Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Last few nights

Limited action of late due to yet more work.

Monday night, I played in just two tournaments the $20k and the Littlewoods CPC double shootout final. The $20k started well as I moved from 2500 to 3500 chips, then I completely overplayed JJ from the button, losing to the small blind who held AA. I got far too attached to my hand and even with a Queen high flop, I did not let it go. Bad play on my part. I had a word with myself!

Next up was the CPC Double Shootout, which I was looking forward to, work committments have prevented me trying for my Caribbean seat, so its time to knuckle down, more time please! I had qualified for this final on Thursday and saw this as a great opportunity.
I was dissapointed to see however that the structure was for just 6 minute levels. It meant the tournament flew by. I had a nice double up early on with KK beating JJ and I moved into the heads up scenario. I was a little in front and with blinds escalating I raised with 77, a reraise from my opponent and I moved all in. He called with 55 and surely the final beckoned. A harmless flop was ruined by a 5 on the turn. Next hand I moved with QJ and was called by K4, two fours on the flop said goodnight!

A really dissapointing night, I decided to play no more tournaments. I played two heads up games, as I was a challenged to a competition by Jimmy Cairns, as to who buys the beers in the Caribbean. I was already 2-0 up in the series, I won the first won, but tiredness got the better of me and I moved all in with A7 on a A953 board, he turned over 53 and was on the score sheet at 3-1 (It is now 4-1)

More dissapointment tonight. I had earned 500 mpps to enter a CPC tournament on Inter on Sunday night, whcih I just remembered about and therefore missed. D'oh. I must be working too hard.

Sunday night was a non-event. I played just one game a CPC qualifier, it was a thunder and you had to keep moving. I raised with AT, was reraised and left with not enough chips to recover I called. He turned over KK and it was all over.

Saturday however was a cracking night and got me into some nice healthy profit figures following a great September. 4 games and 4 final tables including a 7th in the $20k.
The highlight was winning the $4.5k, pretty much the best tournament on the site for me, this was my 5th win in this tournament.

When I get a bit more time I will detail the heads up from that event.



Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton

See the good results keep coming. N1 Sir.

Do you still play as ClintonO on Inter or do you have another moniker?


Anonymous said...

congratulations, you have just won the most boring person of the year award,just pipped last years defending champ dave white,wp

Football Crazy said...

I really want to play a poccer event, however I am worried about drug testing as I would fail. Do players get tested? Also am I allowed to drink beer at half time?

Anonymous said...

some quality updating going on