Friday, July 27, 2007

We're Back

Well after saying how bad I was playing, I guess its only fitting that I then win a tournament!

The $4.5k guaranteed $55 buy in, had 116 runners, $5.8k in the prize pool and $1.74k of it went to me for coming in first!

The evening was made better, due to the fact that I also won a CPC qualifier to the $530 final on Sunday.

I was very pleased with the $4.5k performance. Despite being 3rd with 3 left, I felt very comfortable. Also when heads up, I felt very much in control.

What a lovely feeling to win again, the 3rd success in that tournament for me.

Bed time now with a win under the belt.


Additional note - I just received a comment about tips on winning a tournament. Well one that is particularly relevant, is never give up. With five players left last night, I ran into trips with top two pair, it left me with 943 chips, with blinds at 1200 & 2400. So basically never give up and fight for everything.
Incidently - I had KQ on 943 versus 2 others with lower cards and trebled up, then again when my KJ beat 79 after one guy tried to isolate.
To win the tournament from that position is a very nice feeling indeed!


Anonymous said...

well done. i am yet to win a big tournament online, any tips?


Anonymous said...

5 left, 174000 chips in play and you have less than 1000 and go on to win. LMAO - it could only happen to you, you lucky git.

Have you been smoking the "El Clintono's" again? Look it up on