Saturday, July 28, 2007

A great night of poker

It just goes to show the old saying of when you're hot you're hot. (Thanks to the grammar police for correctly pointing out I spelt you're as your)
After last nights win, my form continued this evening. Although I do feel I little gutted, too much of a perfectionist.

5 games tonight and 5 results.

The Golden Cup #9 qualifier for the $130 was first on the agenda, 2 seats available, duly secured.

The Golden Cup #8 qualifier for the $530 was next, 3 seats, one taken.

Then the $20k - $200 better off for 14. As AK runs into KK

The $4.5k was next, could I defend my crown. Previously in that competition I had come 1st, then 2nd. Well after yesterdays 1st, it was just 3rd tonight. $575 more.

Finally it was the £6k. We are heads up and I am slightly behind in chips 260 plays 240. I get Ts6s. Flop 3sTc9d. He bets I call. Turn 4s. I have top pair and flush draw.
He bets, I reraise heavilly, he goes all in. I think for ages and call, he has K9. He has 4 outs (1 of the nines will complete my flush). Incredibly he hits the other 9. I am out in 2nd place. £1070 better off.

I am really happy with that as a nights work, although it was almost £600 more!

Still Fridays remain a great night for me and the last two days have bought some much needed revenue!



Eyesight. said...

What great results, n1 m8 wp:)

Anonymous said...

since i started posting on your blog the good days have come back! perhaps you could mentor me in a few multies as way of thanks?


Anonymous said...

Nice results m8...good to see the rocks can still win at this crazy game.

Your poker game might be good but your grammar is awful.

"When your hot your hot" should be "When you're hot you're hot".

The two words are often confused. "Your" means "belonging to you" - your house, your rights etc etc. "You're" is a contraction of "you are" - you're a rock, you're on a great run etc etc etc.

Hope this helps.

dumbsmuck said...

Congrats mate, WP

AlexB said...

Go on m8 - cooking on gas!! Shame we couldn't get together for a beer but there's sure to be other opportunities!

Oh and I have to ask this question to your Grammar Expert - Which word in the English alphabet contains all vowels, each appearing only once, although in the correct order? Anyone? (-:

Comeback King 2007 - vwp m8 keep it up!

Anonymous said...