Friday, November 30, 2007

$400 Nl Holdem Champion

Yet another objective completed and its time for celebration as I win my first recognised live event.
Last night I won the 144 runners, $400 NL Holdem Tournament, also making back to back final tables.

Ultimately we agreed a deal at the end to divide the money up fairly, but I was chip leader at the time, at took home the top prize of $10k and the title!

The day started well, as I raced through the first level taking chips everywhere. That was not to last long however as both JJ and QQ were beating by worse hands (55, AT). From this point it was a matter of hanging on and picking my opportunities. With 45 left I doubled when 99 beat 88 and then with 30 left and 3 hands before the dinner break, I reraise a loose player with A8 and my hand held up against KQ. A further win before dinner saw me back in it.

When I had made the money and 17 left, I had my first bit of fortune. I reraised with AQ and was up against KK. An ace was the first card out and the crowd cheered! I was very relieved. From that moment on, I continue to pick up chips at pace and by time we were going to the final table, I was amongst the chip leaders with around 90-100k.

On the final table I was fairly aggressive taking down 2 pots early on. With 9 left, the following situation arose. Matt (Noseyboy) Osborne pushes from 3rd place with 29k. I turn over AQ spades and decide to isolate, incredibly though the big blind moves all in for about 40k. I know I am in trouble. Matt has 88, me AQ and big blind KK.

At this point everyone is on their feet and we have a big crowd. Flop comes 245. The kings are still in front. The turn brings Matts 2 outer, a 3rd 8, then the river brings a miracle 3 and I take the pot to the delight of the crowd. (PHEW!)

We eliminated one more player and then decide to talk deals with 6 left. Blinds were up to 6000/12000 and it was becoming difficult to play. I had about 17ok, 2nd 120k, 3rd and 4th 90k and 5th and 6th 70k. We did the split, $10k, $8k, $7k,$7k, $5k, $5k and I was happy with that. $10k and first place was a great days work.

I then had a quick photo shoot with Poker Europa and an interview for the TV Cameras!
I would like to thank all the guys who cheered me on to success, it was very much appreciated. I was also offered a deal to get me into the main event today by a great player, but I declined the very generous offer as my brain needs a rest after 2 full days of poker.

Today it is time for a rest on the beach and then to start thinking about Beach Poccer.
Good luck to everyone in the main event today.
Now where did I put my towel!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

St.Kitts $300 NL Holdem - Objective Complete

Well it was a long time coming, but after tomorrow there will be a new addition to the Hendon Mob database under the name Orchard. In fact not just one new name but two.

With 131 runners, both Rachael and myself made the money and in fact the final table.
I went out in 9th, with as usual Rachael out doing me by finishing 8th.

Tomorrow, I will proudly call up the hendon mob database and see myself with an entry and career winnings of $820!

It was a day, where I had to fight and scrap for everything. The most premium hand I had was TT and AQ in eight hours of play.

Starting from 3k, I moved to 4k by the first break, 14k by the second and 13k (average) by the third.
I managed to knock three people out AT versus A5, with AT4 on the board. AQ versus 88, who was short stacked and AQ versus A8 with just 11 left.

As we were approaching bubble time, I was as usual towards the back of the field and managed to claw my way onto the final table, culminating in me moving to the final table with 35k. Rachael had 18k on the final table, although had been up to 30k early in the tournament.

With Antes of 300 and blinds 1500/3000, even with an average chip stack, I could not hang around.

We lost one player and then after the antes and blinds taking care of 12k of my stack, I find AJ hearts on the button after being folded to me. I raise to 10k and the loose small blind moves all in.
With just 13k back, I decided I was going to move especially as the had just done the same thing with J5 to knock out the guy in 10th. However this time he turned over AA.
The flop was Q73, 1heart, the turn bought the 9 hearts and suddenly there was faint hope. Be red, be red, it was red by a diamond. Out in 9th place.

Rachael has become shortstacked at his point and with the other shortstack moving all in, she called in the big blind with KJ hearts. Her opponent turned over A2. The flop was 6QT, giving her 14 outs, but an 8 and another ten followed meaning she left in 8th place.

Finally I have made the money in a registered event and I can live happily ever after knowing I have made a live poker database with career earnings of $820. However now my wife sits with more career earnings, I have to keep going.

Today it's the $400 NL Event and lets keep this run going!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Super Satellite Results.

Some people have too much money!
On table 19 of the qualifier for the main event last night. One guy who thought he was the absolute nuts, found it upon himself to rebuy 16 times at a cost of $3200. He lasted about 20 mins once the rebuy period was over.
Thankfully he managed to give me a few chips, reraising my aces with 46 diamonds, let him buy in again were the shouts.

