, everyone does. River Kd. Its less likely someone has a King now. I check and hopefully take the pot. Fck bets 6k, I have a choice of 6k the pot is already 16k. I am priced in. He has A5 and I take the pot.
Hand 44 (Ah,8h) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 45 BB (3s,2d) I get a free flop. A53. I get a free turn - 2s. Two pairs, although any 4 and Im in trouble. Adr bets 3k, I call. River is a 7 and is checked down and take a small pot.
Hand 46 69k SB (4c,8c) I call from the SB to try and see a flop, but fck moves all in
Hand 47 (Ks,4h) Not for me.
Hand 48 BB (9h,5s) They fold to me.
Hand 49 SB (4h,6s) Can't play this.
Hand 50 (4s,3h) Thats no good.
Hand 51 BB (Kd,3c) I get to see a flop. 4JJ, no much kop. Turn 3h. Adr bets 6k, its worth a call. River 6d. He checks, if I bet, he only calls if Im behind. I check and he hit the 6 on the river to take the pot.
Hand 52 SB (Ad,2h) I raise and take the blinds.
Hand 53 (Jh,8d) Best out of this one.
Hand 54 BB (Th,3h) Folded to me.
Hand 55 SB (Ts,8s) I call and get to see a 3way flop. 6s,3c,As. I have a flush draw. All checked. turn 8h, that helps a bit. All checked. River 3d. Adr bets 6k which I call and win with my 8.
Hand 56 (5c,3h) No thanks.

Blinds are going up 2000/4000 Antes 500

Adr 44k
ClintonO 73k
fck 35k

I have this within my grasp.

Hand 57 BB (9h,9c) Folded to me. Shame
Hand 58 SB (9c,6s) They are both all in pre flop fck JJ and Adri K8. Board 6KA2A and fck is out.

Heads up, I am slightly behind 78k to 74k

Hand 59 (8s,7d) I limp but get reraised and fold.
Hand 60 (8h,3s) He raises I fold.
Hand 61 (9h,4c) I decide I have to play as I am falling behind, I raise to 12k, he moves all in, I have to fold. He shows Ad,Td
Hand 62 (Tc,9s) Free flop. 9c,Kh,8c. I check, he bets 4k, I call. Turn is 7h. I have open ended straight. I check he bets 8k, I decide to call. River Qh. I miss. He bets 8k, pot odds force me to call. He has KJ and wins.
Hand 63 I am 124k to 28k behind, I have to go to work now (Ad,5h) I am all in, he folds.
Hand 64 (Qc,7s) All in, he folds.
Hand 65 (Qc,4d) Not this time, I fold
Hand 66 (Kc,3d) Hes all in, I fold.
Hand 67 (Td,4c) I have to move, he folds.
Hand 68 (4c,5s) I get a free flop, but K6QJ board is no good, plus he shows AT for a straight.
Hand 69 (Kh,6s) I am all in, he folds
Hand 70 (4d,3d) Free flop 64k. I move all in, he folds.
Hand 71 (2c,7c) Cant play this.
Hand 72 (9d,2d) He folds.
Hand 73 (Qh, 7c) I move again, this time I am called. He shows As,3s. Board 8s,Jh,4d. It looks all over, 7c, back in it, Qc definitely back in it. Its all level 75k each.
Hand 74 (Th, 5s) I fold to his raise.
Hand 75 (Td,9s) I limp he calls. Jh,Qc,3d - Open ended straight for me. He bets 4k, I have to call. Turn no good 5d, He bets 8k, I am priced in. River the magical 8s. He bets 12k, I raise to 36k, he calls with Q7. I take a huge pot. I am 126k to 26k in front.
Hand 76 (As,7c) He moves all in , I decide my hand is good enough. He has J8. Flop comes AT4, turn is a J. But river is a 7.

I am $4.5k champion for the 5th time.

I also played a few games on Saturday, where I won the $2.5k Headhunter. I will post this one shortly


Introducing Eyesight Snr

A quick break from the absence of posts to introduce Mr James Cairns.

