Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 4 - My first live win!

Unfortunately not in the Venetian tournament!

The deep stack event had sold out 600 players within the first two hours, so I had to give that one a miss, but I am registered for tomorrows event, so I will be there from noon.

I went back to the Paris today to play in the $65 event, 56 runners and my first live win.

I was completely card dead throughout the entire tournament, I won an all in on level five with my best hand of the tournament AQ against JT.
I entered the final table with just 9k of the 112k available chips. I moved all in with nothing on a harmless looking flop and got everyone to fold and fought my way to the money. After I knocked them out, one by one with my best hands of the tournament A5, AJ, KQ and 99. I was a favourite with all four hands and they all held up.

$1064 makes it into the prize fund and it is now looking like a very rewarding trip!

Day 4 Profit $830
Casino - $100
Poker + $930 (including Rachaels buy in - she narrowly missed the final table)
Running Total + $2330


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dumbsmuck said...

Excellent mate, a long time overdue win! Now take down one of the BIG ones! GL