Friday, August 25, 2006

Its EPT Sunday

I did not get to play much last night due to working late, but I had managed to qualify for the EPT final the night before.

This Sunday I now have two opportunities to qualify for one of the EPT events, the cryptowide tournament at 5.30 and the Littlewoods tournament at 8pm. I am looking forward to the Littlewoods one, as this pitches me against many friends and players I know quite well.

There will be fireworks for sure!

Well done to my bad beat team last night and especially Jonathan who won the event. We have been steadily improving over the last few weeks and are perfectly poised to make a big challenge over the final 7 weeks.

I will be on the tables tonight, so I look forward to seeing you there.


1 comment:

TheDeacon said...

What is your bad beat team?...Do they play private tournaments at Littlewoods?.... Good luck sunday mate