Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Super Satellite Results.

Some people have too much money!
On table 19 of the qualifier for the main event last night. One guy who thought he was the absolute nuts, found it upon himself to rebuy 16 times at a cost of $3200. He lasted about 20 mins once the rebuy period was over.
Thankfully he managed to give me a few chips, reraising my aces with 46 diamonds, let him buy in again were the shouts.

There were 8 seats available with all the rebuys and add ons and two cash prizes but I found myself missing out going out in 21st. No bad beat story here I was getting short and had to push at the first available opportunity. Unfortunately that came when I was holding 47 offsuit, but the chips had to go in. It was 600/1200 antes 200 and I was down to 6000, it was folded to me on the cutoff, so in they went. Called instantly by the button with KT.
First card out was a 4, but a ten also followed on the flop. 45T, a six on the turn bought me all sorts of hope, a flush draw, a straight draw and any 4 or 7. Unfortunately it was a 9 of the wrong colour.

5 and a half hours play and no prizes to walk away with.

The one biggest change when playing live is just how slow everything happens, your patience is tested to the absolute maximum.
One nice hand yesterday though did see my Jacks hit a third on the flop. I then found myself up against aces and rather than the usual miracle ace, the last jack came down giving me quads.

Today sees me play the $300 NL Holdem event, cashing is the aim of the day.


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