Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two more cashes

Thursday saw my 3rd cash in my last five £15k appearances, this time 28th (only £75). I had been leading the tournament from levels 3 through 6, an unusual place for me!

I became card dead towards the later stages of the tournament and made a move one off the button with 22 and came up against 77 in the small blind. Still its another cash, making it 40 cashes in the £15k in a year.

I also played the CPC qualifier where I finished second to Dewi_cool. I took home $100+, but did not manage the seat in Sundays final.
I have to admit that I was outplayed in the Heads Up, an area I am usually strong at. I am looking forward to playing Dewi again!

It was nice to meet some more readers of my blog online tonight, hi to Macca68!

August has been a rollercoaster month. I look at my records and see a £5k profit, this despite have limited games due to being in Vegas for two weeks.
I have now managed £30k in profit (including £2k in rakeback) from 13 months of playing poker.

That for me is a staggering figure (because I don't have much left!) and thank whatever fate, made me start playing this game.

Its all systems go now for the CPC and EPT events. I want to continue progressing my live career as that is the area I need to work on the month.

So you will probably find me in as many qualifiers for these events as I can find!

For September I wish to continue playing well, as I feel my game is strong right now, but will write up some objectives shortly.


Monday to Wednesday - Small successes

Its been a quiet week so far, with limited playing time.
2 appearances in the 15k, sees me lose two big hands at crucial times.

19th on Monday and in a good position when I get dealt pokcet tens in the big blind. I end up all in against 77. The flop of 788 destroyed me, £170 in the bank but it could have been a whole lot more, as that was a 40k pot.
On Wednesday with 75 left, I reraised all in with JJ, the guy took an age before calling me with AQ. A Q on the turn sees the end of my tournament.

On Monday I played in the EPT qualifier and won that to win a seat in the 440 Euro final on Saturday.

The rest of the time, I have been playing some FL cash poker to earn my player points to be able to enter the $50k added tournie on Sunday. I am happy that I have secured these points with limited damage!

Congratulations to Deshi_bai for taking down the Highrollers on Tuesday and taking down the £5.5k first prize.

Its been a great week for my Dream Team, with 5 big tournament wins between us.

Just think what we could do if we teamed up together and went for it on the world stage!


Introducing Oranges

Ladies and Gentleman,

Please can I introduce to you one of Littlewoods finest and qualifier for the Caribbean Poker Classic. Mr Peter Smithson aka oranges.

1) Crypto Alias: oranges or psorange
2) Site: Littlewoods, used to be betfair and a few non-crypto
3) Real name: Pete Smithson
4) Age: 49
5) Playing style: Depends
6) Profession: IFA
7) How long playing: Just over 2 years
8) What got you started: Betfair promo
9) Poker claim to fame: St Kitts CPC seat for the 2nd year running. Lots of final tables in lower stake MTTs. Only played the £15k about a dozen times with best finish 4th.
10) Favourite Poker Moment: Does 9 days count as a moment?! If so, CPC last year was just a fantastic experience and since then totally hooked. Thought I’d be the “dead money” but did ok in the STTs, one small cash in the $300NL and 6 off the money in the main event. You don’t want the bad beat story do you?! Let’s just say it was a costly 2 outer particularly as Betfair were also giving EPT packages to everyone who made the money. Really keen to win a seat again this year but thought I’d blown my chances when I lost a long heads up after having 80% of chips in play when just 3 players left. But managed to get through a couple of weeks later for my single sweetest poker moment. Getting through last year was great but it was somewhat tarnished by the collusion investigation – see Animals interview.
11) Poker Ambitions: A final table in a big live event would do nicely. It’s good to dream…
12) Where we will find you: Still play a few low stake 6pacs, evening multis and, increasingly, on the cash tables
13) Favourite move: I never make moves! But I do like overbets being called when I’ve got a hand….
14) How do we beat you: I play best when totally concentrating on one table alone and not doing 10 other things at the same time. So if you see me at the tables ask me what else I’m doing and you will get a clue.
15) Live or Online: Live. Only played live at the CPC but hoping to play a lot more soon. Would play regularly if there was a decent card room in the Manchester area.
16) AK v QQ? QQ favourite here but based on my Poker Tracker stats I win 75% time with AKs, 72% QQ and 62% of the time with AKo.
17) Feared Final table? Don’t fear anyone but respect many. Usual suspects all whom have been mentioned several times in other interviews…Azimut (the seat winning king), Animal, Clinton O, 007apr, Noseyboy, Leonarch etc etc
18) Lesson to new players: Read, watch the good players and get Poker Tracker
19) Which tournament would you like most like to play in: Aussie Millions
20) One thing to improve Crypto: People persistently running down the clock drives me mad…like the earlier suggestion of reduced time to act but with a time bank. Also, observer chat needs to come back.
21) Anything else you want to tell us: Fish are your friends.

