Saturday, July 14, 2007

CPC time

I played my second CPC qualifier on Thursday and made it two wins from two to get into the final on Sunday.

The caribbean is such a good experience that I am determined to make it 3 successive years.

Not much play this weekend, as it was my birthday yesterday, (my last year in the 25-34 demographic!) and am continuing the celebrations today. So I will have to wait until Sunday evening to get playing again.

I am not playing enough for my liking at the moment, but there is just so much to do!

There are a few more links on my blog as more and more people get into blogging. Good Luck guys.

I really want a game of poker!

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Anonymous said...

Devils Advocate;

CPC may not be such a good experience this year. Last year the flights, food and drink were included in the package, THIS YEAR THEY ARE NOT!! Instead you get $2500, for 2 people going, that won't cover it! It will cover the flights, but bearing im mind that Breakfast at the Marriott is $20, be prepared to take a lot of food money with you. A Heineken is $6 BTW!!

Last year the trip was 10 days, although 2 were spent in Airports because of the huge delays, still it was 8 days holiday, this year you will get 5 days- ENJOY!

The event struggles to attract big names from USA, because they consider the buy-in too low, and the prize-pool too small. There is no reason to think there will be more players this year as its still just 1 package per week in the CPC main sat(Poor show from crypto's new bosses at Hills towers) The lite packages are ridiculous, most players that have won them won't even turn up in St Kitts. Having already paid the 'Winners' of these packages $2140, come November these 'Winners' will be faced with a minimum £1000 for 2 flights, minimum, £1000 for food and drink, oh and £3000 if you fancy playing the main event during your 5 day holiday that you 'Won', so all in after 'winning' this lite package, it's only going to cost you £5000 to play. GL