Monday, July 09, 2007

Who said that online was fair

'Jacks, that's a nice hand lets see what develops'

dealt to ClintonO [Jh Jd]
_fjompen_: folds
Marco1970: folds
Rawand: calls 20
Steve_p: calls 20
tisk: raises to 140
robban71: folds
wokiee: folds
CHWIN: folds
ClintonO: calls 120 (Its a sizeable raise, feels like AK - I will just call)
Rawand: calls 120
Steve_p: calls 120
----- FLOP ----- [6s Jc 6c] - BINGO! What more can I ask for.
ClintonO: checks
Rawand: checks
Steve_p: checks
tisk: bets 360
ClintonO: calls 360 (I'll slow play it)
Rawand: folds
Steve_p: calls 360 (another caller great)
----- TURN ----- [6s Jc 6c][Qd]
ClintonO: checks (Milk it again, hope he has AQ)
Steve_p: checks
tisk: bets 1850 and is all-in (Thank you poker gods)
ClintonO: raises to 2000 and is all-in
Steve_p: folds
Returned uncalled bets 150 to ClintonO
----- RIVER ----- [6s Jc 6c Qd][Qh] (YOU SICK SON OF A *$%"%)
----- SHOW DOWN -----
ClintonO: shows [Jh Jd] (A Full House, Jacks full of Queens)
tisk: shows [Qc As] (A Full House, Queens full of Sixes)
tisk collected 5350 from Main pot

Flop a full House, and left with 150 chips, this game is so sick. I vow to the table to get my revenge and win this tournament!!



dumbsmuck said...

Funny, look what just happened in the tourney I am playing in.....

Dav150922: raises to 800
Neilo56: folds
Brett015: folds
dumbsmuck: folds
Jon300115: folds
Eagle1810: folds
Tayla7: folds
16pjp16: folds
Nasher: folds
alexandr: calls 400
----- FLOP ----- [6c 5d 5c]
alexandr: checks
Dav150922: bets 1200
alexandr: calls 1200
----- TURN ----- [6c 5d 5c][Td]
alexandr: checks
Dav150922: bets 2569 and is all-in
alexandr: calls 2569
----- RIVER ----- [6c 5d 5c Td][Th]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Dav150922: shows [Tc Ah] (A Full House, Tens full of Fives)
alexandr: shows [6d 6s] (A Full House, Sixes full of Tens)
Dav150922 collected 9838 from Main pot


AlexB said...

No-one said it was fair did they? You vow to win that tourney? Can I ask which one mate!! Welcome home (-:
Get back in that Mansion $100k m8, you know its the best value on the net and you're more than capable - if i can do it (3rd again last night for more than any Cypto 1st place payout bar £40k), then no reason why you cant!! Good luck with your play m8.

ClintonO said...

Hey Alex,

I meant I was going to come back and win the tournament from 150 chips! I did manage to get to 5k, only to be cruely denied.

I am not playing much at the moment, but I will get in that mansion one when I get the time