Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cashed at last!

A momentous occasion, a cash finish in a live tournament - at last!

The $60 tournament at the Monte Carlo casino was the venue, $200 the prize for 5th place out of 70 runners.
All it took was two hands to hold up as they should KK vs AK and AK vs KJ. I still have not won a race, but it makes a big difference when the cards do what they should do!

I was chip leader with five to play and was confident of taking it down and winning the over $1k in prize money . Unfortunately I called an all in with KQ in the big blind and ran into that monster KT and then I called a small raise again in the big blind with 86. The flop was 68T, I checked and the new chip leader went all in. He turned over A9, I thought where is the seven that will be beat me, it didn't happen, instead the cards came Jack, Queen, giving him the Queen high straight!

Never mind - its a cash finish at last. Saturday is a day off, then I am going to play some more on Sunday.


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dumbsmuck said...

Nice one mate, keep raking it in!