Saturday, October 27, 2007

Headhunter £2.5k GTD 20/10/07

I had not forgot about this one, just was struggling to find the logs.

I am already heads up, the blinds are 800/1600 antes 200.

Seat 4: ClintonO (48151 in chips)
Seat 6: 4cornwall (92849 in chips)

I am quite a way behind, 4cornwall is a very decent player, this is going to be tough.

Hand 1 (Tc,6h) I get to see the flop for free, JAQ2J board, it gets checked down he wins with 88.

Blinds up 1200/2400 Antes 300
Hand 2 (Th,2s) I limp in, board us 78Q, I bet and take the pot.
Hand 3 (9h,8d) He folds.
Hand 4 (Kd,Td) I raise and take the blinds
Hand 5 (8d,4h) Flop is free, board 4QA, I bet to see if my 4 is good, he calls. Turn 9, check check. River 9, he bets 4.8k, I have great pot odds, I don't think the 9 has helped him, he bluffs a fair amount, my four could be good, I call and he shows K5 and I take a 20k pot.
Hand 6 I am only 63k - 77k behind now (4s,3h) I call and see the TKK board but then I am out of there.
Hand 7 (Qh,7d) I fold to a raise.
Hand 8 (Ad,2h) I raise to 7.2k which he calls. Flop 647, he checks, I likewise. Turn 6, check check. River 6, he bets 7.2k, I again don't believe him and call. He also shows A2 and we split the pot. I am reading the game well at the moment.
Hand 9 (6c,3s) No match for a raise.
Hand 10 (Kc, 6c) I pay to see the flop, (4d,Kd,6s) Perfect, I decide to slow play. He checks, I also. Turn 8c, He bets 2.4k, I call. River Qd, he bets 4.8k, the diamond worries me and I just call. He turns over 46 for a lower two pair. I played that hand very poorly, I had a great chance to raise on the turn, but did not take it. Although I win the hand, I am not happy with my play.
Hand 11 (8h,5h) He folds.
Hand 12 (Kd,6s) I see a flop, but then fold to a bet.
Hand 13 (Ts,Tc) He raises to 7.2k, I go over the top and he folds.
Hand 14 I am now in front 71k to 70k (5d,2d) I call from the small blind. Board is checked to A4K9Q. I bet and take the pot.
Hand 15 (5d,2h) same hand but this time I fold to a raise.
Hand 16 (8d,4d) I see the flop, but fold to a bet.
Hand 17 (Ac,2d) My raise is called. I fold to a bet on a 67358 board. I am playing a little weak.
Hand 18 (Ts,4c) I see the flop and fold on a J82 board.
Hand 19 (Ah,7c) I call a raise and another bet and lose to a flush. I am now 53k to 88k behind.
Hand 20 (Js,9h) I need to be more aggressive, my raise is called. I bet out on a 7Q4 board and take the pot.
Hand 21 (Ad,6s) He folds.
Hand 22 (8s,5h) I call. Flop is QT3, I bet and he folds.
Hand 23 (Ah,2c) I call his raise. 852. Check check. Turn 7, I call a bet of 2.4k to see if it improves. A 9 on the river is no use and I fold to a bet.
Hand 24 (2d,2h) I raise to 7.2k, he calls. Flop K6T, I bet another 7.2k he folds.
Hand 25 (Kc,Qd) I call a raise, board gives me an opened straight. T8J checked to the river, 8A. Ace on the river gives me a straight. I bet 9.6k, he calls with A7. I am now 77k to 64k in front.
Hand 26 (8c,4s) I get to the turn on a QA65 board, he puts in a small 2.4k bet. I decide to call it. The river is the perfect 7. I fire out a 7.2k bet and get called with 47. Its now 90k to 51k.
Hand 27 (As,4s) I check preflop, I fold to a bet after the flop.
Hand 28 (Kh,4h) He is not raising my limps, so I continue to get to see the flops. 4J4, perfect. check, check. turn 5, he bets 2.4k I call. River 6. I bet 4.8k and he calls with 57. Again I probably could have raised to better effect on the turn. 96k to 44k.
Hand 29 (6s, 3d) I fold to a raise.
Hand 30 (Kd,Jd) I raise and get a call. Its checked down to the river and my KJ beats K3.
Hand 31 (Kh,Jh) I check, when I should of raised. I get inolved in a board that is 76736 and end up losing 12k to a full house, 69. Bad Play.
Hand 32 (Ad,8s) I raise and get a call. Flop K85. I bet 7.2k and get a call. The turn is a 3. I bet 26k he raised all in for another 13k. I am most likely beat, but call the last 13k. He has K4 and the river is a 6 and no help. I have undone all my good work and am 32k to 108k behind.
Hand 33 (Qh,4s) He folds
Hand 34 (Kh,5c) I limp, miss the flop bet out and he folds.
Hand 35 (Ks,4s) Its free to the turn, but get out with no help.
Hand 36 (7d,4s) I limp in, hit bottom pair, bet out and he folds.
Hand 37 (Kd,Ts) He folds.
Hand 38 (Qs,3d) I am still allowed to limp in. I bet 2400 on a 395 board. Another 3 comes on the turn, I bet 4800 and get called. River is an ace. I bet 9600 and get called by 96. 57k to 83k, thats a bit better.
Hand 39 (9d,8h) I call a raise and win a checked down board of 92Q6J vs K6
Hand 40 (Qs,Js) I limp in, call a 2400 bet on the turn of a K492 board with the intention of betting on the river. River is a 3 and I bet 7200 and take the pot. Thats better.
Hand 41 (Ah,Js) I raise his limp and I am back to level
Hand 42 (Tc,7h) I miss the flop.

