Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More time needed

Apologies again for the lack of updates, I just simply don't have enough time in the day to do everything I want to do!

Poker wise, I have had a fairly quiet week.
I played in the Sunday £40k, after qualifying in the £13 MTTs and managed to go out on the bubble in 41st place. I was was sitting in about 36th at the time and I get 99 on the button, the cutoff did his usual raise, so I moved in, he instant calls with K3 and hits not one but two kings!

I have had a couple of final tables and made a little money but nothing special, I also played a few hours of fixed limit cash games, winning the grand total of £50, but did manage to rack up 700 mpps in the mean time.

A few words of congratulations, firstly to my good friend Mr Lee Hayward, who won the NTX last night, for his first significant win, well done sir. Also another good friend Paul Barrington-Light won a nice tourney on pokerstars and took down in the region of $5.5k ,very well done.

Whilst I am on the subject of acknowledging people, I would also like to thank the wonderful people at Littlewoods who sponsered Royal Windsor races last night and kindly invited me along.
The first 5 winners helped me enjoy the night, but a few really nice touches like picking out the best turned out horse, (Orchard House of course!!) made it a really special evening.

Rachael got to present the trophy to the winner of the second race, although unfortunately they had to just sell their horse in an auction, so they were not the most pleased winners I have ever seen!!!
Only downside was the torrential rain, but you can't have everything.

Poccer continues to dominate my time, holidays, weddings, injuries etc are taking their toll on the teams who had previously registered, so I am still trying to fill the remaining few spaces. If you fancy getting involved please let me know, would be great to see you.

Cryptologic have got their Golden Cup series back in September, so that should keep a lot of interest in the site, which is good news for players.

One thing I have been looking at is the chat on the site and how wound up some people get! I have taken down a few conversations that just made me laugh.
Please be wary that some of the language used below made be offensive to some, so if you are of a sensitive nature, don't read on.

The terrible bad beat!

omaplata (observer): nice call with 89 u ****head of a donk
Supernosh (observer): whats your problem?
Russ07125: u fug king knob

The I have not heard that one before!

Stonehead: hilaary playing
Stonehead: monica cooking coffee

The Capital letter attack.

Greatest (observer): ROBE U FUC KIN MOR ON , CALLin all ur stack WITH KQ OFF
Greatest (observer): U FUC KIN MENTALIST
Greatest (observer): I BET U HAVE AIDS U FUC KIN NORTHEN C* NT
Jodave: what a low life you must be greatest

The blame the site.

Wtf_ant (observer): sites a f u c k i n joke
Wtf_ant (observer): calls with 7 outs
Wtf_ant (observer): c * n t

Multiway Insults.

4ofhearts: muppet
Coop11: up yours to ss er
Contrazur: noob ****
Dan040447: up your kozmik
Coop11: 2 to ss ers top right
Kozmik_k: my kozmik what?
Dan040447: a ssss
Kozmik_k: are you gay?
Dan040447: wot kinda names that u sound like an inbread

The are you ever going to drop it.

Sicurrie: that P RI CK called with K8
Sicurrie: what a W *NKER
Sicurrie: errr YES U YOU FKN MUPPET
Reaves: it was worth it u fool
Sicurrie: only one fool on this table
Reaves: yeh and ur it
Sicurrie: listen muppet
Reaves: t wat faced monkey
Sicurrie: calling with hands like that
Sicurrie: the only final table you will see is at your local mortuary
Reaves: bad loser's like u make me sick
Sicurrie: your right its like bad play
Sicurrie: and you fit that perfectly
Reaves: wasn't bad play cos it was worth it
Reaves: i'm gonna come at u like a spider monkey
Reaves: and stab u with a spoon
Reaves: stupid sicurrie very stupid lol
Sicurrie: watching you too long

Self confessed Fish!

psycocopy: lol i am a fish
boohoopok (observer): your a ****i n fish
DANDAN23: lol
boohoopok (observer): unreal you ******g DONLEY
Ruderalis: and ida flopped 3 tens lol
boohoopok (observer): DONKEY
psycocopy: a flounder i be
DANDAN23: lmao
riverkill (observer): says the one who calls all his chips off with bottom pair

Final table tension

Mhumph82: fishin FU CK WIT !
Testicles: mhump DOES have the hump
Mhumph82: do grow up you fool !
Testicles: im not the one crying like alittle girl am i

Silent treatment

Flyndre: J4?
Flyndre: u call raises with that s hit?
Flyndre: fkn donkey
Andy1963: unreal
Flyndre: what a fkn fish
Andy1963: fish always get rewarded on here

Walked in half way through

Slick20 (observer): If i even actually bothered to explain why it is -17 you wouldent belive me anyway so its pointless
maleuk: 1364 games to be precise, so wen u come on here saying im useless, do sum simple checks otherwise u will embaress ureself
maleuk: no do one and get lost
Boingster: all this over one hand....
Boingster: or did i miss summat ??
maleuk: boing he was insulting everyone on the table
Boingster: ahhhhh
maleuk: so i am just telling him some home truths
Barr08109: could doyle brunson and kid poker take their chat to a private room
Boingster: lmao
Slick20 (observer): all this becaise he missed a flush draw
Slick20 (observer): can you belive it
maleuk: im fine, it was slick having a go at oplayers fo being useless, till i pointed out how bad he is
maleuk: -17%, u shud take up snap
Boingster: well i try to improve a bit with every game....dunno bout u lot
Slick20 (observer): no actually i called all in with j % and u started saying stuff to mr and i havent spoker " u once before
Slick20 (observer): why?
Slick20 (observer): becaus u missed your lfush and dumped chips off to me
maleuk: u went all in on J5, yet u had a go at lots of players, me inc wen u assumed i was going for a flush
Slick20 (observer): why did you think i did that
Slick20 (observer): i was raising every pot faterwards
maleuk: therefore, if u want to look how bad u r, look at -17% over 1300+ games
Slick20 (observer): i was on supertilt after the a !)
maleuk: if u r any good u shudnt tilt
maleuk: but u aint, so f off
Boingster: but that in itself is a weakness...yes ??
Slick20 (observer): did i ever say i percieved myself as being good
maleuk: yes u did
Slick20 (observer): i dont think i did
Slick20 (observer): you think you are good and it hasnt hit home that your not
Slick20 (observer): you just openeed your big mouth started tlkin " me when i havent spoker " u bfore in my life
maleuk: nh
Slick20 (observer): lol
Slick20 (observer): bye bye
Boingster: gg male
Slick20 (observer): donk
Slick20 (observer): donk
Slick20 (observer): donk

All these without an insult from the Eyesight boys! LOL!

Be back soon

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Anonymous said...

is there any chance i can play in that poccer thing?
i'm ok at football but class at poker as you know.
email me with dates etc thanks

ps - i know you have people in hong kong and singapore also reading your blog but they are routed through a uk server. they are my friends so add that to your list if you havent got those two already - cheers!