Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day 3 - The day of not one cash but two!

Well the jinx has been broken, although unfortunately these won't count on the hendon mob database, they count to me!

First event $65 at the Paris with 58 runners.

It started well, a double up in the first level my set of nines versus AK.
Shortly after that, I started to use my chips, until I ended up with AQ. There was a 5x BB raise from the cutoff, this was from a weak player, I raised to 850, only for him to move in instantly for another 1000. My AQ was not looking good, I had the pot odds though and would still be left with my starting stack of 2000, so I called. He turned over KQ! Fantastic, that is until the river, where the 3 outer hit. Why do people tell me online is fixed!

The next hand I had KK and doubled up again as I played the wounded poker player on tilt mode.

I played solid aggressive poker. With 12 left I had my first piece of fortune, a short stack moved all in, I raised all in to isolate with AK, but the only person who had me covered called also.

Short stack had AK also and the chip leader QQ, fortunately an ace was the first card out.
The blinds were becoming really high by time the bubble came, but I managed to steal some blinds without too much difficulty.
With 3 left I was chip leader, the short stack moved in, I isolated with A5, but again the Big Blind had QQ.

This left me crippled for the heads up, I won the first two without a fight, then reraised all in with KJ, he called with A7 and that was the end. A second place and $714.

Second Event - $65 at Ballys, a slightly smaller field at 48, but another good performance. My confidence was flowing after the first game and I started to dominate my table. I never had to show my cards for the first two hours! I doubled up with KK against 99 and went to the final table in about 5th place.

With 4 left, including my wife, I was sitting in 3rd on the button and pushed with A4, was called with 99 and it was a fourth place and $250, Rachael finished 3rd for $350.

A great day, three cashes for the Orchard team from four performances.
To finish the day off, a straight flush was dealt to Rachael on the Crazy4poker table and we walked away with a money belt to be reckoned with!

Day 3 Profit/Loss +$1500
Casino +$600
Poker +$900

Running Total +$1500

Today its the deep stack extravangza at the venetian, thats starts in one hour, so time to go!



dumbsmuck said...

Fantastic mate!! Save some money to buy me a T Shirt!!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice result m8, i'm having a mare here.

Played the $50k GTD on stars, with 451 left from 1500 runners, me sat 40th they cancelled it for tech reasons, then in the $1000 buy-in, almost 300 runners, AK goes down to AQ, even at that level, he still called there-raise pre, UNBL!!

Anyway have a good trip- speak soon,