Sunday, August 27, 2006

Its no to Barcelona!

The Littlewoods reunion game for the EPT was the main focus tonight.

It was looking quite nice, when I was chip leader with 3 left, in a real rollercoaster of a game.
However yet again it was not to be.
Apologies to Joe 'TheDeacon' for taking a load of chips off him. Joe raised to 200 (blinds 50/100) from 2nd position and I reraised to 600 holding QQ. He called my raise. On a 8 high flop he checked and I bet 600, to which he reraised. I only had another 250, so had to call.
He had hit a set of eights. Incredibly a Queen on the turn, gave me the hand.

It was a real incredible feeling to get lucky, even though I would not have ever played the hand any differently, I still felt bad! (Even though it happens to me 16 times a day!)

I got into a chip lead with 4 left and I reraised Udonthani with AT suited from my big blind. He had raised my big blind for the last 3 hands and had to defend it. An ace on the flop put me in strong position. Although not as strong as him as he had AA.

I fought my way back in to the lead with just 3 left.
I has A9 from the small blind against 25bums, who had just woken up and got aggressive to which he called.
Flop was AJ8. I bet he reraised and I decided to move all in, he had J8!

Once again I fought back to 2nd place and moved all in from the small blind with a King rag. 25 Bums, called with AQ. Flop had 3 blanks, Turn was K. Just no ace and I was tied for the lead again, with 3rd place only on a 1000 chips. No Ace and I was looking good for Barcelona.

It was an ace.

Never mind, my bit of fortune came back and bit me.
I have not played too much this weekend, I had a final table appearance in the 2k to show for my troubles (£128), but just some rotten luck aside from that.
The £4k I played today I had 77. Board was 7652. Guy goes all in with AA, I call. He hits an Ace.
In another tournament holding 88, the flop is 866, I lose to TT!
Worst of all holding KdJh. Flop 3d7dTd. Turn Ad. The guy goes all in, I have the nut flush I have to call. He turns over Jd, 9d. The river - Can you guess is the 8d! He gets a straight flush!

A few quick notes.
I would like to say congrats to one of my students. Leseth29, who managed a 3rd place in a 2k event on Saturday (£240) and also to my good friend Menace, who was 3rd in a 2k event also.
Well done to Mr Alex ---00---, who won a nice tournament for £600.

Leon, keep smiling buddy, we all make mistakes
Joe and Deshi, your luck will change.
Joe for information on the dream team, go to
Mihay, even the greats have bad spells.

I also hope to have an interview with the great 'Oranges' on here shortly, one of Littlewoods finest.

Take Care All


Anonymous said...

Hi Clinton

So close yet so far..tough one for you again. Unlucky sir!!

I sent you an e-mail on Friday. Not sure if I took your e-mail address down correctly. Anyway you can get me on or


Anonymous said...

Thanks for listening Clinton...
I am still gutted tho :-((