Thursday, August 31, 2006

Introducing Oranges

Ladies and Gentleman,

Please can I introduce to you one of Littlewoods finest and qualifier for the Caribbean Poker Classic. Mr Peter Smithson aka oranges.

1) Crypto Alias: oranges or psorange
2) Site: Littlewoods, used to be betfair and a few non-crypto
3) Real name: Pete Smithson
4) Age: 49
5) Playing style: Depends
6) Profession: IFA
7) How long playing: Just over 2 years
8) What got you started: Betfair promo
9) Poker claim to fame: St Kitts CPC seat for the 2nd year running. Lots of final tables in lower stake MTTs. Only played the £15k about a dozen times with best finish 4th.
10) Favourite Poker Moment: Does 9 days count as a moment?! If so, CPC last year was just a fantastic experience and since then totally hooked. Thought I’d be the “dead money” but did ok in the STTs, one small cash in the $300NL and 6 off the money in the main event. You don’t want the bad beat story do you?! Let’s just say it was a costly 2 outer particularly as Betfair were also giving EPT packages to everyone who made the money. Really keen to win a seat again this year but thought I’d blown my chances when I lost a long heads up after having 80% of chips in play when just 3 players left. But managed to get through a couple of weeks later for my single sweetest poker moment. Getting through last year was great but it was somewhat tarnished by the collusion investigation – see Animals interview.
11) Poker Ambitions: A final table in a big live event would do nicely. It’s good to dream…
12) Where we will find you: Still play a few low stake 6pacs, evening multis and, increasingly, on the cash tables
13) Favourite move: I never make moves! But I do like overbets being called when I’ve got a hand….
14) How do we beat you: I play best when totally concentrating on one table alone and not doing 10 other things at the same time. So if you see me at the tables ask me what else I’m doing and you will get a clue.
15) Live or Online: Live. Only played live at the CPC but hoping to play a lot more soon. Would play regularly if there was a decent card room in the Manchester area.
16) AK v QQ? QQ favourite here but based on my Poker Tracker stats I win 75% time with AKs, 72% QQ and 62% of the time with AKo.
17) Feared Final table? Don’t fear anyone but respect many. Usual suspects all whom have been mentioned several times in other interviews…Azimut (the seat winning king), Animal, Clinton O, 007apr, Noseyboy, Leonarch etc etc
18) Lesson to new players: Read, watch the good players and get Poker Tracker
19) Which tournament would you like most like to play in: Aussie Millions
20) One thing to improve Crypto: People persistently running down the clock drives me mad…like the earlier suggestion of reduced time to act but with a time bank. Also, observer chat needs to come back.
21) Anything else you want to tell us: Fish are your friends.

Thank you sir, the future is bright, the future is oranges!


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