Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Running out of Time!

I know I am running out of time for my WSOP seat, because the Carribean Qualifiers have started!

I have had some decent results in the last few days, but nothing to write home about.

The £2.5k event has become my new favourite after winning it on Friday, I came 7th (£100) yesterday and 3rd (£250) today, although I really should have won, 88 losing to A4 and then KJ with a KJ on the flop losing to a set of treys!

The WSOP finals were again a little lacking, 6th in the LOQ on Saturday and a dissapointing effort in the WSOP final when my AK got unstuck against JJ.

The Littlewoods qualifiers have finished, so its down to the finals on Sundays now, as the LOQ is not getting enough players. Realistically I have about 4 more chances for the WSOP, about time I took one I think!

I played in a CPC qualifier event today and won that to book my place in the CPC final on Sunday, would be cool to get my seat in the CPC before the WSOP!!!!

I have lost in the 15k for two consecutive nights after flopping a set! Tonight, with a reduced field, I was looking good. 66 with a K6J flop and two players going all in. A8 and KJ, turn Q, river T. Ouch!

My Sharkscope stats are improving steadily and my bankroll for the month is a declared £850 at the moment, with some left in the account to pay for qualifiers. This situation has improved over the last few days. A good job too because I want spending money for Vegas.

Thanks to the comments made by everyone reading the blog.
Coming up tomorrow is the WSOP $140 event, which I qualified for on Sunday. This one I want to win.

Catch you all later

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