Sunday, July 06, 2008

Day 6 - Congratulations to UriG

Once again a member of the party performs well. UriG taking home $8500 for 2nd place in the 304 runner $200 at the Orleans. Very well done indeed. They took a chop with 3 remaining.

I played in this tournament for 5 and a half hours and 8 levels. I never got a pair or an ace with a better kicker than a ten, so it was a real grind. I played well enough, fighting and scrapping for every chip I could get. With 80 players left and the blinds shooting up to 600/1200, holding 8k, I moved from the button with QT, small blind has JJ, AK4, board give me 2 more outs to the three kings, the turn was a King giving me 3 more aces as outs, but the river was another King.

I felt I played a lot better today and will have one last stab tomorrow in the $500 at Caesars. Tonight however belongs to UriG, a fantastic performance. He had just less than me with 80 left, so it just goes to show what can be done.

So far it is just me letting the side down! Tomorrow is a big day.

I would also like to say another well done to Dave 'Dog' Duncan from our Poccer Player team, who won a satellite into the main event yesterday, I wish him all the best today!


Day 5 - Rest Day

Day 5 was the rest day. We all went out for a big night, before that we decided that the 7 of us in the party would play in a donkament at the Monte Carlo to raise some funds for the evening.

I am very pleased to say we managed the 1-2, with Fenners and Uri taking home $1300 between them.
I once again failed miserably! Two key hands, one I raised with AJ, 1 caller. Flop AQJ.

I bet, he calls. Turn 4 I bet, he calls. River K. I put a small bet in, he goes all in. I fold and he shows 8-T for the straight.

In the next level I raise again with AJ, 1 caller behind me. Flop is KJ3, I know he does not have a king, so I check to let him bet at me, he moves all, I call. He has 88 and the turn is an 8.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Day 4 - Congrats to Rusty

Day 4 was the $210 at Binions with just 152 players.
6k starting stack was the order of the day.

Just 3 of the party played this event and congrats goes to Rusty who made the money finishing in 14th place for $525.

I just had one of those days where nothing went right at all.
First hand Qh9h, Flop Qc9c7h. I reraise, Turn Tc, I try and take pot there - called, river Jc. I have to fold.

Second hand, KK on the button, everyone folds to me, the two on my left have not sat down yet!

The game was a funny one, average players in each pot was 6. One hand was raised 8 x the blinds and got 7 callers!

I also saw someone check down the flop when he had the stone cold nuts, incredible stuff.

I fought my way between 4-7k for most of my time in the tournament.
The hand that took most of my chips, saw me call a raise and 2 other calls wih QT in the big blind.
Flop is QT3, initial raiser pushes all in, I call he has KQ and the next card out is a K.

A days rest today as we prepare for a big July 4th party, but two more tournaments to go, to try and achieve something on this trip!


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Vegas 08 Update Day 1-3

Vegas is surely the greatest place in the world.

I have spent 3 days here so far including the arrival day and I am absolutely exhausted.
There is simply too much that you just have to do.

No internet connection for two days has meant not being unable to update anything, but a room change has solved that one.

Having too much to do means that Poker often gets overlooked, even if that is the primary purpose of the trip.

I have played two tournaments so far, with little success.

On Day 2, I played the $340 at the Venetian, where you started with a very healthy 12k in chips and 40 mins on the clock.

738 players! took part with a prize pool of $213k!

Of our party 4 of us decided to play this event.

I decided I was not going to play my usual game to start with and just play as many pots as possible in the attempt of hitting something big. I believe I manage to miss every single flop! I ended up at the first break [end of level 3] pretty much where I started at 13k. 2 hours of play later I was just keeping up with play and had moved to 15k. No significant hands, just picking opportunties to take the blinds.

By level 8, the blinds were becoming significant, I just lost a race against a short stack, I put him all in with AK and lost to TT. This left me on 12k.

Loose guy with dodgy moustache raises to 2.5k, I see pocket tens, as he plays pretty much everything, I was prepared to put my chips in. He has about the same as me in chips. Rock women then moves all in for 9k, so I decide now I am in trouble. Moustache guy, says well QJ is a good hand for value!!! so hes all in too.

Rock turns over AQ and its TT vs AQ vs QJ

8 high non-connecting rainbow flop, K on turn, come on one time! River J. Boom! game over.
Still not sure how he called with QJ not thinking he was completely dominated, but thats poker!

Unfortunately none of my group managed to get past level 8 either and day 1 was a wash-out!

The winner got a massive $59k! A seasoned pro from Canada.

Some of the rest of our group, did bring in some cash though! Mouse finished 3rd in the $45 at O'Sheas for $245 and Fenners doubled his money in a $60 STT so it was not a total loss!

Day 3 - $235 at Caesars - Just under 600 for this one, 7.5k in chips. 50 minute levels.

5 of us played this one, despite having just 4 hours sleep!

I started fairly badly, again trying to play a few different types of hands, to not much avail.
After the first break I had slipped to 5k. The next levels saw some improvement, I had my first big hand of the week in KK and took out a short stack holding AK and shortly after took out another when he pushed all in with JJ on a K3d2d, when I was holding AdKd.
At the end of level 4, I was up to 18k and feeling good.

With blinds escalating quickly, up to 400/800, I turn over AhKh. I raise to 2.8k. Massive fish opposite me (had previously called a 1ok all in with A2 - splite pot, a 8k all in with A6 - lost and another 8k all in with KJ - beat AA, flop was KJK!] moves all in for another 7k.

I am putting half my chips on the line, I figure the worst I situation I have is two over cards and decide to make the call.
He turns over QQ, the best hand I believe he could have, hit my King, but its followed by a Queen.

I work my way back up to 13k, when I get AQ. Newish player to the table raises to 3.2k, seems steady, but 3.2k feels a bit high, so I decide he wants the pot there and then and decide to push all in.
Its about half his stack, he thinks for about 5 mins, before finally calling with JJ. A King and a ten give me a couple more outs, but I just know races are not my thing, the next two cards are no help and its another no cash for me.
UriG put in the best performance within the party finishing just outside the money in 65th, when his KK was beaten by QQ [Q on turn]

Its off to Binions today for the $210, it will be a smaller field of around 250, but today we are after a cash to boost morale in the camp!