1) Crypto Name Eyesight: and recently Megan_Fox
2) Site Playing on sunpoker
3) Real Name - Jimmy Cairns (the bro with less of a temper)
4) Age - 22
5) How would you describe your playing style - Patient and with the ability to slip through the gears as and when I feel or is required
6) What is your profession- self employed, loft convertions (wood butcher)
7) How long have you been playing Poker - 1 year
8) How did you get started in this great game - I watched my brother playing (Tom) as he had a serious gambling problem, so when I started watching it was just to keep an eye on him, but then i accidently learnt how to play and am equally as hooked :>
9) What is your claim to fame in Poker - not really been playing long enough, but some very nice online cashes, 2 CPC packages for this year and winning the oxford live event 4 times in a row was quite cool (and no it wasnt a 2 man event)
10) Favourite Poker Moment - my first £1k plus win was nice but also winning cpc package and the realisation that id done it and was going!
11) What are you ambitions in Poker - To enjoy the game and try to banish any bad reputation that for some reason a lot of people have of me (Tom i can understand! lol)
12) Where are we most likely to find you - Colours pool club, I play for the Oxfordshire county team and we were national runners up 2007!
13) What is your favourite move - EASY, its the AA UTG limp
14) How do we beat you - put your chips in the middle, If im in front I lose, If im behind, I lose, so if you can get me to put my chips in you will win on any 2!!!
15) Do you prefer to play live or online - live, great buzz
16) AK or QQ - live QQ online, especially crapto nothing can beat the mighty AK some of the shit Ive seen people do with AK that cant let go is sooo funny
17) What would be your most feared final table on Crypto- Its a hard one to answer as i cant say i particularly fear anyone, but def some amazing players around.
17b) Well who in your opinion are the sites best players - At the risk of being a brown nose I have to say ClintonO, ThierryH/Garfy (easily my fave online player Mihay) 007apr (Andy Reynolds) KingTommo (Mr hot head himself) Onny87, Dontpanic, Whitedog, hard to think there are sooo many good players.
18) One lesson that you would give to new players - Play stakes that you are comfortable with, I know ppl who are very good players but cannot cope with the games they are playing, who cares what your bankroll is, its supposed to be fun too, start small, learn the game and the bigger you BR gets you can think about playing higher stakes, not that i think im some sort of high roller, because im certainly not!! lol
19) Which tournament would you most like to play in - BEERPONG
20) What is the one thing you would improve about crypto - Id take away observer chat again, Its too easy to tell someone how shit they are when youve lost to a bad call etc and ultimately...who gives a fuck!!??? plus it might stop my bro from tilting!
21) Anything else you want to tell us - Yes, I would like to say a massive well done to Clinton on all the success of his poccer events, having experienced both first hand I fully recommend it to anyone who has not played yet, seriously its such a good laugh and on behalf of myself and the Team Sunpoker boys Id like to say a huge thank you to Clinton and Rachel for all your hard work putting it together, it doesnt go

Thank you Jimmy, look forward to seeing you in the Caribbean.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last few nights

Limited action of late due to yet more work.

Monday night, I played in just two tournaments the $20k and the Littlewoods CPC double shootout final. The $20k started well as I moved from 2500 to 3500 chips, then I completely overplayed JJ from the button, losing to the small blind who held AA. I got far too attached to my hand and even with a Queen high flop, I did not let it go. Bad play on my part. I had a word with myself!

Next up was the CPC Double Shootout, which I was looking forward to, work committments have prevented me trying for my Caribbean seat, so its time to knuckle down, more time please! I had qualified for this final on Thursday and saw this as a great opportunity.
I was dissapointed to see however that the structure was for just 6 minute levels. It meant the tournament flew by. I had a nice double up early on with KK beating JJ and I moved into the heads up scenario. I was a little in front and with blinds escalating I raised with 77, a reraise from my opponent and I moved all in. He called with 55 and surely the final beckoned. A harmless flop was ruined by a 5 on the turn. Next hand I moved with QJ and was called by K4, two fours on the flop said goodnight!

A really dissapointing night, I decided to play no more tournaments. I played two heads up games, as I was a challenged to a competition by Jimmy Cairns, as to who buys the beers in the Caribbean. I was already 2-0 up in the series, I won the first won, but tiredness got the better of me and I moved all in with A7 on a A953 board, he turned over 53 and was on the score sheet at 3-1 (It is now 4-1)

More dissapointment tonight. I had earned 500 mpps to enter a CPC tournament on Inter on Sunday night, whcih I just remembered about and therefore missed. D'oh. I must be working too hard.

Sunday night was a non-event. I played just one game a CPC qualifier, it was a thunder and you had to keep moving. I raised with AT, was reraised and left with not enough chips to recover I called. He turned over KK and it was all over.

Saturday however was a cracking night and got me into some nice healthy profit figures following a great September. 4 games and 4 final tables including a 7th in the $20k.
The highlight was winning the $4.5k, pretty much the best tournament on the site for me, this was my 5th win in this tournament.

When I get a bit more time I will detail the heads up from that event.


Poccer 3 update

Poccer 3 is shaping up and as I go to press with the Poccer 3 programme, it looks like with have 12 teams, but it such a rollercoaster, with teams changing frequently each day! At this point I would like to stand up and applaud all those people that run their own business or have the belief and courage to go with their dreams because believe me it is hard work. If any of you fancy a crack at Poccer either now or in the future you would be more than welcome.


Thought for the day

'The measure of our future success & happiness will not be the quality of the cards we are dealt by unseen hands, but the poise & wisdom with which we play them. Choose to play each hand to the best of your ability without wasting the time and energy it takes to complain about either the cards or the dealer or the often unfair rules of the game.
Play both the winning and the losing hands as best you can, then fold the cards and ante up for the next deal' - Joe Klock.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Poccer 3 - Saturday 13th October

Just over a week to go before the next Poccer event and its shaping up to be our biggest and best event yet.

There are still 4 spaces for teams left if anyone is interested, also if you fancy taking part and don't have a team just let me know and I will try and slot you in.

All the details can be found on
This really is a fantastic event, so if you fancy a great day out next Saturday, you won't go wrong with this!


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Absence makes your poker grow stronger?

A two week break and right back in the money.

I thought I would try the $20k and see what I could do.
It started slowly, but during levels 4 though 7 I moved into 2nd position in the tournament. Where I stayed until the last 20.