Thank you sir, the future is bright, the future is oranges!


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its no to Barcelona!

The Littlewoods reunion game for the EPT was the main focus tonight.

It was looking quite nice, when I was chip leader with 3 left, in a real rollercoaster of a game.
However yet again it was not to be.
Apologies to Joe 'TheDeacon' for taking a load of chips off him. Joe raised to 200 (blinds 50/100) from 2nd position and I reraised to 600 holding QQ. He called my raise. On a 8 high flop he checked and I bet 600, to which he reraised. I only had another 250, so had to call.
He had hit a set of eights. Incredibly a Queen on the turn, gave me the hand.

It was a real incredible feeling to get lucky, even though I would not have ever played the hand any differently, I still felt bad! (Even though it happens to me 16 times a day!)

I got into a chip lead with 4 left and I reraised Udonthani with AT suited from my big blind. He had raised my big blind for the last 3 hands and had to defend it. An ace on the flop put me in strong position. Although not as strong as him as he had AA.

I fought my way back in to the lead with just 3 left.
I has A9 from the small blind against 25bums, who had just woken up and got aggressive to which he called.
Flop was AJ8. I bet he reraised and I decided to move all in, he had J8!

Once again I fought back to 2nd place and moved all in from the small blind with a King rag. 25 Bums, called with AQ. Flop had 3 blanks, Turn was K. Just no ace and I was tied for the lead again, with 3rd place only on a 1000 chips. No Ace and I was looking good for Barcelona.

It was an ace.

Never mind, my bit of fortune came back and bit me.
I have not played too much this weekend, I had a final table appearance in the 2k to show for my troubles (£128), but just some rotten luck aside from that.
The £4k I played today I had 77. Board was 7652. Guy goes all in with AA, I call. He hits an Ace.
In another tournament holding 88, the flop is 866, I lose to TT!
Worst of all holding KdJh. Flop 3d7dTd. Turn Ad. The guy goes all in, I have the nut flush I have to call. He turns over Jd, 9d. The river - Can you guess is the 8d! He gets a straight flush!

A few quick notes.
I would like to say congrats to one of my students. Leseth29, who managed a 3rd place in a 2k event on Saturday (£240) and also to my good friend Menace, who was 3rd in a 2k event also.
Well done to Mr Alex ---00---, who won a nice tournament for £600.

Leon, keep smiling buddy, we all make mistakes
Joe and Deshi, your luck will change.
Joe for information on the dream team, go to
Mihay, even the greats have bad spells.

I also hope to have an interview with the great 'Oranges' on here shortly, one of Littlewoods finest.

Take Care All

Friday, August 25, 2006

Its EPT Sunday

I did not get to play much last night due to working late, but I had managed to qualify for the EPT final the night before.

This Sunday I now have two opportunities to qualify for one of the EPT events, the cryptowide tournament at 5.30 and the Littlewoods tournament at 8pm. I am looking forward to the Littlewoods one, as this pitches me against many friends and players I know quite well.

There will be fireworks for sure!

Well done to my bad beat team last night and especially Jonathan who won the event. We have been steadily improving over the last few weeks and are perfectly poised to make a big challenge over the final 7 weeks.

I will be on the tables tonight, so I look forward to seeing you there.


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The £15k Champion!

Tired but triumphant this morning! After 4 hours and 49 minutes of playing poker last night, I was crowned the £15k champion for the 3rd time.

For the 3rd time in 8 months I have woken up on a Wednesday morning as the £15k champion and with over £4k as the first prize. What is it about Tuesdays?!

At this point I have to thank my 5 a side football team for letting me down last night, so that I had to cancel the game. If we had played that I would have missed out on this momentus occasion. In fact me not playing on Tuesdays for the last 10 weeks, might be one of the reasons for my lack of success! Who Knows!

It was my 13th appearance at the final table of the event. 3 wins from 13 is not a bad ratio. Also I have won every heads up I have played at the final table of the 15k.

I must say though it was not looking likely. I had made a promising start, I flopped a straight and someone bet all into me, which was very nice! I was up to 14k in the small blind and AA appears, usually a sign of joy, but I was on a zero from 5 ratio, so was a little cautious.

