Sunday, June 04, 2006

Absolutely Gutted

The dream is over!

I don't know if I have ever felt this bad since been knocked out of the WSOP 2005 main event.
Those amazing people at Littlewoods put me in a STT tournament for a place at the World Series.

Incredibly when the cards were in the air, we only had 7 players and 5 mins later we were down to 5.

The game was relentless in its pace, every pot raised. My set of 7s lost to a four diamond board with a 9 flush.
I battled and battled doing whatever I could.
My first hand of the night arrive JJ. However there was a raise and then a reraise before me. I folded and they had AK and KQ and would have trebled up.

I raised with nothing at every opportunity to keep me in the game, until I eventually found a hand AA. I get called by the other short stack who has kh6h. The flop has a king and two more hearts. Another heart on turn. I held the Ace of hearts, but the river was a blank.

I am just not sure how to pick myself up from this. This was easily my best chance to qualify.

I am tempted to stop now and call it a day.
I am reminded I can't win every game and how much I have achieved in a year, but how how low do I feel right now.

Whilst I am trying to pick myself up from the floor, I would like to congratulate Joseph 'TheDeacon' who won his seat in the main event today.

He qualified in the same tournament as me last year and after he won today, I thought history would repeat itself. I converted Joseph to Littlewoods last year and look forward to seeing him in Las Vegas. Well done sir!

I have many new friends playing in the main event this year and it will be great to see them all in action.

I need some time to recover from this one. See you soon



Mal said...

I often watch you play and would like to think that you'll gather yourself and have another go.
I think I've learned quite a bit just from observing the games you play and several others on the site.
Whatever your decision,best wishes.

dumbsmuck said...

Don't feel too dejected, we all have those days where nothing goes right, believe me, I have had a week of em!! Pick up, brush off and carry on..... GL m8

Leonarch said...

.that if anyone deserves a seat it you, ur a gent and a gr8 player, and the beats you had ffs!!

Robert Price said...

Your blog reads so much like mine. One minute love the game , next minute the opposite. The hardest bit of poker imo is dealing with this swings rationally and knowing the big ones will come if you are thereabouts all the time. Anyway mate theres a freeroll on pokerstars for bloggers in few weeks see my blog for info.