I lost a few chips when I went to the final table and was sitting in 7th.
I fought hard and although I never got a high proportion of the chips, I kept myself ahead of the blinds, by playing positional poker.

By time it got to the last four, I was really struggling but the two in second and third were also getting low.

I continued to battle and got myself into a heads up situation.
I had won my previous 5 heads up in this tournie, but I was 60k to 340k behind.
My opponent was all in, nearly every hand, making it difficult to play any poker. I doubled up once to get to 100k and then got my chips in with AK but lost to 94.

My first heads up defeat in this tournament was dissapointing, but first game back and $4000 better off, I think I'll take that!

I really enjoyed the game and the challenge and saw the game very clearly. A good performance.

I played it again tonight, I was going very well when holding AQ spades on a two spade board, I reraised all in. I was called by 86 spades and he hit his six on the river. Never mind it happens. I lost to a guy called Leevan, who hit everything and is 10k clear at this point with 93 left. I guarantee he won't make the money!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome Back Leonarch

Finally we have Leon the legend back again!

1) What have you been up to in the last year?
2) Are you still doing the same thing - Barrow Boy?
3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?
4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?
6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
7) Your ambition last year was to win 40k.Did you achieve this? Do you have a new ambition?
8) Are you still playing as Leonarch on Wm Hill
9) Are you still playing as much poker?
10) You asked for more big tournies on crypto, did you get your wish?- Whats the biggest improvement required now?
11) Your top players were Thierry H, ClintonO, Tiddles, Sun_Deshi, The Cheese, Oranges, 007apr, Daes265, Andy1965 and Homer2004 has this changed?
12) Anything else you want to tell us?

Thank you my good friend.


Welcome Back Oranges

Lets see what our friend Oranges has been up to.

1) What have you been up to in the last year?

About 12 months ago I had only just started to play MTTs regularly. I had a pretty good and lucrative run at them for the last few months of 2006. The CPC at the back end of the year was again a great experience and I’m really looking forward to this year’s event.

The 1st 3 months of 2007 were pretty awful but then I had a good and profitable spring on Crypto and a host of other sites. This was followed by a short and profitable (just!) trip to Vegas.

Over the summer I’ve not played as much as I would like mainly due to things you can relate to – pressures of work, family, lots of social stuff etc.

2) Are you still doing the same thing - IFA

Yeh, the day job continues. In recent months it’s also taken up a lot of time in the evenings as well. I’m also in the process of launching a new company which means it’s a pretty hectic but exciting time.

3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?

Depends on your definition of big! Compared to some of the other guys you have interviewed
the answer is a resounding no. However, in the context of this game being a self-financing hobby I’m pretty pleased with how it’s gone. As far as Crypto is concerned I did ok in the early leaderboards on Crypto ( I simply can’t play enough to have a chance at the current fomat) and I’ve had wins and decent places in pretty much all the regular tourneys albeit there have been lots of new ones launched lately.

4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?

Oh God yes. I was a bit of a one-trick pony in 2006 as far as MTT’s were concerned – very very tight. My MTT game has evolved since then and I’d like to think I’m far stronger. This is subject to the most important lesson of all – to play well I have to be totally concentrated and focused on the game at hand. Too often, I have played for the sake of it with a million other distractions and they don’t help!

5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?

As far as the world of the Crypto MTT it seems pretty much the same but the gap between the good and weaker players seems to be widening.

6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?

Not really.

7) Your ambition last year was to make a final table in a live event. Did you get anywhere near this? Do you have a new ambition?

I think I said I would love to make the final table of a “big” live event and that would be a dream. It still is. But at this moment very, very unlikely! I’ve only played 2 big live events since last year and achieved zilch. I did make the FT at my first live event in Vegas. It was a 180 runner $120 MTT – does that count?

8) Are you still playing as oranges or psorange on Littlewoods

Oranges has just about gone into retirement and psorange is only occasionally seen on pokerstars. I’ve now got about 15 other accounts on crypto skins and other sites.

9) Are you still playing as much poker?

No. During the week it is difficult to play much before 9.00pm at the moment so unfortunately I usually miss out on the $20K. The only tourney I play regularly is the 10.00pm $4500G. For some reason this tourney has been golden for me pretty much all year and as I write this I have had 5FTs out of 10 attempts this month alone.

10) You asked for improvements to crypto including observer chat and time improvements. These have happened- Whats the biggest improvement required now?

Hmm, a $100 buy-in starting at 10.00pm. It used to frustrate me that the 2 highest daily buy-ins were just the $100 and the $50. This has improved recently I know so we are getting there.

11) Your best players were Azimut, Animal, ClintonO, 007apr, Noseyboy and Leonarch has this changed?

Well, I’ve not seen Leonarch for ages. Andy obviously continues to score well in his several guises judging by the leaderboards. Of course you Clinton continue to report successes on a regular basis albeit you are not playing as much due other commitments. As for Nosey, he seems to have returned to MTTs and he beat me HU in the $4500 earlier in the month Simply, he was the most dangerous player on the FT.

Azimut and Animal? I can’t believe I said they were my best players!! Seriously, they both continue to murder on-line games.

Others? Loads – too many to mention but there are so many playing different accounts its hard to know who is who nowadays

12) Anything else you want to tell us?

Yeh, I look forward to seeing everyone in St Kitts for the great Crypto gathering.