Level up - Blinds 1500/3000 Ante 400.
I mixed level, I made a great recovery got nicely in front, only to throw it away. I'm back to level and its all to play for.

Hand 43 (5d,4s) I bit bottom pair, but have to fold to 9k bet on the river after calling 3k on the turn.
Hand 44 (Js,5h) I fold to a bet after a missed flop.
Hand 45 (Js,6s) I have lost the last four, so raise pre flop. He calls, I bet out and he folds.
Hand 46 (9h,9d) I raise and get a call and bet out on a 537 board.
Hand 47 (Ah,6d) I check instead of raising and have to fold.
Hand 48 (Kd,7c) I limp in and take 3k more off him when I dont believe his bet on a 965 board. 77k plays 64k
Hand 49 (Jh,8d) Nothing to play with here on missed flop.
Hand 50 (Js,8h) I limp in and hit top pair on a Jd,Th,5h board. He bets 3k, I call. Turn is a K. He checks and I bet 6k. He calls. A check call after a bet on the flop, my warning signs are going.
River is an Ah, there is a flush and a straight out there and my alarm bells are going off. He bets 9k and yet I call him, what am I thinking. He has Q9 and the straight, which he hit on the turn. I knew I was beat, but paid him anyway.
Hand 51 (Qc,6h) I check, hit middle pair and bet out.
Hand 52 (9c,9s) I raise to 9k and he calls. Flop 8c7cTh. I have a open ended straight as well as a good pair. He checks, I bet 12k and he moves all in. I have 34k left. He could have a flush draw, a straight draw and may even have the Ten. I decide being left with just 34k is not enough at this stage and take my chances and call. He has TJ. I am in real trouble now. A nine is no good unless, I also pair the board. My 8 outs for a straight are actually 7. At best I have 7 1/2 outs. About a 30% chance of winning. Turn is A, river is that Jack. I got lucky there and need to make sure I win from here. I am 111k to 30k in front.
Hand 53 (Ac,Qs) I raise to 9k and get a call. I bet out 12k on a 428 board and he folds. He has just 20k left.

Hand 54 (Kh,8h) I limp in and he moves all in. It is 16k to call.I decided to take that chance. He has Ah,9s, so I am a little behind.

----- FLOP ----- [Jh Jd Td]
Nothing happening here
----- TURN ----- [Jh Jd Td][7h]
That now means I switch allegience from Kings and Eights, to Kings and Nines.
----- RIVER ----- [Jh Jd Td 7h][9d]
The wonderful river card brings a straight again. I take the title.

Certainly not my best heads up performance, but I battled well from starting behind and got myself in a place to win it.

The game was won by the 99 versus TJ hand, sometimes you need to get lucky and there I was a 2-1 outsider and I hit.

Another title though.

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Congrats mate, your heads up needs some work though!! My lessons are $100 an hour which is excellent value.....