Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Henry's Back!

With just over 24 hours to go , things were looking a little desperate. Now I am not talking about my poker form - which is just rubbish! (Losing last night with JJ on a KJJ flop, was the pick of them!)
I am talking about my cat - Henry!
He went missing last Monday and I had not seen him until this morning, Rachael (my wife) had almost given up on him and her optimism for Vegas was fading fast!

When I look back on the last week, it all makes sense, my computer blew up, losing all my notes, records etc, I missed out on playing for a number of days and since then I have not won a single tournament, MTT or STT, in fact I was scared to play a heads up!

As the great Sherlock Holmes once said 'When you have removed all outcomes until just one remains, that, however unlikely is the cause of the event'. Well that's it I have been rubbish at poker, because my cat was missing, which caused such negative vibes that everything went wrong!

Now my confidence is fully restored and my run of bad luck is now over! (Clutching at straws - maybe - but I'm feeling good!)

As for the WSOP, I am confirmed for Day 1A, no time for practice, its straight in at the deep end.
As for numbers 6500 were in as of Monday, so it is still possible the 8000 will be hit.

Okay Day 1 objectives
1) Enjoy it - I was far too nervous last year, this is the WSOP - It doesn't get any better!
2) Be one of the 800 survivors from Day 1. I have not yet survived a whole day in the main tournament, going out right at the end in both that I have played in so far.
3) Double chip count from 10k to 20k.

That's in plain and simple. I will settle for objectives 1 and 2, as I just don't want that world has ended feeling after day 1 of my 15 days!.

It looks like all the Littlewoods boys will be playing on day 1A.
I am really looking forward to meeting up with good friend Tony Chessa, despite chatting a few times I have not seen him since St.Kitts.

Today, I finally managed to speak to Leonarch! He has been trying to call me for ages (I wasn't ignoring you - honest) and it just goes to show how wrong you can be about someone! I thought he was a nice guy, but in fact he is a really nice guy! Thanks for the good luck message!

Loads of people have been texting and emailing your best wishes for which I am truely apprecitive of.

I even had the Cambridge Evening News on yesterday wishing me good luck! They also told me two other people had qualified from the region! So my mission has to be to beat them. I can't lose my local legend status!

I feel like I am representing a whole host of people, who for whatever reason cannot make this years event.

I hope you can live the experience through me and this blog and that we will experience more highs than lows and most importantly, it is not all over after day1.

Anyway, nice one Henry!

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