Friday, June 30, 2006

Late Push to hit more objectives

After another successful day, I am on the verge of achieving two objectives for the month.

Just one STT today a £50 ten seater which I duly won, has moved my sharkscope stats up to $877, just $123 short of the monthly target. (I even avoided playing any six pacs!)

I am hopeful I can achieve this tomorrow on the last day of the month.
My quest for profit continues and I avoided all qualifiers tonight! I had two in the money finishes in MTTS and alongside my STT win, it has provided me with another £400 in the kitty.
Day 3 of the 30 day £5k challenge leaves me at just under £1100 and well on target.

This has also pushed me past my monthly figure of £2k and with just one day to come and tournaments already paid for, then this is a success.

I am really pleased with the way I am playing and will keep striving to improve results.


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