Friday, June 30, 2006

Late Push to hit more objectives

After another successful day, I am on the verge of achieving two objectives for the month.

Just one STT today a £50 ten seater which I duly won, has moved my sharkscope stats up to $877, just $123 short of the monthly target. (I even avoided playing any six pacs!)

I am hopeful I can achieve this tomorrow on the last day of the month.
My quest for profit continues and I avoided all qualifiers tonight! I had two in the money finishes in MTTS and alongside my STT win, it has provided me with another £400 in the kitty.
Day 3 of the 30 day £5k challenge leaves me at just under £1100 and well on target.

This has also pushed me past my monthly figure of £2k and with just one day to come and tournaments already paid for, then this is a success.

I am really pleased with the way I am playing and will keep striving to improve results.


Thursday, June 29, 2006


Well would you believe it! My current form has filtered its way over to Vegas and they are running scared!

Blue Square are running a book on the event, to reach the final table. I am currently available at 250-1 alongside two of the previous four winners! (Chris Moneymaker, Robert Varkonyi).

I am certain this price won't last long, so make sure you get on quick!!

Now it really is getting exciting!

It's all about profit!

That is my new motto for the next 30 days! (Mon 26th June - Wed 26th July)

I have set myself a target of £5k, which would be a monthly best to achieve over the next 30 days, so that I can play in some tournaments in Vegas. It is also tougher still in that I can only play a maximum of 22 days.

The £2k target for June, is about the only one of my objectives that I am looking likely to achieve (+£1.9k) with two days to go.

Out goes the LOQ qualifiers, they are simply not driving the numbers needed to generate a seat. The CPC can wait until I get back from Vegas. I will continue with the WSOP qualifiers, but these will be the only ones until August.

Two days in and am nicely on my way at +£700. (Please let it continue!)
Plans for the week are to play Cash MTT's, STT's and FL Holdem (which I am really improving at)

On Sunday it is the $50k added, which should hopefully result in a nice pay day. I have also been invited into a STT for a seat in the World Series, realistically this is my last chance and I am absolutely going to guarantee I make it.

I will be playing as much as possible over the next 7 days, as I have a lot of events I have to attend during July.

My game is going well and I want as much time as possible on the tables in preparation for Vegas!

Getting quite excited about Vegas now!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fed up getting close!

It all looked so promising!

I won the $140 WSOP qualifier this afternoon as well as the £12 £50k qualifier.

So it was the $1000 WSOP final at 6pm, the $250 CPC at 6.30pm and the £50k at 8pm.
It was all going very well, at 8.30 I was 4th with 11 left in WSOP and 7th with 15 left in the CPC!

The £50k was a distraction and I did not last long. 55 on a 5QQA7 board, was not good enough to beat AQ.

In the CPC I raised two limpers with AJ diamonds, a Queen high board with two diamonds, gave me reason to bet out, I got reraised all in and with 3k left to win 12k I went with it. I was up against KQ and got no help, I went out in 11th

The WSOP I was dissapointed, Very dissapointed. I had 7k left with 11 players left. The action was fast and furious. I was waiting to get to the final table. I raised on the button with AQ and was put all in for my tournament, I decided to fold and wait for a better opportunity, as I did not fancy a race.
I then had KQ and got reraised twice, again I had to fold.

I had lost half my stack by time we got to the final table. I battled on, but went out in 8th as my KQ failed against a pair of Jacks.

With 3 seats available tonight, I am not going to get much closer.
I am left feeling dissapointment again. Should I have accepted that race for my tournament. Win I would have had 15k and be in a position to go and win, lose and I was out.
Such a tough call.

No more games tonight! Reflection time!
See you in the week!

Looking like another solid month

I think the key to becoming a decent poker player is consistency. 11 months since the wsop 2005 and I have made a profit in each of them.

I have a couple of final table finishes this week, which has moved my monthly bankroll above the £1k mark. I have a little way to go to reach the £2k target, but there is still time to achieve this.

