Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 6 - Downtown

I woke this morning absolutely exhausted! Something has most definitely caught up with me.

I decided to venture downtown to the Binnions Horseshoe anyway as I had not yet been there in my previous visits. Temperatures are also on the increase as it is 110 degrees and although I was struggling with the heat, I overheard one conversation regarding how this was quite nice and it only gets hot at 125! Yeah, right!

I played in the $150 dollar event at the Binnions, but was struggling to focus due to how I felt. I started reasonably okay, but managed to knock myself reasonably late on in a small blind/big blind battle - A8 vs TT. I did not need to get involved, but was struggling to concentrate and there was no chance of me getting lucky.

Rachael fared a little better, but ultimately got shortstacked and pushed with A3 and lost to QJ.

I am due to play the World Series Event 49 tomorrow, but right now, it feels like a waste of money as I am so tired.
I know its one of those rare opportuinties, but it also seems foolish if I feel like this, the Binnions game was a prime example of only playing when you feel up to it.

I have got my first rule of poker in my head of Discipline! Lets hope I wake up feeling great and don't need to make a decision.

Daily Profit/Loss - $500
Casino - $200
Poker - $300
Running Total +$1500 (the cost of the WSOP entry!)



AlexB said...

Hi m8 - good to see how you're getting on (home after 1st week on course and knackered!) - nice to see you're ahead of the Vegas game so far - hope it continues and flourishes (-: GL if you do play event 49, though like you said make sure you're up for it!

Go get em m8!

Anonymous said...

come on team orchard!!!!!! positivety!, we wana read about some astounding victories!!, GL, The Eyesights

Anonymous said...

Hi Clint.. been searching hi and low on that hendon mob DB.. That thing is so out of date

Cant believe they still havent put Clinton and Rachel Orchard in there :)

come to think of it they still havent added my dream team cash either.. damn it

Have a good time mate.. all the best :)) Desh.

Anonymous said...

where's me Orchatd fix!!!! come on Clinton get updating!! (-: