Friday, June 29, 2007

Day 5 - Close but no cigar

Today was my first ranking tournament on this visit and the venue was the Venetian for the $300 Deep Stack tournament, a massive 629 players took part, with only a paltry 40 getting paid, surely the worst ever!

I started with 6000 chips and quickly lost 2000 playing AJ on a A high board, which ended up with 4 clubs.

During level 3, I pushed with 88 after raising pre flop on a J high flop.

I got up to 10k with the help of my one and only AA of the week against AK and apart from that never showed down a hand. My first all in was AQ vs KQ and I moved up to 23k.
Shortly after this I doubled again reraising all in with JJ vs AQ. I was up at 45k and going well.

At the dinner break, 9 levels were down and just 85 players remained. I called an all in from a short stack with AQ suited and lost to his far superior AQ off!

I battled away, the blinds were getting massive 1000 ante and 2k/4k blinds. With 26k remaining, I find AT on the button, all folds to me. There is 9k in antes and 6k blinds making 15k total. I have to move all in, so do so. The small blind thinks and folds, then the big stacked big blind calls with A2. The flop bought a 2 and it was time to leave. I looked up at the board. Players remaining changed to 53. I was 54th out of 629 and did not get a penny! Thats harsh.

I feel I played really well and could not have got much closer to being on that poker database.
I am absolutely shattered after 10 hours of play. I am due to play at the binnions tomorrow, that will depend on whether I can find the energy.

I am really encouraged by my play to date and am really enjoying the live game.

Rachael managed to get knocked out of this tournament in level 3, but redeemed herself with a 3rd in the 56 runner Paris tournament to cover the entrance fee of the Venetian and the Paris.

Day 5 Loss - $330
Casino - $0
Poker - $330
Running Total +$2000


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