Todays its the Caribbean final Qualifier for me so far, I will try to get into a few others.
There is also a $50k added competition next Sunday for earning 500 player points, this is definitely worth getting in, so you may see me in some Fixed Limit games over the next few days.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Running out of Time!

I know I am running out of time for my WSOP seat, because the Carribean Qualifiers have started!

I have had some decent results in the last few days, but nothing to write home about.

The £2.5k event has become my new favourite after winning it on Friday, I came 7th (£100) yesterday and 3rd (£250) today, although I really should have won, 88 losing to A4 and then KJ with a KJ on the flop losing to a set of treys!

The WSOP finals were again a little lacking, 6th in the LOQ on Saturday and a dissapointing effort in the WSOP final when my AK got unstuck against JJ.

The Littlewoods qualifiers have finished, so its down to the finals on Sundays now, as the LOQ is not getting enough players. Realistically I have about 4 more chances for the WSOP, about time I took one I think!

I played in a CPC qualifier event today and won that to book my place in the CPC final on Sunday, would be cool to get my seat in the CPC before the WSOP!!!!

I have lost in the 15k for two consecutive nights after flopping a set! Tonight, with a reduced field, I was looking good. 66 with a K6J flop and two players going all in. A8 and KJ, turn Q, river T. Ouch!

My Sharkscope stats are improving steadily and my bankroll for the month is a declared £850 at the moment, with some left in the account to pay for qualifiers. This situation has improved over the last few days. A good job too because I want spending money for Vegas.

Thanks to the comments made by everyone reading the blog.
Coming up tomorrow is the WSOP $140 event, which I qualified for on Sunday. This one I want to win.

Catch you all later

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Days are here again

After celebrating my anniversary of Poker it was back to winning last night.

Also once again it was a Friday night, where I was successful, maybe I should stick to Tuesdays and Fridays from now on! Also reading my own tips helped me!

I played in four tournaments in total.
I was very dissapointed in the Littlewoods tournament. Holding TT on a KK3T board, I got put all in. No brainer! He turned over KJ and hit a 3 on the river. C'est la vie!

Anyway enough of the morbid stuff, I had a great night. First up it was the £2.5k guaranteed. I opened my game up a little with great results. I started well and soon got into a chip lead.

With 25 left I managed to go from first to last back to first in 6 hands! Rollercoaster stuff. I really enjoyed this tournament and felt that I was going to win for quite some time, even when I became the short stack with just 3 left. I was very happy to win this tournament (£750) as there is no better feeling! (119 players)

I also decided to play the £10k, which is a tournament I don't usually play, but happily I made my fourth ever final table. Ultimately I went out in 6th. (£500) Got too involved in a three way pot. AJ vs KJ vs TT. A Jack helped my cause but a Ten certainly did not. It was dissapointing not to win, but it was good overall performance.

£1250 on the night, all reserved for Vegas spending money. Lets have more days like this please!


Friday, June 16, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Well would you believe it, I am celebrating my official 1 year anniversary for playing poker this month. It has been a rollercoaster ride.

I would like to thank everybody who has supported me during this time and helped me along the way. I have a great time learning this game and look forward to what I can achieve in year 2. Here are my highlights for year 1 and my top 15 lessons learnt.

2 qualifiers for Live Events won - WSOP 2005 and Caribbean Poker Classic 2005
3 significant tournament Wins - 2 x £15k, 1 x£6k
£20k profit
Established as a good player on the crypto network.
Making many new friends as a result.
Playing against one of the top ten money earners in the world (twice) - Men the Master.
Appearing in 6 regional newspapers, 3 editions of full house, 2 radio interviews and numerous Web site appearances.
Meeting a wonderful team of people at Littlewoods Poker, who I am indebted to, for encouraging my desire to be successful at this wonderful game.

So what have I learnt in this time, a whole heap of stuff. I have decided to share with you my top 15 guidelines to be successful at this game (in no particular order)

1) Discipline - If you are going to play, be in the right frame of mind. Drunk, tired, on tilt, kids screaming at you in the background, just does not work.
Stop, recouperate and carry on.
Lesson 1 - If your head is not on the game - its money down the drain.

