Tuesday, June 05, 2007

General Update

A little neglection of this blog recently for which I apologise.

I have a few things to comment on.
I recently had a comment about being a solid MTT and a weak STT player, after I commented on my good heads up record.

How do I explain it, well firstly I do have a good heads up record. Looking at my records in the bigger Littlewoods tournaments. I have 20 top two finishes in these, of which I have won 15. Most of the 20 I have gone into the heads up in 2nd place.
Yet my STT record is still poor. I have to question my approach to STTs, am I playing them too passively and only when I get to the last two, do I loosen my game. Again in Stt's I have more 1sts than 2nds, only marginally but still more (86 to 81).
Time to experiment a little more!

The golden cup series. Well the first two events are over, the first I missed as I was away in Barcelona and tonight I played badly after a promising start. I managed to make a great decision to lay down aces on a 869 board. One guy had hit a set of eights, the other had an opened ended straight and hit to win to the hand. I pushed with AK against AA when I did not need to, but I blame the 8 hours I spent in the airport last night waiting for my plane!

Barcelona Gran Casino. I went to the venue of the EPT Barcelona and World Heads up Tournament over the weekend. A nice enough venue, but could I get a game of poker!

Just three tables open, E2/5 NL, E20/40 Limit and E5/10 PL Omaha. Each game had a waiting list of at least 15 people, but would they open up another table, no!

I have also noticed the EPT Events have moved up to E8000 from E5000, time to start saving! lol!

Blog. I managed to reach my 35th country over the weekend, with a reader from Pakistan!

Poccer. This has been the focus of my time, the goals centre star city will be hosting the football and the plush Broadway casino hosting the poker. I played here in the first APAT event, a really good location.
I have about 6 teams left to fill, it really is going to be a real fun day (for the players at least!) so even if you have not played football in a long time, get some friends together and get involved, would be great to meet you.

Well thats it for now, I am hoping to play some poker tomorrow, I am getting too rusty!

Take care all


Anonymous said...

How come you're not playing poccer then? do u not want to or not allowed? you can play in our superstars team if you want, as at the moment we only have 5!! lol.
im off to play a live tourney in oxford now (would be rude not to defend my title) good luck at the tables, see you soon dude, Jimmy Cairns (one half of the Eyesight: account)

Wildcat said...

Thanks for the comments Clinton, how have you been doing recently? Saw you a few times in the wsop qualifiers, did you ever get through?

Linked you up, all the best.