Thursday, August 31, 2006

Two more cashes

Thursday saw my 3rd cash in my last five £15k appearances, this time 28th (only £75). I had been leading the tournament from levels 3 through 6, an unusual place for me!

I became card dead towards the later stages of the tournament and made a move one off the button with 22 and came up against 77 in the small blind. Still its another cash, making it 40 cashes in the £15k in a year.

I also played the CPC qualifier where I finished second to Dewi_cool. I took home $100+, but did not manage the seat in Sundays final.
I have to admit that I was outplayed in the Heads Up, an area I am usually strong at. I am looking forward to playing Dewi again!

It was nice to meet some more readers of my blog online tonight, hi to Macca68!

August has been a rollercoaster month. I look at my records and see a £5k profit, this despite have limited games due to being in Vegas for two weeks.
I have now managed £30k in profit (including £2k in rakeback) from 13 months of playing poker.

That for me is a staggering figure (because I don't have much left!) and thank whatever fate, made me start playing this game.

Its all systems go now for the CPC and EPT events. I want to continue progressing my live career as that is the area I need to work on the month.

So you will probably find me in as many qualifiers for these events as I can find!

For September I wish to continue playing well, as I feel my game is strong right now, but will write up some objectives shortly.


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TheDeacon said...

30 K in 13 months?...Man that is incredible going...These sites are certainly not earning their millions every year from you mate. 2K in rakeback?... Does that mean you have gambled 66k in 13 months? or do you have other special rakeback deals going? If you don't have much of it left I hope that you have bought yourself ( and y6our good wife ) something nice with some of it!!!