Thursday, August 17, 2006

Easing my way back into it

I am still recovering from jet lag as I try to settle down to playing on-line poker again.

I have made a positive start, but I must remember that some players call raises with A5 preflop and on flops which contain neither an ace or a five or infact any flush or straight draws!

I have played three sixpacks this week, winning two and coming second in one. This is important as I try to repair my stt form which I ruined lately with a shocking run of river damage.

I have qualified for the $370 Caribbean Double Shootout final tonight with the winner guaranteed a seat in the CPC. This means I am just two sixpacs away from earning my seat at St.Kitts for the second successive year.

I am going to try and play more regularly over the coming weeks and fancy a crack at the EPT and CPC finals on Sunday.

I am ready to get back into this great game now!

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