There were 8 seats available with all the rebuys and add ons and two cash prizes but I found myself missing out going out in 21st. No bad beat story here I was getting short and had to push at the first available opportunity. Unfortunately that came when I was holding 47 offsuit, but the chips had to go in. It was 600/1200 antes 200 and I was down to 6000, it was folded to me on the cutoff, so in they went. Called instantly by the button with KT.
First card out was a 4, but a ten also followed on the flop. 45T, a six on the turn bought me all sorts of hope, a flush draw, a straight draw and any 4 or 7. Unfortunately it was a 9 of the wrong colour.

5 and a half hours play and no prizes to walk away with.

The one biggest change when playing live is just how slow everything happens, your patience is tested to the absolute maximum.
One nice hand yesterday though did see my Jacks hit a third on the flop. I then found myself up against aces and rather than the usual miracle ace, the last jack came down giving me quads.

Today sees me play the $300 NL Holdem event, cashing is the aim of the day.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caribbean Poker Classic - St.Kitts Version 3

Once again apologies for the lack of posts.

I will try my upmost to keep updating whilst I am in St.Kitts.

Of late I have been fairly successful, I had back to back 3rd place in the $13k and a 3rd in the $4.5k last week also.

I flew into St.Kitts yesterday with the aim of finally cashing in a recognised tournament.
Today was game 1. $200 NL Holdem.
2000 chips starting stack and from the off it is very aggressive.
We get to level 4 and I still have my 2000 chips, I am just waiting for a big hand to double up.

Blinds are now 100/200. As usual we get an early raise to 600. I turn over KK. Lets play this carefully. If I call now, I can guarantee the rest of his chips go in on the flop.
Here comes the flop JK4 rainbow. Perfect. He moves all in, this is going to plan perfectly. He has JT. Of course, I get up to leave as I have no hope here.
He of course wins with a straight and I lose a 3rd tournament in St.kitts after flopping a set of kings.

I am shortly going to play in the super satellite for the main event, lets hope it gets better from here on in.!


Friday, November 09, 2007

2008 Poccer Calender

For all of you who would like to know whats going on with Poccer, but also all the live poker events for 2008, then please download the 2008 Poccer Calender from

I hope you find this Calender useful, I will be adding more events as they are announced. If you are aware of anything not on there please let me know.


Monday, November 05, 2007

My biggest cash ever

Last Sunday, I played the £40k for the first time in two months. I played as it change and I just fancied having a go.

I had reached the final table twice before, both times coming 10th. Tonight, I would go a fair bit further!
A slow start, but I managed to chip away at adding to my stack. I made three sizeable jumps in the first hour, every time kessel1969 paid me off. Firstly with AJ against 76 on a board with an Ace and a six, the second when holding AK on a QAA board, kessel could not let go of KK, which moved me up to 5300 chips and finally when kessel called my all in reraise with K9 on a 9T45 board, I had JJ. Meaning at the end of the first hour I had progressed nicely to 7460.

Hour2, I fluctuated up and down, playing a lot more hands than usual, I lost a fair amount with QQ, but moved forwards when Robonose continued to try and bluff nothing (J9) against my AK which had hit a King. I also made great progress when Garfy move all in with AT on a Q8J flop, I had AQ and had to call for 30% of my stack. I ended Hour 2 at 17022 and in great shape.

Hour 3 I intended to slow up and consolidate, in reality I slowed up too much and played very little, my stack had dwindled to 12297.

Hour 4 I needed to play more and was helped right away by Daddy_g, who reraised me all in with AK, when I was holding AA. Immediately up to 19k. I doubled up in level 11, dolk reraised me preflop and I called with AK. The flop came JKA. I checked, he bet half the pot. I moved all in and he called with AT and I was up to almost 38k! Hour 4, ended on 36864. So far so good.

Hour 5. Blinds are now 800/1600, so we have to keep busy. I split a pot with TrustInMe when we both had KK. However 9k disappeared from my stack when my AQ lost to KJ on a 3KA flop, A Jack on river hurt! I tried to take a few pots to get back into it, but lost another 5k with KQ and another 5k with TT. I am in trouble.
As we hit level 14 I am last of 23, with just under 10k, its time to get busy.

