Sunday, July 16, 2006

Introducing niceguy77

Next up on our interviews is Northampton based niceguy77.
Heres what he has to say!

1) Crypto Name - niceguy77
2) Site Playing on - Littlewoods
3) Real Name - Ian Overson
4) Age - 29
5) How would you describe your playing style - Conservative
6) What is your profession- Category Manager
7) How long have you been playing Poker - 12 months
8) How did you get started in this great game - CLINTON ORCHARD!!!!!!!!
9) What is your claim to fame in Poker - Was Raceclubs poker champion, beating ClintonO heads up at the end
10) Favourite Poker Moment - Watching ClintonO qualify for his first WSOP last year after only playing for a couple of months - his pocket 9's just holding up when he was on the bubble then someone going out the very next hand.
11) What are you ambitions in Poker - To play in large live event
12) Where are we most likely to find you - Golf course or at home.
12a) In the poker room! - I will be playing £10 - £20 STT's, High rollers MTT's and Carrib Qualies
13) What is your favourite move - Rope-a-dope
14) How do we beat you - Bully Bully Bully!
15) Do you prefer to play live or online - Live (although not played much)
16) AK or QQ - AK - hate those ladies.
17) What would be your most feared final table on Crypto - I dont fear anyone - I respect plenty
17b) Well who in your opinion are the sites best players - ThierryH, ClintonO, BestMate$ and Menace, also Leonarch he is quality too.
18) One lesson that you would give to new players - Be patient and read a good system such as Dan Harrington
19) Which tournament would you most like to play in - WSOP
20) What is the one thing you would improve about crypto - Introduce STT step competitions similar in style to the MTT highrollers with cash and UK based tourney buy ins as prizes
21) Anything else you want to tell us - I'm 30 next year and getting married!

Thank you and what a niceguy!

Good Luck and see you on the tables

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Andy Reynolds said...

Could you elaborate more on what you mean by step by step tourny's, like the highroller. I think i know what you are getting at, but I'm not 100% sure.