Thanks Pete, see you in St.Kitts

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The day of the bubble

Last night was a very frustrating night for poker for myself, bubbling in both the Caribbean Poker qualifier and the $1000k qualifier. Both times the river card destroyed me and after being in the top positions nearly the whole time it was particularly frustrating.

The Gold Cup Series has not kicked on for me earlier, I played in the $200 GC4 event after qualifying a few weeks ago. I was hanging on for quite some time and whenever I got into a position to move on, something unpleasant would happen! In the end I finished 42nd of the 280 odd players and narrowly missed out on a cash.

I would very much like to congratulate Leseth_25 though, this is someone who I have spent a fair amount of time with, helping to improve his game. Last night he finished 3rd in the $50k tournament winning $5660 and was unfortunate not to go on and make more. A great effort.

A quick hello to Brazil, Colombia and the Philippines who have logged on recently taking the countries following the blog up to 53.

Finally watch out for some Poccer updates later today!


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Welcome Back Macaroon

One of the nicest guys you will ever meet.
Sit back relax and make sure you have 10 - 15 mins to spare!

1 S0 Mac, what have you been up to?
I do a lot of competition fishing (ie for money) and have had my best year ever. Fishing is very similar to poker – some luck is involved but not nearly as much as most people assume. Once you realise that your results are largely in your own hands everything clicks into place – exactly as with poker.

Also in the throes of moving – our buyer said she would have our place in September, 2006 but the chain keeps breaking – you know how it is. Anyway the latest is that we shall be moving to near St Ives possibly in October.

2 The other thing I’ve been doing very well is getting older – 65 in October. At that point I will be officially retired. Technically at the time of writing I am still employed as a journalist, but on permanent sick leave because of severe hearing problems which have come about largely because of old age but not helped by being within a few feet of a bomb blast in Ireland in 1984 which damaged my inner ears.

I have been asked what I feel about the IRA, who planted the bomb, and it may interest some of you to know that I have never thought about blaming them for my damage. The fact is that this life is not fair…some people are born badly physically deformed, some are very strong and others very weak, some are mentally deficient, some have accidents, and in wars innocent people are maimed and killed. That’s the reality. I accept my failings, and my misfortunes, with equanimity… though I would like to change them of course.

As a journalist I hope I can look at the situation from the outside, and in many ways equate their actions to those of the French Resistance; both of them did whatever they felt necessary in the circumstances, and innocent people were killed. Of course both attracted men who simply enjoyed the violence; but both showed extreme courage at times.

The fact is that wars are terrible and almost always avoidable…and the sooner governments realise that the better. Having been to Ireland a few times I think I know a little of the background to the ‘troubles’ and understand why British newspapers have felt themselves unable to publish much of the truth about the root of the problems.

3 Have you had any big successes in the last year?
I can honestly say now that since starting poker I am in profit. That is largely thanks to two nice wins in a $5 and a $20 tourney with Victor Chandler, netting me nearly $3,000. But I have consistently been in the prizes since then, and am managing to win enough to cover all my entrance fees, so that balance of nearly $3000 is still there – not bad for a $50 deposit.

I record every game, and write in my winnings, and have a column which I tick if I get within striking distance of the money – if there are 100 prizes I tick if I get in the top 200. I get money or a tick in one third of all my tourneys. I think that is a fair way of gauging my true form, which is satisfactory to me for I can only improve I think.

Interestingly, though I rarely play cash games I win in two thirds of those I play. That’s mainly because I leave when I have doubled my money. I am not ‘in the zone’ on cash games yet, and still have to work out the difference between cash players and tourney players. I also tend to make a profit in STTs though I don’t play many. I tried cash thanks to advice from Noseyboy – thanks mate!

4 Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
The lessons I have learned include the fact that the tighter I play the better my results. And I have learned not to be afraid of rebuys; in fact I have done rather well in these, latest being the last tourney I played when I was fourth for $150 after re-buying once, after about 50 minutes, when I went out on a real bad beat, and then taking the add-on. So total outlay was $18.50.

PS I went out on a real bad beat – 77 out to AQ…no A or Q or straight came down – I was counterfeited by JJ and KK on the board! He did apologise!

5 Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
I notice the penchant for players to enter speed and turbo events, which I guess attracts the players who rely on luck. There’s even a tourney on Poker Heaven with one-minute levels! And the tiny freerolls are amazing – hundreds of players competing for £10. Doesn’t make sense to me.

In the tournaments I play I think players are generally better than 12 months ago. I now see some who sit through the first two or three rounds and simply don’t bet. I also now notice the interest in the several big ‘World’ tournaments and saw a discussion on TV the other night about how the true World Champion should be decided (I say ‘saw’ advisedly since I couldn’t hear most of it!).

I also notice that the various sites keep changing their set-ups, generally for the better. I just wish I could work out how to get the Hand History with Poker Heaven! And I see that the TV seems to have less poker now than a year ago; not sure whether that is good or bad as it takes the heat of criticism off a little.

6 Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
My approach had changed, in that I am quite happy to lay down big hands without a second thought in the early parts of tournaments.

