Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Rest of Vegas

Apologies for the breakdown in posts, my connection to the internet completely broke down.

I am now back home in England at the same time as the WSOP main event is starting, somehow that does not feel right!

I decided against the WSOP event as I was not feeling up to it. Over the last few days, the whole world seemed to appear in Las Vegas, whether it was the world series or independence day looming, you just could not move. Every game in town was sold out well in advance of its start time.

I played a few more events at Caesars, Monte Carlo, Paris and Planet Hollywood, there was nothing too exciting to report, I managed two more third places which paid for most things. One I was chip leader with 3 left with AJ on a AJ8 board and managed to lose and come third! He held 44 and a 4 came down, it could only happen online!

I have also learnt that KQ is the one hand that people cannot lay down. In one tournament with blinds at 500/1000. UTG limps, pos 2 reraises all in for 4500, I reraise all in for 8000 with KK. The big blind thinks and calls half of his chips with KQ and inevitably hits two queens, which seemed to help him justify his decision. Unbelievable.

I had a great trip, where I managed to pretty much managed to pay for it with my results. The Bellagio is a wonderful hotel and overall Vegas is a great place to be. The only downsides were an almost unworkable internet connection, difficulties getting a game of poker due to the amount of people there and a credit card issue with the Rio (long story - still resolving!)

I have achieved one aim of live cashes, but still have work to do to cash in a significant one. Coming 54th of 629 in the Venetian was the closest I came and with a bit of luck would have put me on the map, but now its time to knuckle down and work on my game.

My aims for the next couple of months are to run another Poccer event to get that established and qualify for the Caribbean Poker Classic.


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