The button 'holistic' moves all in for 6k! What to do! Its an obvious call but I was still lacking confidence. He turns over J8, surely not this time. The second card of the flop is a Jack, the turn comes an 8. Sick! 0/6. (I did get my revenge on this guy when my set of 5s beat his A9 and knocked him out in 11th)

I recovered and moved up to 35k. AA appears for the 2nd time and the 7th time this week. (0/6 so far - always all in preflop) Early position raises, I reraise and 'garrdan' moves all in for 27k. Again I have to call, I am up against KK. The flop was not a problem, but the turn bought one of the two remaining Kings and I am crippled! Sick 0/7. 7 successives defeats all in preflop with AA. I tried to calculate the odds of losing 7 consecutive all in pre flops against one player with AA and my calculator broke!

Feeling devasted and ready to go all in with any two cards, with only 7.8k left, my next two cards bring AA for the 3rd time in the tournament. Surely, surely it wont happen again. This time I was all in againt A9 and despite a 9 coming, my Aces held up at last. I doubled through again with a set of 5s and then again with JJ against 99.

At the final four, I was short stacked again with 60k. The chip leader then knocked out the 3rd place player (who managed to throw away his chip lead to out, in two crazy moments!)
The situation was LayzerCat 330k, garrdan 138k and me 60k. The jumps in prize money are massive at this point. £4.2k for 1st, £2.7k for 2nd and £1.5k for 3rd. I decided to get very aggressive, as I expected I would be picked on.

I managed to get my stack up to 120k without ever getting to a showdown.
I got my revenge on garrdan and went into the showdown behind, but probably in the best position of my 3 heads up finals of the £15k. I had 200k, Layzercat 328k. I doubled throw early when my A2 clubs found two more clubs on the flop, I reraised all in and hit my additional club on the turn. He had matched a Queen on the flop.

I then threw away my chip lead when moving in with 44 on 57Q board, he called with 73 and leveled the chip count.
I moved back into a 3 to 1 lead when the board came Q89J, I had reraised and he had to throw them away. No I did not have the Ten.

The final moment of glory came when holding 79. The board came 68Q. I got to see the flop and turn very cheaply. The river came a 5 and he kindly went all in with his last 65k in chips and I happily called and won the tournament! My third £15k!

I was very happy with this win, especially as I had lost with Aces twice (have I mentioned that yet! lol!) at key moments of the game. I was particularly pleased at the way that I recovered from such a short stack, as well as the way I moved up and down the gears. Usually when I go into power poker, I forget to slow down, but last night I managed to do that.

That you to everyone who was watching and that have sent me well played messages.

It has given my game a much needed confidence boost, at a time where I was starting to question my game.

Some of the real stars of crypto have been winning big over the last couple of months. I was getting concerned that because I do not play this game full time and then only evenings when I can and I was being left behind.
This however is hopefully the catalyst to more success and now I go into the EPT 10 seater qualifier on Sunday in confident mood of securing my seat in the final in Barcelona.

I will hopefully be defending my title tonight!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Aces are down right awful!

Two final tables tonight in cpc qualifiers. One a six seater. Aces come up and twice I lose to a set of Queens!.
Another final table, I flop a set and lose to a higher set on river! Aaarggh!

Thats five defeats with AA on the spin now! I am sure thats a statistical impossibility! With my luck though, I suspect there is more to come!

I knocked one player out tonight. I had a made flush and he went all in with a pair of 9s! Thats the sort of bet I like! Spouks1 you have been named!

As for conquerors, well Anna 42 had QQ against my AA in once CPC final. Sun_Deshi my friend, decide to call my all in reraise with AJ against my AK, of course the J came up! Deshi how could you!

Keithmen helped prove my theory that you players cant throw away AK in the 15k. I try a move with A5, I call with the intention of moving all in with a low flop. A 536 is perfect for my plan. He calls my over the top all in bet with AK and of course the river brings a K!

Wadeking7 knocked me out fair and square though, Short stacked with AT a AKQ board gives me options to move, he calls with AA, as you would! So AA wins for others then!

A shockingly bad night with the cards, luckily the cash games which I building Mpps with, proved to be fruitful. Giving me an impressive £3.07 profit on the night!

I am looking forward to a night where my cards hold up, let alone win when I am behind!!

See you soon!

Aces Bad!

3 sets of Aces in the 50k, 3 times I am reraised all in with them, 3 times I lose! Sick!
So sick in fact that I forgot to see who knocked me out in 140th, as I was a little bit unhappy at the time!

