Monday, August 21, 2006

Aces Bad!

3 sets of Aces in the 50k, 3 times I am reraised all in with them, 3 times I lose! Sick!
So sick in fact that I forgot to see who knocked me out in 140th, as I was a little bit unhappy at the time!

Anyway a half decent night saw me reach me the final table of the EPT qualifier from 91 people. I finished sixth with 432 Euros and missed out on the EPT Barcelona seat by 5 places.

My downfall came at the hands of TAFFSTOUR (finished 2nd) when I reraised all in (was short stack) with AT and was called after some thought by AQ. No miracle card for me and I went out. I was happy to make the money, I usually bubble in these things, but was close to securing my first EPT seat.

Whilst we are talking about seats, congratulations to the first two Littlewoods qualifiers for the CPC, 'Oranges' (a very good player) and my good friend '007apr' - Well done Andy!

Two scalps for me last night. 'cobaka' - I held QQ on a 8 high flop, he had JJ and the Queens held up.
'Mar160929' met the wrath of ClintonO (lol) - I held AQ on a Q42A board and he moved all in with AK.

'ralufu' has been added to my hitlist! I held J9 on a Jack high flop and moved all in, I was called by K9 and a King appeared on a river. What a surprise!

Anyway its full steam ahead for me and the qualifiers now!


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