Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 6 - Downtown

I woke this morning absolutely exhausted! Something has most definitely caught up with me.

I decided to venture downtown to the Binnions Horseshoe anyway as I had not yet been there in my previous visits. Temperatures are also on the increase as it is 110 degrees and although I was struggling with the heat, I overheard one conversation regarding how this was quite nice and it only gets hot at 125! Yeah, right!

I played in the $150 dollar event at the Binnions, but was struggling to focus due to how I felt. I started reasonably okay, but managed to knock myself reasonably late on in a small blind/big blind battle - A8 vs TT. I did not need to get involved, but was struggling to concentrate and there was no chance of me getting lucky.

Rachael fared a little better, but ultimately got shortstacked and pushed with A3 and lost to QJ.

I am due to play the World Series Event 49 tomorrow, but right now, it feels like a waste of money as I am so tired.
I know its one of those rare opportuinties, but it also seems foolish if I feel like this, the Binnions game was a prime example of only playing when you feel up to it.

I have got my first rule of poker in my head of Discipline! Lets hope I wake up feeling great and don't need to make a decision.

Daily Profit/Loss - $500
Casino - $200
Poker - $300
Running Total +$1500 (the cost of the WSOP entry!)


Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 5 - Close but no cigar

Today was my first ranking tournament on this visit and the venue was the Venetian for the $300 Deep Stack tournament, a massive 629 players took part, with only a paltry 40 getting paid, surely the worst ever!

I started with 6000 chips and quickly lost 2000 playing AJ on a A high board, which ended up with 4 clubs.

During level 3, I pushed with 88 after raising pre flop on a J high flop.

I got up to 10k with the help of my one and only AA of the week against AK and apart from that never showed down a hand. My first all in was AQ vs KQ and I moved up to 23k.
Shortly after this I doubled again reraising all in with JJ vs AQ. I was up at 45k and going well.

At the dinner break, 9 levels were down and just 85 players remained. I called an all in from a short stack with AQ suited and lost to his far superior AQ off!

I battled away, the blinds were getting massive 1000 ante and 2k/4k blinds. With 26k remaining, I find AT on the button, all folds to me. There is 9k in antes and 6k blinds making 15k total. I have to move all in, so do so. The small blind thinks and folds, then the big stacked big blind calls with A2. The flop bought a 2 and it was time to leave. I looked up at the board. Players remaining changed to 53. I was 54th out of 629 and did not get a penny! Thats harsh.

I feel I played really well and could not have got much closer to being on that poker database.
I am absolutely shattered after 10 hours of play. I am due to play at the binnions tomorrow, that will depend on whether I can find the energy.

I am really encouraged by my play to date and am really enjoying the live game.

Rachael managed to get knocked out of this tournament in level 3, but redeemed herself with a 3rd in the 56 runner Paris tournament to cover the entrance fee of the Venetian and the Paris.

Day 5 Loss - $330
Casino - $0
Poker - $330
Running Total +$2000


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 4 - My first live win!

Unfortunately not in the Venetian tournament!

The deep stack event had sold out 600 players within the first two hours, so I had to give that one a miss, but I am registered for tomorrows event, so I will be there from noon.

I went back to the Paris today to play in the $65 event, 56 runners and my first live win.

I was completely card dead throughout the entire tournament, I won an all in on level five with my best hand of the tournament AQ against JT.
I entered the final table with just 9k of the 112k available chips. I moved all in with nothing on a harmless looking flop and got everyone to fold and fought my way to the money. After I knocked them out, one by one with my best hands of the tournament A5, AJ, KQ and 99. I was a favourite with all four hands and they all held up.

$1064 makes it into the prize fund and it is now looking like a very rewarding trip!

Day 4 Profit $830
Casino - $100
Poker + $930 (including Rachaels buy in - she narrowly missed the final table)
Running Total + $2330


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 3 - The day of not one cash but two!

Well the jinx has been broken, although unfortunately these won't count on the hendon mob database, they count to me!

First event $65 at the Paris with 58 runners.

It started well, a double up in the first level my set of nines versus AK.
Shortly after that, I started to use my chips, until I ended up with AQ. There was a 5x BB raise from the cutoff, this was from a weak player, I raised to 850, only for him to move in instantly for another 1000. My AQ was not looking good, I had the pot odds though and would still be left with my starting stack of 2000, so I called. He turned over KQ! Fantastic, that is until the river, where the 3 outer hit. Why do people tell me online is fixed!

The next hand I had KK and doubled up again as I played the wounded poker player on tilt mode.

I played solid aggressive poker. With 12 left I had my first piece of fortune, a short stack moved all in, I raised all in to isolate with AK, but the only person who had me covered called also.

Short stack had AK also and the chip leader QQ, fortunately an ace was the first card out.
The blinds were becoming really high by time the bubble came, but I managed to steal some blinds without too much difficulty.
With 3 left I was chip leader, the short stack moved in, I isolated with A5, but again the Big Blind had QQ.