2) Gears - You need more than one. Patience works and is a key skill, but you have to know when to change gear. As your blinds increase, so should your level of involvement.
You have to be able to move up and down gears dependant on what the table is up to, how many chips you have and your relative position in the tournament, but the worst thing to do is let your stack be blinded away.
My early failings were due to not kicking on a gear.
Lesson 2 - If your not prepared to move up a gear, your stack will soon dissapear.

3) Don't chase losses. - You will end up accumulating more. This game is addictive, but if your losing, the temptation is to try to win it all back immediately. This can prove disastrous! See Point 1.
Lesson 3 - If your losing money fast - Take a break, until Tilt mode is in the past.

4) Set Targets/Keep Records - How are you really doing at this game. You are more likely to be successful if you give yourself something to aim for. Also you find out what you are good at.
95%+ of my winnings comes from MTT's. I am better at 10 seaters than 6 seaters.
I am better on Tuesday's (shattered from Football for two days) and Friday's (start of the weekend). You should also find out if their as a time of day that you get better results.

Lesson 4 - Keep a note of whats going on - It will help you identify whats going wrong.

5) Deal with the Lows - Don't whinge - It gets to you. Poker is a game of skill and over the long run my results have hopefully proved that, but often luck is the deciding factor.
Its more important that you played it right, if you did, great - the fact that you lost is irrelevant, next time you will win. Live and Online are no different in the fact that they can be cruel.

Playing live, I got knocked out of the World Series by a 2 outer, the only time I have Aces live I lost to a set of seven's. I have flopped a set of Kings twice and lost both times. I have never to this day won a coin flip.
Playing Online, I have had as many badbeats as I have had days playing poker. I once lost with QQ, 23 times in succession! Its part of the game.

Its more important that you analyze your game, for where you went wrong and adjust it.

Lesson 5 - When you suffer another bad beat, put it behind you quickly or it will lead to Defeat.

6) Dealing with the highs - When you are hot, you are hot. A win gives you confidence and this game is all about confidence. As a result you tend to go on a good run. You believe in yourself and you are playing with less fear. This can be a great time, to accumulate a bank roll.
A word of warning though, even though you are playing well, you are not unbeatable!

Lesson 6 - When results are going your way, confidence is high - you must play, play, play!

7) Understand whats involved - If you are going to play a game, make sure you know whats involved. If the £15k is starting at 8pm, you have to be prepared to be playing this game for 4-5 hours, if you are not, then why are you playing in the first place.

Lesson 7 - If you are not prepared to put in the time, dont play, stay offline.

8) Dan Harrington's books - The Poker Bible. Read them. Read them again.

Lesson 8 - If results are not going to plan, look no further than Action Dan.

9) Know your players - Make notes, learn what they do, how do they react to certain situations. One thing is for certain, the best players are watching you.

Lesson 9 - Learn how other players play, make good notes and they will pay.

10) Know the Odds - How likely is it you will make your flush draw, how many outs have I got in a certain situation. Do I have the pot odds to call this bet. How much do I need to bet, to take away the odds to call.

Lesson 10 - Learn off by heart the poker odds, this will help you become a poker god

11) Enjoy It - If you don't enjoy the game, don't play it. You get far better results doing something you enjoy. Take Ronaldinho for example! If you are putting too much pressure on for results, you won't get them.

Lesson 11 - If this game is getting you stressed, it is something that has to be addressed.

12) Fewer games better ROI - This is one where I don't always listen to my own advice. I so want to win, that I end up in too many tournaments at once. I have much better results when I play less games at a time. You end up only playing the cards and they are just one part of the game.

Lesson 12 - If you play to win - playing too many games is a cardinal sin.

13) Practice - This game you can never stop learning. People are taking up this game all the time and getting better. The average player is so much better than they were a year ago.

Lesson 13 - If you are not improving - I guarantee you will start losing.