I will not now normally willingly go all-in against more than one opponent if it means I could be eliminated – that is unless I am certain I hold the nuts of course. As an example the other day I held KK and there were three all-ins in front of me and I folded (glad I did). Clinton gave me my first lessons in poker, and he is renowned as a tight player, Having experimented with looking at lots of cheap flops with nothing, which does not work for me, I guess I am now probably as tight as Clinton…and that’s saying something!

However, on the final table I now know that one must take chances with lesser hands or the blinds will eat me up. However, I still normally show my winning hands (even if not challenged) in the early parts of tourneys, and I think this pays dividends later, when players will fold knowing that if I raise I have a big hand.

7 Do you have a new ambition?
My ambition was to make a living wage; but I am still serving my apprenticeship. However, more haste less speed, and I am sure that once I step up the money stakes I will make a reasonable profit, as I find the bigger-money tourneys much easier to play, with far fewer loose players. But I am naturally cautious.

Currently the most I have ever paid to enter a tourney was £12. Generally I keep to the £2 or $5 stuff. The $20 tourney I won was the result of a late-night sitting when I had picked up money in another tourney, and felt great (ie not tired). I’ve never entered another $20 game; perhaps I should.

I managed to qualify for the old Littlewoods £15k a few times, best result 10th. And also qualified several times for the smaller one, now $6, but have never bought in.

8 I’m still Macaroon on Littlewoods – Clinton played against a MACAROON recently, but don’t know who that is. I’m also Macaroon on Victor Chandler and Poker Heaven.

9 Are you still playing as much poker?
I’m playing more late-night games, but never more than one table at a time. I really think this helps me get into the mind of some of the other players, as I take Helmuth’s advice and watch them carefully when I am not in a hand – it’s easier to concentrate when you’re not involved.

PS. Hellmuth’s Play Poker like the Pros is one of the worst books I have ever picked up! I’m not even sure what the title is cos I think I threw it away. Contrast that with Harrington’s which are brilliant and I keep them beside me when I play.

10 I haven’t played much on Littlewoods recently. I opened accounts with Victor Chandler and Poker Heaven because they use different software and I didn’t like the way some cards came down on Crypto. Not just my hands – but other players as well. The number of straights filled on the River was incredible.

I once kept a score of the pre-flop all-ins in a Crypto tourney. Out of 18 no fewer than 13 were won by the weaker hand. I understand that no system can yet give absolutely random cards and that a certain number of different stacks are used, the ones used chosen at random. My conclusion is that the majority have a lot of high cards near the top, since high cards come down much more frequently than a random deal should give them, and that since high cards tend to be bet the most frequently, then a high-card straight will be given more often than it should be.

I have not noticed as many anomalies on the other sites. I have played on Crypto recently, and can’t remember any really terrible results, so perhaps the software has been updated.

I look through my book and note the following recent results, all on Crypto: 99 out to 10 10; AK (K tripped) out to 77; AQ (Q paired) out to flush on river; flop 99Q I have a Q he has a 9; KK8 flop I have an 8 he has an K; QQ loses to AK – none of those are real bad beats, also I haven’t seen so many AA and KK dealt together. So perhaps things are better now.

One other thing – some of the chat is quite despicable. I have made two complaints to Littlewoods. I don’t notice this on other sites, possibly because a lot of the players there are foreign, though most seem to speak English or are British ex-pats. I genuinely think that players will be closing their accounts because of this problem on Crypto, which I assume is because many players are young Brits who think it’s normal to speak like they do.

I wish Crypto would show the hand just folded while play is still going on. Otherwise I must say I like the Littlewoods site better than any other.

11 Your best players were Azimut, Animal, ClintonO, 007apr, Noseyboy and Leonarch has this changed?
I haven’t been playing the bigger tourneys on Crypto so haven’t come across the same players I mentioned a year ago. So unable to comment whether they are still dangerous. I assume they are. Haven’t come across any others because in the large-entry small-money games you don’t often see the same players night after night.

12 Anything else you want to tell us?
Another reason I haven’t played as much on Crypto is because of the smaller number of players. I prefer the 500-plus tourneys as I do much better. Also, I qualified for the £12 satellite to the Sunday £40k the other day; came to play the second satellite and it was cancelled because not sufficient number of players. That is so annoying. VC usually has around 1000 for the 8.10 pm $5 freezeout, which I love.

Did OK in my first Headhunter on Littlewoods. Did all the hard work taking all but 30 of one player’s chips on an all-in, but of course get no payment for that! The next hand he tilts of course and goes all-in and someone else gets the payment; I can see why it is popular.

I love some of the blogs – specially Blue Scouse (must be barmy, but very honest); that leads me to Brian Townsend, which is awesome as he makes $100k and more in a day sometimes, and even more; of course he loses sometime. Poor bloke lost almost $1m in a week a month ago. Have recently found Ukgatsby, who like me plays only the smaller tourneys. Came up against him on Crypto a couple of days ago and he went out with an appalling play on his part. Sorry mate! My first port of call, though, is still ClintonO.

I now write a poker column for a local paper, the editor of which is a friend of mine. No payment, but hope I am doing my bit for the game. He tells me his Managing Director loves the column. I state I play only small-money games, and anyway if I played for bigger money there would be lots of complaints no doubt.