This left me crippled for the heads up, I won the first two without a fight, then reraised all in with KJ, he called with A7 and that was the end. A second place and $714.

Second Event - $65 at Ballys, a slightly smaller field at 48, but another good performance. My confidence was flowing after the first game and I started to dominate my table. I never had to show my cards for the first two hours! I doubled up with KK against 99 and went to the final table in about 5th place.

With 4 left, including my wife, I was sitting in 3rd on the button and pushed with A4, was called with 99 and it was a fourth place and $250, Rachael finished 3rd for $350.

A great day, three cashes for the Orchard team from four performances.
To finish the day off, a straight flush was dealt to Rachael on the Crazy4poker table and we walked away with a money belt to be reckoned with!

Day 3 Profit/Loss +$1500
Casino +$600
Poker +$900

Running Total +$1500

Today its the deep stack extravangza at the venetian, thats starts in one hour, so time to go!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Day 2 - The wedding day

Congratulations to Lee and Verity who got married today and it was a great honour to be there.
The wedding went very smoothly and everybody was extremely happy.

I do hope however that I never have to wear a suit and tie in 43 degrees celsius every again!

No poker today, that all kicks off tomorrow, however the 400 dollars won from yesterday went back to the casino, it did touch 500 profit at one point, but its back to where we started!

Poker kicks off tomorrow in 11 hours! I can't wait!

Day 2 Profit/Loss -$400
Overall Profit/Loss - $0


Monday, June 25, 2007

Vegas Update Day 1

Day 1 of 10 is complete and boy was that exhausting.

Managed to stay up for 24 hours in the hope of adjusting to the time zone.
The Bellagio is a lovely hotel if a little on the expensive side.
Yesterday I managed to buy a new suit for the wedding I am attening today as well as have a few games in the casino.

My aim for the 10 days is to break even from the gaming element!
The Poker starts for me on Day 3. Last night I played a bit of blackjack which was rubbish and then moved to Crazy4poker, this game ensured that I started the trip in profit! So hoping its not all downhill from here.

Day 1 Profit/Loss - +$400
Casino - $400
Poker - $0

The wedding is at 3pm my time, so its relax and explore the hotel until then, maybe some on-line poker!!


Hello from Vegas!

This morning I was up at 4.45am and now 1.10am Monday morning UK time, I am finally in my Hotel room.

This time its the Bellagio. The room is great, although a little on the warm side. Internet connections are not good. Come on Bellagio sort out a wireless offering please!

Anyway I have made my way online and ready to take on Vegas. Tonight its chill out time, the poker starts in earnest on Tuesday for me.

Take Care

Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Final Table

Well its not been the week of poker I planned ahead of Vegas, in fact anything but.

I played two tournaments tonight, one a headhunter in which I lost to another 3 outer on the river AK vs AT.
The other was the $20k guaranteed, I have not played this in a while and I need a win as I have fallen 8-5 behind to Sun_Deshi.

I managed to get to the final table tonight, but only finished 9th. I pushed from the small blind with T8clubs vs the other short stack who instant called with KQ.

Jc7c on the flop gave me 9 outs for a flush, 3 for a straight and 6 for pairing my cards. 18 in total, but neither the turn or the river did anything for me and it was out in 9th for $500. I was hoping to pay for a few of my Vegas games with this but at least its a start.

Vegas Schedule.

I have been working out my events to play during my short stay in Vegas. I have pencilled in 4 at present.

Wed 27th Deep Stack Extravangza @ the Venetian - $300
Fri 29th Binnions Poker Classic @ Binnions - $150
Sat 30th WSOP Event 49 @ the Rio - $1500
Mon 2nd Bellagio Cup III @ the Bellagio - $1500.

These are subject to change, as I will be playing a few smaller tournaments, but these are the ones that will get me on the hendon mob poker database, should I finally manage to cash.

I will be online in Vegas so will keep you to date with all the action. Right now I can't wait!


The 2nd Poccer Cup

The next Poccer event has been confirmed for Saturday 4th August and its back to Birmingham for the occasion.

The first event was a great success, so I am certain places will go fast, please visit and make sure you don't miss out.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog on Tour

Over the last two weeks, my blog has visited an incredible 7 new countries, taking the tally up to 42.

I now have readers from New Zealand, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Israel, Argentina (my first visit from South America), United Arab Emirates and the Faroe Islands.

Proof that Poker is really becoming a worldwide interest.


100% record maintained

2 more games tonight, 2 final tables, making it 3 from 3 for the week.

Last night a 3 outer hit prevented me from winning and it felt much the same tonight, with some rotten luck right at the death, although overall I am very happy with my game considering the lack of play.

