Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I just wanted to say thank you for the kind word that lots of people have either posted on here or who have contacted me direct.

It is nice to know that this blog was being read and helping people.

With that in mind in has caused me to rethink my decision and therefore I am considering starting it up again.

However I am going to leave in the decision in the hands of the poker gods!

I had a post on here from David who has vowed to ensure that he sends me the money from our deal at the caribbean, which is good news as I could really do with it, but as yet I have not received it.

I have decided that if I receive the money I will use this money completely as a bankroll for playing poker and therefore will continue writing. If I don't receive the money then I will not continue down this path and do something else instead.

So if it happens I look forward to seeing you soon, if not then good luck to one and all.

Regardless of what happens, have a wonderful christmas!