Thursday, August 17, 2006

My best excuse ever - A powercut!

I lined up for the $370+$30 CPC Double Shootout tonight. My first table had just 3 players, which would certainly provide an interesting game, with 2500 chips and blinds starting at 10/20.

However a powercut, which meant internet connection was lost, accounted for most of my chips and unfortunately I could not recover.

Better news though sees me in a Barcelona EPT final table qualifier on the 27th August, for representing Littlewoods in the World Series. I really fancy Barcelona, so will be at my best for this one.

I have decided to keep a record of my exits for the rest of the month, so that I can try and learn from my mistakes.

Today it was the £15k. I was down to 2500 chips after my AK was beating by AT.
I raised in 6th position to 600 (Level 6 blinds 100/200) with K9. I was flat called by position 7 (who also had 2500 chips) and the rest all folded. K9 is a very low starting hand for me, but I was getting short stacked and the first 5 players had folded.

The flat call was an interesting one as the player was reasonably short stacked so either he had a monster or was hoping to bet all in after flop.

The flop was KJ8. I bet 600 into the flop and the player moved all in.
At this point I was down to 1300 and would leave me with so little chips, that I was not in a position to throw away top pair. So I called.

Player 7 turned over TT, which suprised me that he was raising with two overcards to the board and was surprised he wanted to see and flop and did not put me all in pre flop.

The turn came one of the remaining two tens and I was out of the tournament.

I don't believe I could have played the hand any differently once I had entered the pot. If had checked the flop, I believe the other player would have moved all in and the choice to call may have been slightly harder with 1900 chips remaining, but with blinds on the move, I still would have called.

Should I have entered the pot, well it was a much lower hand than I would have normally entered with, but I had played only a few hands since moving to this table. I was looking for an opportunity to steal some chips and this situation presented me with a suitable opportunity.

I would like to qualify for the CPC and EPT finals on Sunday, as I fancy winning one of those!
I met a couple more players on-line tonight who have read my blog, so that is always pleasing to hear.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton

Great blog m8 and good luck with your quest for CPC and EPT seats.

There is a mystery about this blog as commented by another poster. How did your get WSOP seat? Did you buy-in direct or did Littlewoods pay for you as you are a great ambassador for them? I'm presuming the latter as you have just mentioned in a post that you were respresenting them at WSOP.

Many thanks.