14) Table Image - Be aware of what it is, I was quoted on one site, as the best multi tournament player on the site. Somebody else came back with - He has less moves than Christopher Reeve! To most players I am considered a rock. It therefore means I am going to be at my most productive when I am playing opposite to this.

Lesson 14 - Be conscious of what table image you set, then play the opposite for maximum effect.

15) Don't be afraid to play your game - Too many times I have tightened up due to the importance of the game, rather because it is the right thing to do. You have to play your game no matter what the stakes. Obviously you have to adjust to the table you playing, but don't suddenly start calling with your raising hands.

Lesson 15 - When you are playing higher level games, it is crucial you play the same.

I hope that this is useful to someone!
I have really enjoyed my first year and hope for more successes in year 2.

Good Luck Everyone.

June Update

I have been neglecting my blog, due to the World Cup!
I have decided to change this with immediate effect!

So how has June gone so far.

Objective 1) World Series seat. This situation is getting particulary desperate now. The diary for June/July is so full that I don't know how many more chances I will get before I leave for Vegas.
I have made two finals this month and have finished 4th and 6th, just short of where I needed to be.
I won the LOQ daily again last night for a place in the LOQ final on Saturday. I am also determined to play in the World Series final on Sunday, as it is a year to the day that this whole crazy adventure began, when I won my World Series seat last year. That will be four finals this month, which is just one behind my target with a week to go.

2) 50k - Make the money. Two attempts so far and no money finishes. I have been fortunate to qualify for this £120 tournament at a cost of no more than £12 so far.
Last weekend I lost to a one outer on the river, which was kind of a setback!
Holding QQ on a 2Q77 board, I was feeling quite confident. I get two all ins before me, one holding AA the other AK and the nut flush.
It is an absolute monster pot, only one card will destroy me the Ace of Clubs. No guesses required as to what the last card was then! That hurt!

3) £2k profit. I have made steady progress this month, but I have not yet committed any winnings to the official profit column as I have put some aside for more tournaments later in the month. I am certain it will be an 11th consecutive month of profit, but I am not certain about the £2k target.

4) Sharkscope - +$1k. Good progress has been made on this objective. My current stats show +$522, so I am half way to reaching my target. I have switched between 10 seaters and 6 seaters this month. I am clearly better at 10 seaters but it is finding the time to play them, that stops me playing more.
An interesting stat for me is my record in the more expensive games. Generally the more expensive the better the result! My ROI on £50 games is in excess of 50%, whereas at the £20,£30 level is only break even. My conclusion is that at the higher level there are better players and therefore at the lower levels, the players just don't understand what they are doing and that is how they are beating me! LOL! What do I know!

5) Final Table of the £15k. I have only played this tournament six times this month and I have had two top twenty finishes but not the final table. I would like to win this tournament again!

6) Bad Beat - Despite my teams poor performances, I have slipped to 3rd place. My team are fantastic and in any other competition, they will win. We are jinxed in this one!

7) WSOP Tour on Bad Beat - Two weeks down, not doing brilliantly! The first week got cancelled and week two I hit a set of 8's on an 893 flop but lost to a set of 9's. Don't mention losing with AT on an ATT flop to KK either.

Good Luck All

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Small Progress Made

This weekend has seen a few good results, although nothing spectactular.

I made another final table in the £2k today finishing 4th for £200, but connection problems robbed me of most of my chips!

A top twenty finish in the £2.5k, but disappointment in the £50k. I qualified for it by winning a 10 seater qualifier earlier.

I had moved to 6k in chips at the break, but was card dead for most of the 2nd hour. I eventually got AQ in the Small Blind, but ran into AK in the Big Blind!

The LOQ was another close run thing, although I ended up in 6th place, not good enough for a nice pay day.

I tried to get in the World Series final today, but with 8 left in the qualifier (3 seats) I was in 4th place and found KK. I got reraised all in by AK and they hit an Ace.

Its back on the quest for World Series seats next week. Vegas is getting closer and I still don't have a seat!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Why do I slow play!

