Thursday, July 06, 2006

Objectives for July

July completes my first full year of keeping records, which I started after my trip to the WSOP last year.
I am really pleased I have done this, as it allows me justify playing the game so much!

Anyway July is all about the trip to Vegas, but I still have the odd objective.

1) Last chance to qualify.
There is simply no better opportunity to pre qualify than this Sunday. It is a ten seater tournament, defeat is not an option. It quite simply about time I made it happen.

There is a further opportunity the following sunday, in a 10 seats guarranteed, but I am not even thinking about that one!

2) Get ready for Vegas.
I have had a successful few weeks and the current thinking is to relax a little and slowly build myself up ready to hit Vegas in top form.

Over the next few weeks, I am going to play less, but concentrate on fine tuning my skills, working my way through some FL cash tables/STTs and finally the few days before back on the MTTs.

3) Final Tables - I would like to make 2 final tables over the next couple of weeks, just as a confidence boost. A nice easy objective which will help with the spending money.

4) Cash in Vegas - Okay this will transcend August, but that is my overall aim, whilst I am there to make the money!

I would also like to avoid flopping full houses and losing - 3 already in July is not much fun!
Last night in the £15k - holding 33. Flop 553. Small blind bets, position 3 all in, position 7 all in. I have to call. They have 54 and 56. Next two cards KK! Out again.

I got an email last night after I raised all in with AA and was called by 95 and found a flop containing two 9s to be disadvantageous.
It said ' Sorry about the call with your Aces, you have been playing a bit looser over the last six weeks, had the chips to call and wanted to take the chance on taking out one of the better players'

Obviously losing with AA to 95 preflop for your tournament is harsh, but a loosening up in my game has been detected! My plan of action has hopefully worked, lowerings peoples requirements to call me, so that I can profit in the future!
Although if they are going to call my Aces with 95 and win, I think I would rather every one just fold!

Good Luck All

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