Anyway a half decent night saw me reach me the final table of the EPT qualifier from 91 people. I finished sixth with 432 Euros and missed out on the EPT Barcelona seat by 5 places.

My downfall came at the hands of TAFFSTOUR (finished 2nd) when I reraised all in (was short stack) with AT and was called after some thought by AQ. No miracle card for me and I went out. I was happy to make the money, I usually bubble in these things, but was close to securing my first EPT seat.

Whilst we are talking about seats, congratulations to the first two Littlewoods qualifiers for the CPC, 'Oranges' (a very good player) and my good friend '007apr' - Well done Andy!

Two scalps for me last night. 'cobaka' - I held QQ on a 8 high flop, he had JJ and the Queens held up.
'Mar160929' met the wrath of ClintonO (lol) - I held AQ on a Q42A board and he moved all in with AK.

'ralufu' has been added to my hitlist! I held J9 on a Jack high flop and moved all in, I was called by K9 and a King appeared on a river. What a surprise!

Anyway its full steam ahead for me and the qualifiers now!


Friday, August 18, 2006

5 taken out, but four new rivals!

Not a great night, bubbled in the cpc qual, final table of the EPT qual and just out of the money in the 15k.

I have 5 players on my scalp list!
1) EPT Qual HrKrogh. I limped with 88 UTG, he was short stacked and raised, I called it was a race - AQ - I won with a flush
2) EPT Qual Brunhilde. I raised with AA, he reraised all in with QQ. Aces held up
3) EPT Qual Gerarrd004. I raised with AK, he reraised all in with A6. AK held up
4) 15k. Pokerbull. I raised with AA, he reraised all in with AK. Aces held up
5) CPC Qual. _percy_ I raised with JJ. He called. Flop A3J. Check Check. Q Turn. Check he bet I raised, he went all in. He had AQ for two pair, my set wins.

But the four players who have a claim to fame tonight.

Analyzer - EPT Qual. Tried to steal my big blind. I reraised all in with 99, he called with 22.
The 2 came on the turn! Harsh

Glipglip - 15k. I was short stack and moved in with 88. He had AQ and won the race.

Xklusive - CPC Qual. On the bubble position, the player was tilting after seeing his big chip lead diminish, he raised my BB for the umpteenth time, holding KQ I moved all in. He had KK. Despite a Q on the flop, I got no more help. Fair enough. I think I was destined to lose all my chips there. If I had just called, four handed, I would have struggled to lay down top pair.

Bulldo006 - 10k. I tried a big raise all from BB with AK following two limpers. SB comes back all in with just QJ. Queen on flop, nothing else came. Harsh.

Well done to all those who knocked me out, but remember - I am keen on revenge!!!!

Until Sunday!

Chance for claim to fame!

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to focus my blog on those people I knock out and those people that knock me out of tournaments.

So here is your chance for fame! (well an appearance on my blog anyway!).

This way I can discover if there is anyway out there who is picking on me! I know you are out there!

I have just seen a note from Pete, who posted a comment on my message from last night. Thanks for that Pete.

I had commented on my WSOP seat in an earlier post, but I am happy to thank Littlewoods once again, who helped me where my Poker fund did not quite fulfill the total amount required to enter!

Littlewoods have been extremely supportive of my poker career since I started and I have been delighted to represent them at two World Series of Poker and the Caribbean Poker Classic. I would love to qualify for the CPC or one of the EPT events, so that I can represent them again.

My next request for them, is one that I don't think they can help me with and is to restrict the amount of times I keep losing to two outers!

If you knock me out tonight, I will see you on my blog later!


Thursday, August 17, 2006

My best excuse ever - A powercut!

I lined up for the $370+$30 CPC Double Shootout tonight. My first table had just 3 players, which would certainly provide an interesting game, with 2500 chips and blinds starting at 10/20.

However a powercut, which meant internet connection was lost, accounted for most of my chips and unfortunately I could not recover.

Better news though sees me in a Barcelona EPT final table qualifier on the 27th August, for representing Littlewoods in the World Series. I really fancy Barcelona, so will be at my best for this one.

I have decided to keep a record of my exits for the rest of the month, so that I can try and learn from my mistakes.

Today it was the £15k. I was down to 2500 chips after my AK was beating by AT.
I raised in 6th position to 600 (Level 6 blinds 100/200) with K9. I was flat called by position 7 (who also had 2500 chips) and the rest all folded. K9 is a very low starting hand for me, but I was getting short stacked and the first 5 players had folded.