Finally, I would like to start a blog, and mention EVERY SINGLE win and loss, as I can’t get a real handle on some of the bloggers because they obviously like to make out they are successful but don’t mention all their games. But I would be unable to write horrendous stories about going out and getting blathered, which seems to be the favourite occupation of some of the bloggers out there…

I could call it the Ramblings of a Boring Old Fart; or perhaps Pensioners Poker!

Thanks Mac, a most excellent interview!


Welcome Back The Deacon

Next in our interview list has taken part in 2 wsop main events and is a decent guy to boot.

Welcome back Joe.

1) What have you been up to in the last year?
work, poker, parties

2) Are you still doing the same thing - Bathroom Fitter?
yes, it pays the bills

3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?
just a few wins om £2k gtd, $2k gtd. etc..nothing to write home about...

4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
yes, I am very unlucky..i have an above average proportion of bad beats....

5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?
I think online poker reached its peak last year and will eventually decline further..I think the future is looking brighter for live poker...

6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
I am starting to play less online poker and more pub, home tournaments...

7) Your ambition last year was to win a couple of big professional events and turn professional.Did you get anywhere near this?
Do you have a new ambition?
No, poker will always just be a hobby to me...

8) Are you still playing as TheDeacon on Littlewoods....
yes, I do play on a few other sites under different names....

9) Are you still playing as much poker?
No, I have other ambitions and hobbies which mean less time for poker....

10) You asked for improvements to crypto including free rolls has this happened?-
yes, I am glad to see free rolls on Crypto...Though at $100..I would like to see higher value free rolls..
Whats the biggest improvement required now?
Higher value tournaments and free rolls, although if the decline in online poker happens as I think it may, then this may prove difficult...

11) Anything else you want to tell us?
I have tried to make a living from online poker but my bankroll just can't withstand the disproportional number of bad beats that I have experienced over the years...I therefore will treat poker as a gaming hobby, that it is....see you at the tables

Thanks Joe


Monday, September 10, 2007

Golden Cup Series of Poker - days 1 & 2.

A decent start to the 2nd Golden Series of Poker on day 1.

Each day of 9, has a main event, but also two side events.
The first event of the day was the $15k Guaranteed event, which was exceptionally good value with a $5k overlay.
I made the final table in this first event, but ultimately fell short, finishing in 8th place, winning $450. My end came when short stacked I pushed with AQ. I was called by the big blind who had T2.

Flop was harmless 349, Turn 5, River A. I pair my ace but it also gave him the straight.

The other side event was the headhunter event ($6k overlay), I managed to make my money back through the bounties, but fell short of the cash finishes.

The first main event was the $35k guaranteed (again a $5k overlay), with a starting stack of 4500 chips. I managed to double up fairly early and kept well above average throughout. I got a little short when we got in the money and reraised all in with QQ, unfortunately I was called by K2 and the King paired on the flop. It was a cash finish, but disappointing to go out in 35th when it was looking good.

Yesterday was day 2 of the golden series of poker, but I missed out on the all the games, well they started too early for those of us with families!
I would like to say congratulations to one of our interviewees from last week. Mr Mihai Manole, who did a deal heads up on the final table of the 2nd main event, taking home $13.8k.

Whilst we are on congratulations, well done also to a lower stakes player, Mr Niceguy_77 (Ian Overson) who won himself a seat at the Virgin Poker Festival event at the Broadway in November.

Whilst we are mentioning the Broadway (Birmingham), I am delighted to announce that the Poccer team are returning for a 3rd event on October 13th. We have some really exciting news to be announced this week on Poccer, but this will ensure Poccer becomes an even better lads day out.

I will be online tonight for event 3 of the series, let’s hope I can add to my cashing in each event so far ratio!

Also tonight, I will be publishing interviews from The_Deacon and Macaroon, as well as hopefully getting an update on –oo—from the World Series of Poker Europe.

If anyone else who plays on Cryptologic would like to be featured in an interview, please drop me a note with your email address and I will get you included, I know in particular that Chainsaw wants a mention, so here’s your opportunity!


Saturday, September 08, 2007

£6k champion

Thursday night prevented me with a rare opportunity, a chance to play a few games of poker.

I played the $20k, going out in 30th, and also the WSOP qualifier. I managed to bubble on the qualifying but earn $190 paying for the previous two tournaments.

I also decided to play the £6k and ended up winning the tournament and taking home the £1680 1st prize. A very nice return indeed!

I had played very solidly throughout and the final table looked like this

ClintonO (37k)
Dr.Fun (16k)
dlowen (42k)
Therat (40k)
seatopen (90k)
dtrain17 (21k)
catmandu (23k)
Ju$t_Me (27k)
Tere22041 (65k)
kevoheart (32k)

With blinds at 1200/2400, a few of the short stacks were all in at every opportunity.

dtrain17 was first to go, noving with 4c,5c but Tere22041 was sitting in the button waiting with QQ.

With the short stacks moving all in, or Tere doing the same, making a move was becoming very difficult, I raised whereever I could.

I had fallen back to 28k when I was dealt 9s,9d in the big blind.
Catmandu limped for 2.4k and Ju$tMe moved all in with 31k. It was decision time, the table was so aggressive that any limp was usually punished with an all in raise. I decided that Ju$tMe was capable of moving with any two and also an ace or a 2k,Qc,8s,6s came the board and I was up to 62k and 3rd place.