I steal a couple of pots, before I am caught stealing with QT, claypole has AT and it looks all over. The flop is 29k, I have a gutshot Jack or a queen my only hope. The turn is an 8. The river brings the miracle Jack and whereas the Jack on the river 30 minutes earlier sent me spiralling downwards, this time it put me on a high! I am back to 30k and I decide to get busy.
Spongebob the chip leader is raising everything, so I move over the top a couple of times and gain 14k to my stack. The third time I try it, I have 77 and Spongebob calls me with AQ. My sevens hold up and my stack is 83k. 9k a few minutes earlier, I am playing like I have nothing to lose, as I thought I was out.

As we approach the final table, my AK takes out Gav1000's AQ and I hit the final table with 124k in chips.

Final Table

Seat 1: Steveh1 (138544 in chips)
Seat 2: Spongebob (189164 in chips)
Seat 3: thedingo (104959 in chips)
Seat 4: ClintonO (123780 in chips)
Seat 5: plan9 (97586 in chips)
Seat 6: Clarkiej (51244 in chips)
Seat 7: Jespe2707 (50922 in chips)
Seat 8: Luffus (149943 in chips)
Seat 9: Learna (59690 in chips)
Seat 10: Skinnyman (84168 in chips)

I am determined not to go out in 10th place this time. I am sitting 4th surely that wont happen.

Spongebob continues his bluffing and wastes 40k on the first hand to thedingo.
I get a couple of useful hands and continue to grow my stack. KK on a 4A5 was worrying, but fortunately Luffus folds. At this point I have 190k and am in first position at the end of hour 5.

Hour 6, I will never be in a better position to win this tournament.
Learna goes out first. 44 no match for Spongebobs QT, who incredibly called an all in and another call with QT. 77 was the other hand. Spongebob continues to raise and races into a lead.

With 9 left I have KK, I raise to 12000, plan9 calls and then Jespe2707 moves all in for 79k. I call he had AQ and the cowboys hold, I have 256k and am neck and neck with Spongebob.

thedingo goes next with the same hand AQ losing to KK. Luffus slow played it very well.
Looking at the stacks now and the way the prize money is allocated, anything less than 3rd will be a major dissapointment.

Seat 1: Steveh1 (62854 in chips)
Seat 2: Spongebob (265800 in chips)
Seat 4: ClintonO (255202 in chips)
Seat 5: plan9 (89586 in chips)
Seat 6: Clarkiej (65988 in chips)
Seat 8: Luffus (271402 in chips)
Seat 10: Skinnyman (39168 in chips)

Spongebob hits a miracle 2 outer against Luffus and moves further in front.
I then get QQ.
Luffus raises to 16000 and I call. The flop is 49T.
I lead out for 16000, Luffus raises to 40000, which I call.

The turn is a J, I check to see what Luffus is up to and he bets 40000. Its a big bet, but even if I am behind at that price I have out, I call.
The river is a 4. It gives me two pair, so I am only behind to a set , as he wont have KQ.
We check the river down and he has JT. This is a major pot for me taking 100k of Luffus.

Seat 1: Steveh1 (50854 in chips)
Seat 2: Spongebob (402050 in chips)
Seat 4: ClintonO (335952 in chips)
Seat 5: plan9 (69336 in chips)
Seat 6: Clarkiej (43140 in chips)
Seat 8: Luffus (74832 in chips)
Seat 10: Skinnyman (73836 in chips)

Luffus loses a few more chips to Spongebob and it is at this point, I decide that I am happy for a first or second position and rather than play to win, I will play to ensure I finish in the top 2. At £6.4k that is well worth having.

Steveh1 goes out in 7th his A3 no match for Spongebobs 52!
Plan follows he moves all in for 50k on a 8A6 board, Spongebob calls with 77 and beats Plans 33.

Right now, my aim is to just avoid Spongebob!
I come up against him with AQ and beat his AJ and take 60k more for my stack.

Spongebob continues his annihilation of the final table. Skinnyman moving all in with 82 on a 49A board, Spongebob calls again impressively with 89. He is playing most hands, but making some great calls.

Clarke is next to go. Spongebob calling all the way with QJ and hoping for a gutshot. The board is T87A. He has already called 78k at this point, when the miracle K river gives him what he needs to take Clarke out.

At the moment Spongebob had knocked out 6 and me 1 of this final table.

Moments later Luffus moves all in with A5 and is called by Spongebobs KJ. The board is TK7QA giving Spongebob a straight.

Heads up I am a mile behind. 193k to 867k. I never improve on this. I decide to fight back against another raise with Q9 and he has a hand with AT. The board misses us both and it is game over.

I could have played the heads up better, but I was a long long way behind. £6.4k though meant I was very happy indeed to settle for second this time.