First up was the $3.5k. With 97 runners, I started well and was leading with five left.
Holding AhKh on a JhTh4d board I pushed and lost to QQ, losing half my stack. I then pushed with JJ on the button, the small blind called for all but 1k of his chips with 22 and out comes the two.

The second game was the 210 player HH, 5 left again I raise from the SB with AJ, the BB pushes with A8 for a few thousand more. J is the first card out, but a 9 and T follow on the flop, with the invitable 7 on the river. Next hand I move from the button with K8 and get called and beaten by J6.

Two fifth places, around £250 profit, all helpful when you are trying to get a new business underway, oh and the small matter of the trip to vegas!


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Time to start playing again

Its all been about Poccer of late and the first tournament went off really well. All the details are on Make sure you get your team in for the next event!

I can't believe how frustrating being a tournament director was and not being able to play! (Heres a picture of me in my tournament director shirt, trying to find some more money to pay the winners!)

I had my first game in a while yesterday in the 140 player £20 Headhunter tournament. I managed to finish 4th and take a few scalps along the win to taking home £150.

I am going to have a couple of games this evening in between Poccer work.

Incredibly Vegas is almost here and I have started planning my events! I plan to play at the Venetian, the Bellagio and a World Series event at the rio. I had not even had time to think about it until yesterday. I need to get a cash in one of these big events, to avoid the constant stick I get about not being on the hendon mob database.

I would like to say well done to my friend Kai for winning the £6k last night, to take down his first significant win.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stop! Poccer Time

Well my lack of visits to the poker tables can be explained by one word Poccer!

My first event is almost upon me and I have to say, Rachael and myself have worked our socks off to get this ready.

We were never planning to make any money from this event (and were most definitely not!), but just to prove that the idea will work.
We have managed to guarantee ten teams, which means that we will have at least 60 people taking part, which means an excellent day will be had by all.

There is still time to get involved if you want to, just let me know. I would like to say a big thank you to those people that are entering teams and they will be heavilly featured in the report on after the event.

In terms of recognised players, Mr. Tony Chessa is bringing a team down from Scotland to play. The deadly duo of whitedog and berbatov will also be there with their team, as well as an interesting combination of the Eyesight brothers and Mr Onny87.
Other recognised names include Fenners_1 and Leseth_29.

If the day goes as planned then it should be all systems going for a summer series, where we will tour the nation for 8 weeks, searching for the ultimate poccer team.

In other news it has been pointed out to me that my Poker is going downhill! Yes I know - Thanks Kai! My STT record is on Super Tilt! I might need to adjust that right now.

The EPT schedule was announced yesterday, with 2 additional events, a first visit to the Czech Republic and the Pokerstars caribbean adventure. I would love to play in another one this season after my efforts in Dortmund this year, somehow I need to find some more holidays!

After Saturday, I am going to play as much Poker as possible for a week, to get in some hours before the trip to Vegas. I can't believe I will be there in ten days, I have hardly had a second to think about it.


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

General Update

A little neglection of this blog recently for which I apologise.

I have a few things to comment on.
I recently had a comment about being a solid MTT and a weak STT player, after I commented on my good heads up record.

How do I explain it, well firstly I do have a good heads up record. Looking at my records in the bigger Littlewoods tournaments. I have 20 top two finishes in these, of which I have won 15. Most of the 20 I have gone into the heads up in 2nd place.
Yet my STT record is still poor. I have to question my approach to STTs, am I playing them too passively and only when I get to the last two, do I loosen my game. Again in Stt's I have more 1sts than 2nds, only marginally but still more (86 to 81).
Time to experiment a little more!

The golden cup series. Well the first two events are over, the first I missed as I was away in Barcelona and tonight I played badly after a promising start. I managed to make a great decision to lay down aces on a 869 board. One guy had hit a set of eights, the other had an opened ended straight and hit to win to the hand. I pushed with AK against AA when I did not need to, but I blame the 8 hours I spent in the airport last night waiting for my plane!

Barcelona Gran Casino. I went to the venue of the EPT Barcelona and World Heads up Tournament over the weekend. A nice enough venue, but could I get a game of poker!

Just three tables open, E2/5 NL, E20/40 Limit and E5/10 PL Omaha. Each game had a waiting list of at least 15 people, but would they open up another table, no!

I have also noticed the EPT Events have moved up to E8000 from E5000, time to start saving! lol!

Blog. I managed to reach my 35th country over the weekend, with a reader from Pakistan!

Poccer. This has been the focus of my time, the goals centre star city will be hosting the football and the plush Broadway casino hosting the poker. I played here in the first APAT event, a really good location.
I have about 6 teams left to fill, it really is going to be a real fun day (for the players at least!) so even if you have not played football in a long time, get some friends together and get involved, would be great to meet you.

Well thats it for now, I am hoping to play some poker tomorrow, I am getting too rusty!

Take care all