You have the hand, why give a free card!
39 left in the £15k KK on a queen high flop and I check. The inevitable A appears and I go out to A3! Idiot!!

Still a great lesson learnt. However it has been a good day. Before this huge error!! (okay we all make mistakes!) I had played in 4 mtts and made the final table in all of them!

3 £2ks and the £4k guaranteed! 6th in the £4k and 3rd, 7th and 8th in the others. About £500 in total. (Still annoyed about £15k!)

I tried to play some more Stts today, but failed drastically! All were six seaters and I was placed in only one of six. I played a £50 stt ten seater and won that, so as much as six seaters are quick and fun, they are simply not productive, time to give them up and concentrate on Mtts and ten seaters.
If you see me in a six seater that is not a MTT or a qualifier, have a word with me!

Its the LOQ final tomorrow, I just hope there will be enough entrants for a World Series place, although I am doubtful because of the World Cup.

See you there

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I am pleased to say, I am definitely on the road to recovery. Four tournaments last night and I did well in 3.

First up was the Littlewoods Player Points, with 30 in the field. It is another winner takes all competition, with the winner taking a seat in the WSOP 10 stt on the 18th June. I worked my way up to chip leader with 6 left after entering the final table in 10th place. By the time I had got to heads up, I had fallen a little behind, but within 6k of the other guy.
Gradually I worked my way up to go in front and felt comfortable that I would win.
However disaster strikes!

At this point my 3 other tournaments had started, I get AA in the big blind in the 15k and am about to call an all in raise by a short stacked, when my screen changes and I call an all in raise in the Littlewoods tournament with Q8! Not suprisingly I lost and it was game over.

I had previoulsy warned myself about playing mutltiple games - Will have to learn the hard way.

In the 15k, I finished 18th out of 267 (£150). Here I was happy with another money finish.

The big dissapointment was the Highrollers six pac final. I won a seat in this £300 tournament the day before. Top 3 got paid, 3rd alone was worth £1.6k, you guessed it I was 4th!

This tournament really could have been my 4th big cash tournament win. We were down to four players and I had 4 key hands over a 20 minute period.

1) I call a 4xBB raise with KT hearts in the BB for 1600 (I have about 14k). Flop comes down 477 with two hearts. I bet the pot 3200, the other guy who has almost the same amount of chips, reraises to 6400. I decide to call. Leaving me with 6k. The turn is a Ten and I push all in. He calls me with 9T. The river is an ace and we split the pot.

2) The guy in fourth is getting short, I have 99 in the small blind, push all in and am called with AQ and he hits.

3) I am not involved with this hand, I folded UTG, on the button the small blind pushes his remaining 3.2k into the middle. The small blind calls, the Big Blind goes all in for 20k. Short Stack turns over KQ spades, BB Aces. Surely now I am in the money. Flop has an ace and one spade, but runner runner spades, save the short stack.

4) I am the short stack and reraise the aggressive previous short stack all in with pocket 4s. He calls for 90% of his chips with AT. The flop is 567, turn a 7. The river yes it was an ace!

Out in 4th, £0! Good experience, but ultimately bubbled again! So so close - Robbed in fact!

It could have been a fantastic night, but I am pleased that I have so quickly recovered from my low of Sunday and look forward to the Dream Team game tonight, as well as the LOQ final on Saturday.

At this point I would like to say hello to Kai, who logs in most nights to watch me play from his home in Norway. Thanks for your support mate! Also his game is improving no end, so watch out for Menace at the tables!

With the World cup starting I am going to have a little going at some predictions each day, to see if I have any luck in this area. Please see the link across for my daily tips. Please feel free to share yours.

See you on the tables tonight

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

How to use a blog!

Well there I was wondering if anyone ever read my blog, as I never got any comments.

Well I won't if I don't set it up properly!! I stumbled across a page today with 17 comments waiting to published!! So now that I have found it, they will be published.

Thanks for the feedback, it is great to hear everyone's view. Keep them coming. I really appreciate it.
For those who have commented on mistakes I have made in their opinion, then that is great as it helps me to see things from a different perspective. I have only been playing for a year and learning so much - so thank you! The odd nice comment is also welcome!

