Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Days are here again

After celebrating my anniversary of Poker it was back to winning last night.

Also once again it was a Friday night, where I was successful, maybe I should stick to Tuesdays and Fridays from now on! Also reading my own tips helped me!

I played in four tournaments in total.
I was very dissapointed in the Littlewoods tournament. Holding TT on a KK3T board, I got put all in. No brainer! He turned over KJ and hit a 3 on the river. C'est la vie!

Anyway enough of the morbid stuff, I had a great night. First up it was the £2.5k guaranteed. I opened my game up a little with great results. I started well and soon got into a chip lead.

With 25 left I managed to go from first to last back to first in 6 hands! Rollercoaster stuff. I really enjoyed this tournament and felt that I was going to win for quite some time, even when I became the short stack with just 3 left. I was very happy to win this tournament (£750) as there is no better feeling! (119 players)

I also decided to play the £10k, which is a tournament I don't usually play, but happily I made my fourth ever final table. Ultimately I went out in 6th. (£500) Got too involved in a three way pot. AJ vs KJ vs TT. A Jack helped my cause but a Ten certainly did not. It was dissapointing not to win, but it was good overall performance.

£1250 on the night, all reserved for Vegas spending money. Lets have more days like this please!


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dumbsmuck said...

Congrats mate, well deserved. You are getting better all the time and this time next year, you'll be a millwonaire!!