Friday, August 04, 2006

Aces and Out

My first pair of Aces of the whole week and I go out.
Only 11 players left in the $200 at the Rio and a nice prize awaiting and I pick up AA under the gun.

I tried the slow play technique and boy do I wish I did not. On a 5d7d9d flop I was not good enough to throw them away and the big blind turned over 68!

Ouch, I will make my first live cash I promise.
One miracle did happen though, my hand held up once. It was not a coin flip, but A9 versus A6. He hit a 6 but a 9 followed and I experienced winning a hand on the river, an incredible feeling.

I would put more pictures in, but my computer is not accepting bluetooth anymore.

Anyway tomorrow is another day and it is going to be a poker fest! I will be victorous!!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton,

Laura from the Chronicle here. Just to let you know I've been keeping up to date with your progress and there's a bit in this week's paper about you!

I'm ashamed to say I've lost your email address in the recent 'computer system upgrade of 2006' - so if you could give me a ring when you get back that'd be great ;)

dumbsmuck said...

Sounds like you are having fun mate, we are all jealous! You need to catch up with the Mrs and get heads up in a tourney!! Good luck to both of you