Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Introducing Leonarch

One of the greats of the crypto world joins us now, a coin flip away from joining us in the World Series. Mr Leon!

1) Crypto Alias Leonarch
2) Site you play on Will Hill
3) Real Name Leon Arghyrou (R-G-ROO) Greek btw
4) Age 41
5) Playing Style Greek Orthadox
6) Profession BarrowBoy
7) How long have you been playing poker 1 year (hold Em) 31 years poker (all forms)
8) What got you started My Dad (God Bless his soul)
9) What is your Poker claim to fame Nothing much, suppose winning 15k?
10) Favourite Poker Moment Has to be the 15k win
11) What are your Poker Ambitions To win back the 40k I lost last year on the cash tables learning the game of Hold Em lol
12) Where are we most likely to find you Tourneys
13) What is your favourite move The Moonwalk
14) How do we beat you Call my big bets
15) Live or Online Online.. although I love playing live, but find the Gutshot to far.
16) AK or QQ depends on flop
17) What would be your most feared final table on Crypto TH (the man), ClintonO (of course) Tiddles( always does me)SUN_DESHI (what an improvement)! Oranges is a gr8 player too, 007APR (but I'll kick ur sry ass real soon) The Cheese is good too, Daes265 (Nahcwoot saying) Andy1965 and last would be Homer2004, but he has dissapeard, anyone know where he went?
18) One lesson you would give to new players STAY AWAY FROM THE CASH GAMES!! (online)
19) Which tournament would you most like to play in 50K never seem to tho. CPC which I would like to go to this year.
20) What is the one thing you would improve about Crypto More big tourneys at other times apart from 8pm-10:15pm something like the 50k more often.
21) Anything else you want to tell us Yes, I would like to say that there are so many great players that it’s a pleasure to play against them, also I have made so many friends through online poker and that I hope to meet up with some of you real soon, I couldn't go to Vegas this year as my girl is getting Christened in Norway in August...But for all of you that have got seats.. I wish you the best of luck.. You as well --00-- hope you do something with my seat lol... Clinton keep the gr8 blog going m8.

What a great guy!

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Anonymous said...

Hope all goes well with the christening Leon - believe me I'll try and do something with your, er - MY seat lool ((-;

Keep up the great work Clinto - see you in very soon! ---00---