Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back Home

The World Series is now over and I have returned home.

I have cashed in a first live event and feel that I am well prepared for the next few months of on-line poker.
I played my first game online game in a while tonight in the Double Shootout on Littlewoods (A nice introduction well done) and I was pleased to see the good old bad beats are still rife in online poker as they are in live games. Lost a nice two outer on the river QJ vs KK on a QQ93 board, which knocked me down to 40 chips, I recovered to 8000 and then had called an all-in with KK on a 8Q5 rainbow flop, I was up against 87 spades, runner runner spades and I was out at the heads up stage! I feel at home already!

Well done to all those who did well in Vegas
Robert 'Animal' Price made himself $20k in the main event, Lin'Deviant69' Lee, earned just under that.
Alex'--00--' Burton for finishing 5th in the Double Chance Freeroll - earning 11k and Luke'Meg80', who was 3rd in the same competition - earning somewhere up near the $20k mark.

We met all the stars, including last years winner Joe Hachem and it was another fantastic experience.
It was nice to see my friend Tony Chessa on the front of Inside Egde magazine when I returned tonight. Some nice pictures sir! Is this the same man I had to take around Victorias Secret store!

I have a million stories and even more memories of what is truly one of the great places in this world, although the 8 hour delay has kinda taken the edge off for the moment!

I am yet to work out my poker plans for the next few months, I will see how my form develops.
The EPT events and the CPC will take most of my attention I am sure, but I will republish an agenda towards the end of the month. I will have to see how much my missus whats to play the game, as she is the main money earner in live events! LOL - How long will I have to hear about this!

I had a few issues with my diary towards the end of the Vegas trip, so I apologise for the lack of updates. I know a few of you were concerned!

Drop me a note and let me know how you have been getting on!
Well done to Littlewoods for getting the EPT qualifiers on the site and I am happy to see more Caribbean qualifiers coming up, including the Double Shootout one.

Its good to be back!
See you all on the tables

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dumbsmuck said...

Nice to hear you are OK mate, and you enjoyed your trip. Catch up with you in the week