The flat call was an interesting one as the player was reasonably short stacked so either he had a monster or was hoping to bet all in after flop.

The flop was KJ8. I bet 600 into the flop and the player moved all in.
At this point I was down to 1300 and would leave me with so little chips, that I was not in a position to throw away top pair. So I called.

Player 7 turned over TT, which suprised me that he was raising with two overcards to the board and was surprised he wanted to see and flop and did not put me all in pre flop.

The turn came one of the remaining two tens and I was out of the tournament.

I don't believe I could have played the hand any differently once I had entered the pot. If had checked the flop, I believe the other player would have moved all in and the choice to call may have been slightly harder with 1900 chips remaining, but with blinds on the move, I still would have called.

Should I have entered the pot, well it was a much lower hand than I would have normally entered with, but I had played only a few hands since moving to this table. I was looking for an opportunity to steal some chips and this situation presented me with a suitable opportunity.

I would like to qualify for the CPC and EPT finals on Sunday, as I fancy winning one of those!
I met a couple more players on-line tonight who have read my blog, so that is always pleasing to hear.


Easing my way back into it

I am still recovering from jet lag as I try to settle down to playing on-line poker again.

I have made a positive start, but I must remember that some players call raises with A5 preflop and on flops which contain neither an ace or a five or infact any flush or straight draws!

I have played three sixpacks this week, winning two and coming second in one. This is important as I try to repair my stt form which I ruined lately with a shocking run of river damage.

I have qualified for the $370 Caribbean Double Shootout final tonight with the winner guaranteed a seat in the CPC. This means I am just two sixpacs away from earning my seat at St.Kitts for the second successive year.

I am going to try and play more regularly over the coming weeks and fancy a crack at the EPT and CPC finals on Sunday.

I am ready to get back into this great game now!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back Home

The World Series is now over and I have returned home.

I have cashed in a first live event and feel that I am well prepared for the next few months of on-line poker.
I played my first game online game in a while tonight in the Double Shootout on Littlewoods (A nice introduction well done) and I was pleased to see the good old bad beats are still rife in online poker as they are in live games. Lost a nice two outer on the river QJ vs KK on a QQ93 board, which knocked me down to 40 chips, I recovered to 8000 and then had called an all-in with KK on a 8Q5 rainbow flop, I was up against 87 spades, runner runner spades and I was out at the heads up stage! I feel at home already!

Well done to all those who did well in Vegas
Robert 'Animal' Price made himself $20k in the main event, Lin'Deviant69' Lee, earned just under that.
Alex'--00--' Burton for finishing 5th in the Double Chance Freeroll - earning 11k and Luke'Meg80', who was 3rd in the same competition - earning somewhere up near the $20k mark.

We met all the stars, including last years winner Joe Hachem and it was another fantastic experience.
It was nice to see my friend Tony Chessa on the front of Inside Egde magazine when I returned tonight. Some nice pictures sir! Is this the same man I had to take around Victorias Secret store!

I have a million stories and even more memories of what is truly one of the great places in this world, although the 8 hour delay has kinda taken the edge off for the moment!

I am yet to work out my poker plans for the next few months, I will see how my form develops.
The EPT events and the CPC will take most of my attention I am sure, but I will republish an agenda towards the end of the month. I will have to see how much my missus whats to play the game, as she is the main money earner in live events! LOL - How long will I have to hear about this!

I had a few issues with my diary towards the end of the Vegas trip, so I apologise for the lack of updates. I know a few of you were concerned!

Drop me a note and let me know how you have been getting on!
Well done to Littlewoods for getting the EPT qualifiers on the site and I am happy to see more Caribbean qualifiers coming up, including the Double Shootout one.

Its good to be back!
See you all on the tables

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cashed at last!

A momentous occasion, a cash finish in a live tournament - at last!

The $60 tournament at the Monte Carlo casino was the venue, $200 the prize for 5th place out of 70 runners.
All it took was two hands to hold up as they should KK vs AK and AK vs KJ. I still have not won a race, but it makes a big difference when the cards do what they should do!

I was chip leader with five to play and was confident of taking it down and winning the over $1k in prize money . Unfortunately I called an all in with KQ in the big blind and ran into that monster KT and then I called a small raise again in the big blind with 86. The flop was 68T, I checked and the new chip leader went all in. He turned over A9, I thought where is the seven that will be beat me, it didn't happen, instead the cards came Jack, Queen, giving him the Queen high straight!

