Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fed up getting close!

It all looked so promising!

I won the $140 WSOP qualifier this afternoon as well as the £12 £50k qualifier.

So it was the $1000 WSOP final at 6pm, the $250 CPC at 6.30pm and the £50k at 8pm.
It was all going very well, at 8.30 I was 4th with 11 left in WSOP and 7th with 15 left in the CPC!

The £50k was a distraction and I did not last long. 55 on a 5QQA7 board, was not good enough to beat AQ.

In the CPC I raised two limpers with AJ diamonds, a Queen high board with two diamonds, gave me reason to bet out, I got reraised all in and with 3k left to win 12k I went with it. I was up against KQ and got no help, I went out in 11th

The WSOP I was dissapointed, Very dissapointed. I had 7k left with 11 players left. The action was fast and furious. I was waiting to get to the final table. I raised on the button with AQ and was put all in for my tournament, I decided to fold and wait for a better opportunity, as I did not fancy a race.
I then had KQ and got reraised twice, again I had to fold.

I had lost half my stack by time we got to the final table. I battled on, but went out in 8th as my KQ failed against a pair of Jacks.

With 3 seats available tonight, I am not going to get much closer.
I am left feeling dissapointment again. Should I have accepted that race for my tournament. Win I would have had 15k and be in a position to go and win, lose and I was out.
Such a tough call.

No more games tonight! Reflection time!
See you in the week!

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Anonymous said...

personally i dont see how u folded the aq,its 11 players left so is 5/6 handed so aq is a strong hand.u say the action is fast and furious so i presume its loose.ur raise looks like a button steal but u actually have a premium hand short handed-what r you waiting for?i wouldve been loving that action as his range for putting you all in for your torny will be wide -certainly aq i woulda been calling very quick here - chances of u being dominated r very slim indeed ,race possibility, but more chance you dominating -have to call and take the double up 2 out of every 3 times in this spot 4 me