Some interesting comments about my friend Tony Chessa. Seems like you have got some convincing to do sir!!

On the tables I have to say that Leonarch is in the form of his life at the moment, keep it up mate. Also Sun_Deshi, two top three finishes in the £15k in the last week, fantastic stuff.

Well after my resigination from the game on Sunday, I did make a brief appearance on Monday. Finishing 16th in the $6k guaranteed, ran into AK when getting short stacked. It however was a cash finish, which always helps with confidence.

Reinvigorated I took to the tables again last night. I played in four tournaments.
One was the $6k, in which I made a great recovery from being almost out, but reraised all in with KK and got called by A6 and both an Ace and a six appeared!

I played the £10k and whilst I never really managed to get going, I still finished in 35th place (£35) going out with KJ to A8 - nobody hit anything.

Two other games were more encouring - I played the six pack highroller qualifier for a place in the £300 final tonight and am happy to say I won one of the two seats available. This was a really enjoyable game, where I was first or second chip leader for most of the tournament.

The other one I played was the 36 runner LOQ qualifier for a place in Saturday's final, with one place available. I won this competition for 3rd time in 5 appearances! This time though with more people than I had played against previously.
This was an enjoyable win, as the players who play in this tournament each night are of a great quality. When it was down to three, I knocked out Brandon_99 a good friend on the tables and an excellent player. He did not approve of my calling his KQ all in with Ace rag!
However this was his umpteenth all in move, since taking a nasty bad beat on the river against 'claw' and sometimes we have to make a stand. Sorry buddy.

The heads up was a very close affair throughout, we started almost equal, I was about 29k to 25k in front. We changed leaderships many times, before my JT beat his Q8. With the flop bringing a ten and an eight.

This has presented me with another Vegas qualifying situation on Saturday. I am not even daring to think about winning my seat, but that won't stop me from trying!

See you all soon
Keep the comments coming

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Absolutely Gutted

The dream is over!

I don't know if I have ever felt this bad since been knocked out of the WSOP 2005 main event.
Those amazing people at Littlewoods put me in a STT tournament for a place at the World Series.

Incredibly when the cards were in the air, we only had 7 players and 5 mins later we were down to 5.

The game was relentless in its pace, every pot raised. My set of 7s lost to a four diamond board with a 9 flush.
I battled and battled doing whatever I could.
My first hand of the night arrive JJ. However there was a raise and then a reraise before me. I folded and they had AK and KQ and would have trebled up.

I raised with nothing at every opportunity to keep me in the game, until I eventually found a hand AA. I get called by the other short stack who has kh6h. The flop has a king and two more hearts. Another heart on turn. I held the Ace of hearts, but the river was a blank.

I am just not sure how to pick myself up from this. This was easily my best chance to qualify.

I am tempted to stop now and call it a day.
I am reminded I can't win every game and how much I have achieved in a year, but how how low do I feel right now.

Whilst I am trying to pick myself up from the floor, I would like to congratulate Joseph 'TheDeacon' who won his seat in the main event today.

He qualified in the same tournament as me last year and after he won today, I thought history would repeat itself. I converted Joseph to Littlewoods last year and look forward to seeing him in Las Vegas. Well done sir!

I have many new friends playing in the main event this year and it will be great to see them all in action.

I need some time to recover from this one. See you soon


Thursday, June 01, 2006

June Objectives

Here are my Targets for June, in order of importance.

1) Secure WSOP Seat - I am running out of time! It's still the priority, I will play every game I can to try and make it. It looks like there are ten opportunities again this month. Making 5 would be a good achievement. From which I hope to put one to good use.

2) £50k. Four tournaments this month. One of the them I will make the money, as I did not manage it during May

3) £2k profit. I am making more of an effort to make money this month. It can not be purely about that as the World Series qualification will drain funds, but this is a good target.

4) Sharkscope Stats. Following two successful months, I aim to add $1k to my profit total. I would like to officially be a shark, but I have much work to do!