Never mind - its a cash finish at last. Saturday is a day off, then I am going to play some more on Sunday.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Aces and Out

My first pair of Aces of the whole week and I go out.
Only 11 players left in the $200 at the Rio and a nice prize awaiting and I pick up AA under the gun.

I tried the slow play technique and boy do I wish I did not. On a 5d7d9d flop I was not good enough to throw them away and the big blind turned over 68!

Ouch, I will make my first live cash I promise.
One miracle did happen though, my hand held up once. It was not a coin flip, but A9 versus A6. He hit a 6 but a 9 followed and I experienced winning a hand on the river, an incredible feeling.

I would put more pictures in, but my computer is not accepting bluetooth anymore.

Anyway tomorrow is another day and it is going to be a poker fest! I will be victorous!!!


The legend continues

I am thinking of retiring to become a Poker Manager of my wife!

We missed the game at the Paris, so went down to the 6pm at Mandalay Bay, where my new found poker legend, finished 2nd in the $60 MTT, losing with AK against 88, with a flush draw on the flop. She took home over $400, taking her live career earnings to in excess of $600 from two games! About $600 more than me!!!!!

I am hoping to get my new found star in the $200 at the rio tonight, where I hope her form continues!

For anyone who has not yet been to Vegas - DO IT!
Absolutely fantastic.

Another Night Another Party

I am officially exhausted!
Last night it was a party at the Venetian, followed by the Voodoo Lounge!
Tonight is officially a night off!

I am happy to say I made some money playing poker (online!). I entered the $1k guaranteed at came 2nd, taking home $300. I was left with level chips after my oppponent rivered a King.

With Jacks in the next hand I was happy to reraise all in, but he had Kings and that was that.

Todays plan is to try and catch a game at the Paris and get in the money in a live game.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

ORCHARD in first live Cash!

Well it had to happen, Orchard cashes in a live event.
Unfortunately it was not me! But my wife Rachael.

She played in her first ever poker game and came 6th, taking home $216.
As for me well another coin flip, another exit.

Last night was the Sunpoker party and it was good to meet up with some the sites top players, Noseyboy and the charming $Mate. Also on the guest list was Marcel Luske and the Devilfish.

Tonight its another crypto party, before it finally dies down and I cant concentrate on playing poker!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First tournament at the Paris!

I managed to fit a small $60 MTT at the Paris hotel today.

The standard of play was absolutely frightening, including an all in call pre flop from Q9, in the first six hands! Of course they won (beating AK!)

After a couple of hours I moved into the final two tables. I doubled up when someone bet all-in into me when I held AK on a K84 flop, he had KT. (My AK held up - wow!)
Then I limped in with my second AK under the gun and got to reraise, but he folded.

After that I did not hit any real hands, I made a move with 9s and got called by 7s. Do I need to tell you the result! (I went out in 11th!)

In all my live games that I have played (okay thats about ten!), I have still not managed to win a coin flip and more often that not I have lost when 80% favourite.

I vow to return to the Paris or similiar hotel tournament tomorrow where I will make my first cash in a live game.

Right now, its another party - I think its Sunpoker this time!
I would also like to say congratulations to Robert 'Animal' Price who got through day 1D with 40k+ in chips and also Tony Cascarino who went through the same day with 27k.

One final congrats to 'Deviant69' Lin from New York, who was interviewed earlier in my blog. He started today with just under £4k in chips and when I caught up with him at the dinner interval he had moved to £40k!

See you later all, please keep the comments coming

More party events

Soon I am going to get back to playing some poker! Its just party central at the moment!
I promise to play some more live poker real soon. There are some small tournaments at the Paris hotel where I am determined to win my first live tournament, prize money of $1.5k for first place.

I will definitely start playing some games from Wednesday.

In the mean time, I even managed to get Mr Tony Chessa away from his reality Poker show that he is filming to come out and have a drink!


The real championship game!

I had a game of poker with Tony Chessa and a few others in the cryptologic lounge earlier on Tuesday, whereby I had my first tournament win in Vegas, taking down the massive $15 dollars first prize.

However the only way Tony would play is that we would continue playing until he won a game and that I would post him a winning shot of him on my blog!!

So here you go Tony! Heres your moment of glory! (It took just two games for him to win!)


The All in chip

Sorry for the quality, but its the best I can come up with at the moment!

This is the legendary all-in chip.
Its never been used! I could not resist pushing all my chips into the middle!

A nice little souvenir at least!