Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100% record maintained

2 more games tonight, 2 final tables, making it 3 from 3 for the week.

Last night a 3 outer hit prevented me from winning and it felt much the same tonight, with some rotten luck right at the death, although overall I am very happy with my game considering the lack of play.

First up was the $3.5k. With 97 runners, I started well and was leading with five left.
Holding AhKh on a JhTh4d board I pushed and lost to QQ, losing half my stack. I then pushed with JJ on the button, the small blind called for all but 1k of his chips with 22 and out comes the two.

The second game was the 210 player HH, 5 left again I raise from the SB with AJ, the BB pushes with A8 for a few thousand more. J is the first card out, but a 9 and T follow on the flop, with the invitable 7 on the river. Next hand I move from the button with K8 and get called and beaten by J6.

Two fifth places, around £250 profit, all helpful when you are trying to get a new business underway, oh and the small matter of the trip to vegas!


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