Wednesday, August 02, 2006

First tournament at the Paris!

I managed to fit a small $60 MTT at the Paris hotel today.

The standard of play was absolutely frightening, including an all in call pre flop from Q9, in the first six hands! Of course they won (beating AK!)

After a couple of hours I moved into the final two tables. I doubled up when someone bet all-in into me when I held AK on a K84 flop, he had KT. (My AK held up - wow!)
Then I limped in with my second AK under the gun and got to reraise, but he folded.

After that I did not hit any real hands, I made a move with 9s and got called by 7s. Do I need to tell you the result! (I went out in 11th!)

In all my live games that I have played (okay thats about ten!), I have still not managed to win a coin flip and more often that not I have lost when 80% favourite.

I vow to return to the Paris or similiar hotel tournament tomorrow where I will make my first cash in a live game.

Right now, its another party - I think its Sunpoker this time!
I would also like to say congratulations to Robert 'Animal' Price who got through day 1D with 40k+ in chips and also Tony Cascarino who went through the same day with 27k.

One final congrats to 'Deviant69' Lin from New York, who was interviewed earlier in my blog. He started today with just under £4k in chips and when I caught up with him at the dinner interval he had moved to £40k!

See you later all, please keep the comments coming

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dumbsmuck said...

Looks like you are having fun mate!! Keep up the good work and take bring home the bacon!