A few hands later Therat is in trouble with 8k and Tere calls I turn over KK in the button and raise it up. Therat has 5c,Ac and he goes out in 9th.
Incredibly the very next hand I get KK again on the cut off, I raise with KK and Dr.Fun moves all in with AT and 21k. The Kings hold up again, we have 7 left and I am in pole position with 110k.
Catmandu goes out next hand to Seatopen T9 on a 6,5,T board against AK. K on turn.
Then for the third hand in a row we lose someone, Ju$t_Me has only 2.5k and loses to Kevo.

5 left now
ClintonO 109k
Dlowen 37k
Seatopen 112k
Tere22041 89k
kevoheart 47k

dlowen then doubles up against Tere when his KJ beats JJ, money went in on a 9k9 board.
After a bit of jockeying for position, I incredibly get KK for the first time on the final table.
This time against Kev who is all in preflop with AJ. Kings hold up again, although they had to dogde a heart on the river.

At this stage in the game, what did I know. Tere had been moving the most, bluffing frequently pre flop, but weak after the flop.
dlowen was calling after hitting any part of the flop. I got him to call a bet on the turn and the river when he was holding Q5, on a 7,5,8,A,K board!
Seatopen was solid, but capable of blowing up.

I just needed to stay focused to win.
Dlowen then calls a 6k bet with A4 on a 2,J,8,8 board and then 12k more after a 4 hits the river and pays a substantial amount of chip to Tere. I can't see this guy lasting.
dlowen moves back up again calling a raise with K2 and hitting two kings. Seatopen is starting to throw his chips away and has lost half his stack.

I call a raise from Tere with AcJc and then dlowen moves all in. It was 52k more to call and I decided to let in go and keep my stack in place and as it is on the evidence so far the weakest player I let it go.

We eventually lose Seatopen when he moves all in with 76 on a 4,7,A,K board. Tere has A2 and calls.

We are down to 3.
ClintonO 125k
dlowen 112k
Tere22041 157k.

I make a move on dlowen with 89, I raise pre flop. Board is 2c,Ks,Qc. I raised again and he calls, he has hit the board. The turn is a third club, I check with the intention of calling a bet indicating the flush. He checks. The river is another K. I believe he would have reraised me if he had a King. I have been aggressive pre flop and on the flop and decide that he must put me on a King or a flush. I bet 3/4 pot and get called with JQ. Sigh.

I am down to 68k. I get 20k back when Tere tries a bluff. I have a bluffer and a calling station, focus. I become more aggressive, but they sense it and come over the top of me on a couple of occasions.

Things have gone very wrong, dlowen starts playing very well and the chips are as follows.
ClintonO 41k
dlowen 270k
Tere22041 83k.

I decide to play against Tere no matter what I have, as I know I can take it away on the turn if he checks the flop. I call a raise with 92 and do exactly that with a Q,K,4,8 board!

I work my way up to 101k at the expense of Tere who is down to 33k. Tere then calls an all in with KT against dlowens 6s5s. Dlowen hits the straight.

We are heads up 92k verus 302k. blinds 4k/8k
Its time to get aggressive. I raise hand one with TJ and take the pot.
I have exactly the same hand in hand two and when he raises I decide I need to be aggressive to get back into it and move all in. He instantly calls with AK.
The flop gives me options when 9,2,7 comes down. Any 8, Ten or Jack now. Turn brings the Jack, River brings the 8, to make it even better.

I am slightly in front now. Hand 3 I let go to a big bet on the river and I have a hunch that he is now tilting and to play even more aggressive.
Next hand I have A9 and once again he puts a sizeable raise in. No messing I decide to take the pot there and then by moving in. He instantly calls with KK. I read that one wrong.
The flop comes T,2,4. The turn brings the glory card an Ace, and the river confirms the comeback with a 9.
I have got very lucky indeed.

Hand five of the heads up, he only has 7.4k and is automatically all in.
---- HOLE CARDS -----dealt to ClintonO [5h 3s]
ClintonO: calls 4000
Returned uncalled bets 1,608 to ClintonO
----- FLOP ----- [5c 4d 3c]
----- TURN ----- [5c 4d 3c][3h]
----- RIVER ----- [5c 4d 3c 3h][6d]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
dlowen: shows [Qd 2c] (A Straight, Six high)
ClintonO: shows [5h 3s] (A Full House, Threes full of Fives)
ClintonO collected 14784 from Main pot.

Finished off in style!

It was a very interesting game of poker and mostly I found my instincts correct throughout. My heads up opponent surprised me as his game changed dramtically for the better late on, as I had put him as one of the weakest opponents. In the end he was very unlucky to lose.

It was nice to back and playing again and now with the Golden Cup Series 2 here, I intend to play a lot more this week. However I am still a little rusty and don't mind some more good fortune like I received in the final few hands here.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Welcome Back Noseyboy

One of the most successful players I know, Mr Matthew Osborne, how are you sir?

