Friday, August 18, 2006

5 taken out, but four new rivals!

Not a great night, bubbled in the cpc qual, final table of the EPT qual and just out of the money in the 15k.

I have 5 players on my scalp list!
1) EPT Qual HrKrogh. I limped with 88 UTG, he was short stacked and raised, I called it was a race - AQ - I won with a flush
2) EPT Qual Brunhilde. I raised with AA, he reraised all in with QQ. Aces held up
3) EPT Qual Gerarrd004. I raised with AK, he reraised all in with A6. AK held up
4) 15k. Pokerbull. I raised with AA, he reraised all in with AK. Aces held up
5) CPC Qual. _percy_ I raised with JJ. He called. Flop A3J. Check Check. Q Turn. Check he bet I raised, he went all in. He had AQ for two pair, my set wins.

But the four players who have a claim to fame tonight.

Analyzer - EPT Qual. Tried to steal my big blind. I reraised all in with 99, he called with 22.
The 2 came on the turn! Harsh

Glipglip - 15k. I was short stack and moved in with 88. He had AQ and won the race.

Xklusive - CPC Qual. On the bubble position, the player was tilting after seeing his big chip lead diminish, he raised my BB for the umpteenth time, holding KQ I moved all in. He had KK. Despite a Q on the flop, I got no more help. Fair enough. I think I was destined to lose all my chips there. If I had just called, four handed, I would have struggled to lay down top pair.

Bulldo006 - 10k. I tried a big raise all from BB with AK following two limpers. SB comes back all in with just QJ. Queen on flop, nothing else came. Harsh.

Well done to all those who knocked me out, but remember - I am keen on revenge!!!!

Until Sunday!

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dumbsmuck said...

Nice new piece mate, very interesting - I will look forward to your further posts with even more enthusiasm!!