Saturday, July 29, 2006

WSOP Madness

This event is truly spectactular.
A new world record was set today with the number of entrants currently at 8532. There are rumours that there may well be alternates, i.e people starting with 10,000 chips as soon as people have gone out.

It there are so many people needing the toilet, so the players are having breaks at different times! Half the players go on break and as they return the others go on break!

There is one new edition this year, the all in button, rather than shoving all your chips in the middle when you want to commit your whole stack, you just put one chip in!
I think it is a good idea, but gone are the exaggerated big pushes of chips into the middle.

It is really tough trying to keep up with what is going on. I know that one player only lasted 7 mins, that is $1428 per minute!
Also my friend Tony Chessa has started well and has moved up to $17000.

With the sheer numbers of players playing, I really don't know how long each day will last, the last count I got after between levels 2 and 3 is that 338 players had been eliminated.

I will keep you updated.
I on the other had have found a small tournament to play in tonight, its only a $200 entry and with only 1000 chips (blinds 30 mins levels starts at 25/25) so will be a quick affair, but I will be grateful of the live practice.


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Anonymous said...

Clinton gl for the main event, i look forward to following your progress.
Out of interest , how did u win your seat in the end ? I read your blog a lot and im surprised u havent posted about it as u had a very long quest to get a seat. Or did u just decide to buy in directly in the end ?