Well its been non stop poker for the last year with a small dip into the romance world that ended in tears, so ill stick to my love for Texas holdem for now. Been a mixed year of ups and downs, The up was beating Joeylove in a race to profit $100k from poker (took just over 4 months) the down was an expensive trip to vegas where i lost around $70k including the week online before and after i got back, probably my toughest period in poker since i began.....trips to Monte carlo and last years CPC were profitable tho with a cash at the cpc main event and a good spell online in Monte carlo with my famous 96 os all in pre flop V aces hand for a $14k pot...
Since returning from vegas ive made good profit playing 10/20 NL on Sunpoker, apart from the odd hickup/tilt session losing sometimes $10k a night... not good but i survived and back on track now..
Im still working in london but playing poker in the office (or id have left by now) and poker is still a far better income than work but i cant seem to find the guts to give it up...probably a backlash of a heavy losing vegas trip....

Ive learnt a few lessons this year but cant seem to abide by my own rules.. the main one is not playing stakes that my bank roll cant cope with.. ie £40/80 NL cash...nice when u win... not nice when you lose and tilt and several times ive had losing sessions of $15k+ beause of it... now that was ok before vegas when i had around £150k role.. but now losses like that do more than just hurt a little.. they actually endanger my poker playing future so i try not to play any higher than $25/50 now... The other lesson ive learnt this year and its not the first time it is if your going on a night out with dubai.. make sure you got deep pockets and be prepaired to empty them in a flurry of VIP treatment....but those who have met dubai know that hes a class bloke and never a dull moment..

As for changes in the poker world the only ones ive noticed is Betfair has worse software and Ecash still havent changed on crypto sites... a downfall to both IMO... nuff said

My ambition was to play full time and still is.. and i still think a vegas life is possible if you can succesfully play cash and use a bit of self control on nights out...but well see what happens this year as i feel its a make or break time because of the dramatic rise in stakes ive been playing compared to a year where i was considered a tourney player by most....and probably still am winning the £15k/$20K mtt on crypto 12 times now since it began....

Yes still playing Poker as 'Noseyboy' on 'Sunpoker' through a quality Rakeback site called '' ..50% RB...plug plug plug... lol .. you werent gettin an interview without a mention!!!

21,000 mpps last month.. is that enough?? ;)
To be fair many of the improvements i asked for they actualy did do....some of these were software improvements following updates and recent ones were the bigger insomniacs game and the big Eds head hunter game... sadly nothin has been done about Ecash and its poor service.... but watch this space on that as ive not finished yet!

Sadly i dont play these guys anymore as some have moved to other sites.. except a renamed ThierryH but i dont blame them... maybe if someone from crypto reads this they will wake up and smell the coffee... as people like those i mentioned were the heros of Crypto.. now its a little thin IMO... I could really only speak for the top players on Cash now as im lost in the MTT world.... but if i had to name some from each....Mtt would be CUTEMOFO and EYESIGHT, 2 solid players.. and on cash.. well i dont like to say it but Joeylove (who recently won the stars million) and some other who you wouldnt know would be Rotinaj,kirderf,Anonpg1, among many good cash players at the higher stakes on probably name about 10 if i had time.

Nothing else to add except see you at the CPC.. and were off to vegas again after for the 5 Diamond classic tournament at Belaggio...and lastly a thanks to all the those who have stuck it out on Sunpoker through for those that make it to the CPC i have a little treat in mind....see you all there... gl


Thank you buddy and yes of course I expected a plug!

Thats it for now, hopefully have a few more for you soon.

Welcome Back Animal

One of the players I first met when I started playing is Robert Price. One of the few players I know that is equally effective online and live.

1) What have you been up to in the last year?

CPC Nov 2006
Mansion Poker Dome Las Vegas Jan 2007
Cardiff GUKPT Feb or Mar 2007
WSOP Las Vegas July 2007

and lots online as usual

2) Are you still doing the same thing - professional poker player
Trying to, yes

3) Have you had any big successes in the last year?
Er winning packages to all of the above, biggest online cash was 24 or $25k winning the old Mansion $100k tournament.

4) Have you learnt any lessons in the last year?
Just what i always knew, poker is a grind for a living

5) How has the world of poker changed over the last 12 months?
Dunno really although there seems to be more egos out there than ever, its quite funny playing live and watching them but i rarely play live unfortunately.

6) Has your approach to poker changed during this time?
Yeh think it changes regularly depending on my mood, results and confidence but all those are interlinked.

7) Your ambition last year was to make enough money to avoid going back to an office job, a deep finish in a big live event, sponsorship and to lose 1 stone!.Did you get anywhere near this?
Ah some of those ambitions are for years to come not one year. Anyway i def made enough money not to go back to work yet, although a part time job could be a good distraction from the bad run im in lately. I do have a 10 player playoff in Australia in Jan 2008 where winner gets $50k of sponsorship so fingers crossed. Dunno what i weighed 1 year ago but i have lost 1/2 stone that i put on in vegas 6 weeks ago !

Do you have a new ambition?
Rediscover a good run and some real enjoyment for the game, all too much of a boring routine slog lately. I think autumn & winter i have a different mindset when its dark early and it feels good playing more poker.

8) Are you still playing as Animal on Littlewoods
Very very rarely the grass remains greener elsewhere lets just say !

9) Are you still playing as much poker?
Yeh prob same as 1 year ago roughly

10) You asked for observer chat on Crypto and got it!- Whats the biggest improvement required now?
CPC double shootouts ! 'YES I can't wait for them!

11)Anything else you want to tell us?

Thank you kind sir