Sunday, July 02, 2006

Review of June

June had its moments, winning the £2.5k guaranteed was a key highlight.

As for the objectives.
1) Win a WSOP Seat, well this has not happened, but I am going anyway! There was never any chance of me missing out on this one!

2) £50k. I still can get to grips with this tournament! It always goes wrong. Would love to sort it out, but I am playing it as I write this and lose half my stack to a flush on river! Typical

3) £2k profit - YES - job done, a cracking month on the profit stakes. £2.4k against the target of £2k

4) Sharkscope - Just failed, tried to make $1k, but I ended up at plus $900. Will continue to work at it this month.

5) 15k - I did not play it much this month, but 18th was the best I could manage.

6) Bad Beat Team - 3 of us are clear of the rest and there is less than 100 points between the top 3, but despite being best performer 3 out of 4 times, I am just in 3rd.

7) WSOP Tour - I never had a chance to play in this, so this went out the window.

Only 1 objective met, so it looks dissapointing, but the cash earnt, ultimately makes it successful.

I have decided to change my 30 day objective, I set a few days ago. 4 great consecutive days was the perfect start, however I feel that I have been playing too much recently and am in need of a small break before Vegas.
Over the next two weeks I am going to reduce my play, before having a solid week of practice before going off to Vegas, where my objective will be to make the money in the one of the WSOP events.

I will post Julys objectives soon.

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