Sunday, July 06, 2008

Day 5 - Rest Day

Day 5 was the rest day. We all went out for a big night, before that we decided that the 7 of us in the party would play in a donkament at the Monte Carlo to raise some funds for the evening.

I am very pleased to say we managed the 1-2, with Fenners and Uri taking home $1300 between them.
I once again failed miserably! Two key hands, one I raised with AJ, 1 caller. Flop AQJ.

I bet, he calls. Turn 4 I bet, he calls. River K. I put a small bet in, he goes all in. I fold and he shows 8-T for the straight.

In the next level I raise again with AJ, 1 caller behind me. Flop is KJ3, I know he does not have a king, so I check to let him bet at me, he moves all, I call. He has 88 and the turn is an 8.


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