Monday, June 25, 2007

Vegas Update Day 1

Day 1 of 10 is complete and boy was that exhausting.

Managed to stay up for 24 hours in the hope of adjusting to the time zone.
The Bellagio is a lovely hotel if a little on the expensive side.
Yesterday I managed to buy a new suit for the wedding I am attening today as well as have a few games in the casino.

My aim for the 10 days is to break even from the gaming element!
The Poker starts for me on Day 3. Last night I played a bit of blackjack which was rubbish and then moved to Crazy4poker, this game ensured that I started the trip in profit! So hoping its not all downhill from here.

Day 1 Profit/Loss - +$400
Casino - $400
Poker - $0

The wedding is at 3pm my time, so its relax and explore the hotel until then, maybe some on-line poker!!


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dumbsmuck said...

Nice one mate, keep raking it in!! Have a Corona for me!