5) £15k. This takes a bit of a back seat this month, but I would still like to achieve a final table.

6) Dream Team. I would like to be the teams best player at the end of the month. Very tough objective. Requires a couple of final table appearances. Current Standings
FFS4LIFE - 1750
ClintonO - 1000
D1ce - 720
F.U.ASOL - 530
007apr - 100
strokeit - 40
azimut - 0
Meg80 - 0

7) Win the WSOP tour for June/July. Impossible objective, but there are six tournaments to go at and why not go for it.

I may add to these as I go along, but that is enough for now.
Heres to a succesful June

May Review

May has been a good month, my game has improved and at I times I have played some quality poker.
On occasions I have played too aggressively and on others too passively. It is about striking the right balance and being able to change gears dependant on the situation.
There is also much to be said about not playing when tired or distracted or playing too many games at once.
There is no point sitting down at a MTT if you are not prepared to see it through to the end. Also when you are playing too many games, you can only play the cards not the table, which severely limits your potential.

So how did I do versus my monthly objectives.

1) Secure World Series Seat - FAIL - I surpassed my target of reaching 5 of the 10 available WSOP finals by reaching 6 finals. I also reached four final tables, but did not get the job done. I have however bought my flight to Vegas from the months winnings and have my hotel sorted at the Rio. So effectively I am two thirds of the way there! Just the seat to go then.

2) Money finish in the £50k - FAIL - I was only able to play in three tournaments this month, but did not achieve my objective. This is an important target going forward, as I have never reached the final table in this event.

3) Final Table finish in the £15k - PASSED x2 - I achieved this twice, with a 6th and 10th place finish. Well Played me!!!

4) Make a monthly profit - PASSED - This month I secured £1800 in profit, much more than I anticipated and I am very pleased with the result. I did not expect this as my main aim was for the WSOP, so this is a very good result. Taking earnings since August up to the £20k mark.

5) Profitable Sharkscope stats - PASSED -I started the month $450 in negative and finished $20 in the positive. Another objective passed.

6) Dream Team final table - ONGOING - After 3 weeks of the tournament, our team (which contains some fantastic players) are currently languishing in 19th out of 32. On a personal level I am quite happy as I have been our best performer for 2 of the 3 weeks, I also have accumulated the 2nd most points of the team.

7) Bet Direct $250k money finish - FAILED - Played badly and ran into trouble.

8) Arsenal winning the Champions League - FAILED! - Well I did my bit, I got to Paris and watched the game, but it was not to be.

I am happy with this months achievements and feel I am on the verge of something. There is a real trade off between making money and trying to qualify for the WSOP and I am yet to work out the best plan of action.

I am happy to go to Vegas and play in some of the World Series events, but there is nothing like the main event itself. I would also like to prove that I can make some substantial money at this game.
I also find it difficult to play all the games I want to play!

My weekly schedule for June looks like this!

Littlewoods games are 7.30pm weeks 1&3 and 10.30pm weeks 2&4
Mon 7.30pm - LW PP, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Tue 7.30pm - LW PP, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 9 pm - LOQ $75 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Wed 7.30pm - LW PP, 7.30pm - Bad Beat Tour, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 9.45 pm - WSOP $140 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Thurs 7.30pm - LW PP, 7.30pm - Dream Team Event, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Fri 7.30pm - LW PP, 8pm - 15k, 9pm - WSOP $25, 9 pm - LOQ $75 10.15 pm - LOQ $15
Sat 8pm - 15k, 9pm - LOQ final 9pm - WSOP $25, 9.45 pm - WSOP $140
Sun 6pm - World Series Final, 8pm - £50k.

When you put this alongside earning player points, playing qualifiers, the occasional 10k or $6k game plus single table events, it amounts to over 30 hours per week, often on multiple tables!
No wonder I am struggling to keep a balance between making money and qualifying.

I think this month some of the MTT's might take a back seat, in order to play more STT and WSOP qualifiers.

I will post my objectives shortly
All the best